• 5 Easiest Longboard Tricks to Learn Today

    5 Easiest Longboard Tricks to Learn Today

    We've teamed up with Brandon DesJarlais to bring you Stoked School; a YouTube series created to help improve your skating in all capacities. In this first installment we break down the 5 Easiest Longboard Tricks you can learn right now! Whether you're a complete beginner and you've just snagged your first longboard/cruiser/street setup, or you're looking to take your cruising game to the next level, this video gives you the full breakdown on how to perform 5 simple,...
  • 6 Hacks Pro Longboarders Use on Instagram

    6 Hacks Pro Longboarders Use on Instagram

    Instagram works in mysterious ways. There are no real hacks or shortcuts. One time a setup picture will go viral and the other time you will be left with no engagement and lots of frustration. But is there really nothing you can do to battle the evil Instagram algorithm? I have been creating content since I was 16 and managing social media for big...
  • The Ultimate Bushing Calculator

    The Ultimate Bushing Calculator

    Created by Andrew 'Fam' Pham, World Champion Bushing Eater Edited by David Rajewski, Bushing Eater Runner-Up Enter weight lbs Welcome to the Stoked Ultimate Bushing Calculator. The goal of this tool is to create the easiest to use bushing durometer calculator for any bushing brand out there. Simply put in your weight to the box and recommended ranges will appear. Click on the unit...
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