New Heat: Sector 9 Weekend Meridian



If you’ve ever ridden a Sector 9 longboard before, the odds that it may have been a Meridian are pretty good. As one of the bestselling boards in their arsenal, the crew at Sector 9 have brought this board back and added a flashy pair of new green and blue colorways to the lineup with the Weekend Meridian.


No matter how you look at this board, Sector 9 has engineered it to be an easy ride for newcomers and less experienced riders. Starting from the bottom, the drop through construction of this deck helps it sit lower to the ground than with traditional mounting options. By keeping things low, this mounting option provides the most ease possible for taking your next push. Then, once you shift your full weight to the top of this board, the stiffness of the flex keeps the challenge of balancing manageable. Finally, a pair of sharp added rails on each side of this deck ensures that your feet have all the grip and control needed for locking in and hanging on.


As you may be able to tell from the other boards in this family, the Weekend Meridian is a deserving member of the Sector 9 Classix Series. The name of the game with these boards is to mix tried and true board shapes with picturesque landscape imagery to instill a desire in riders everywhere to forget about whatever they’re up to and go for a roll. Fresh off their 25 Year Anniversary, this ethos has guided the Sector 9 team through countless rides. With a shape and feel that has stood up to the test time and time again, a board like the Weekend Meridian is sure to be the ride that’ll take you away to your happy place.



  • Truck Mounting - Drop-Through / Dropped Platform
  • Length - 40" | 101.6 cm
  • Width -  9.75" | 24.765 cm
  • Wheelbase -  30.5" | 77.47 cm
  • Construction - 8Ply Maple

Complete With:

  • Gullwing Charger Trucks - 10.0"
  • Sector 9 Wheels - 70mm | 78a | Green/Blue
  • ABEC 5 Greaseball Bearings
  • 1.125” Truss Head Steel Bolts Hardware
  • ECG Griptape with Sector 9 Graphic


If you’re looking to get you feet on one of these Sector 9 Weekend Meridians immediately, you’ll need to take a ride to Stoked HQ to scoop one up. Otherwise, feel free to place in order through our shop and try to sit tight before your shred sled arrives. For any other comments, questions or concerns about this board, feel free to hit us with a message here.

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