• Write an Unforgettable "Sponsor Me" Email

    Write an Unforgettable "Sponsor Me" Email
    Before you go on reading this, you should first read Dave’s article on “How to Get Sponsored”. It’s a great starting point so see if you have what it takes to be a sponsored rider. Now, you may be a great skater with potential but all of that can go to waste if you screw up the way you approach your favourite skate company...
  • How to Get Sponsored (Not Sponcered)

    Words by David Rajewski We love all you guys, seriously. You are the future of the sport. But we won't listen to your incessant pleas for free stuff. Sponsorship is a two way street that has to help both the company and the rider. Let's grow the sport together. If you want to be sponsored, you have to be professional, different, and impressive. Kookiness...
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