• Behind the Brand: Bones Wheels

    Behind the Brand: Bones Wheels
    The name Powell Peralta has been synonymous in the skateboarding world with constant innovation in the manufacturing department since the 70’s. With this in mind, it is fitting to say that George Powell’s offshoot company, BONES Wheels, has followed a similar trajectory of engineering revolutionary new concepts in the urethane department and shattering the molds (both literally and figuratively) used to shape skateboarding wheels...
  • Behind the Brand: Loaded Boards

    Behind the Brand: Loaded Boards
    Founded  2002 Founders Don Tashman Based Culver City, CA Disciplines Carving/Pumping, Freestyle/Dance, Downhill/Freeride  Website loadedboards.com   The birth of one of longboarding’s most active brands is rooted in the similarly active mentality of Don Tashman. Leading to the inception of Loaded Boards, the founder carried his steadfast interests in surfing and snowboarding through the 90’s and into the 00’s by experimenting with whatever trucks...
  • Behind the Brand: S-One Helmets

    Behind the Brand: S-One Helmets
    For those who choose to launch a brand of helmets, the name of the game is providing quality protection that could prove to be the difference between life and death. To be at the top of this game, those in this space must be both different and superior. In the case of S-One Helmets, this is precisely what they have accomplished through the release...
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