• The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Cups

    The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Cups
    What are pivot cups? Pivot cups are the small "bushings" in the baseplate of your truck that keep it turning effectively about the baseplate's intended angle. They are usually made out of hard polyurethane or sometimes hard plastics like Delrin. Most cast trucks on the market today come stock with hard urethane pivot cups. These get the job done, but it might surprise you...
  • The Ultimate Longboard Bushing Guide

    The Ultimate Longboard Bushing Guide
    Welcome to the wonderful world of bushings. It's crazy to think that such a small inexpensive piece of candy looking urethane can make such a change in your ride. But changing bushings really is the cheapest and easiest way to spice things up on your setup. In fact, changing just the bushings can make your board feel entirely new. However, there are so many styles...
  • The Ultimate Longboard Grip Tape Guide

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    The Ultimate Longboard Grip Tape Guide
    Written by John Slugg Get a Grip Dude Griptape is one of the lightly explored, highly overlooked parts of the skateboard world. There is a different type of griptape that caters to every riding style out there, but people seem to divide it into two categories: Vicious, and Jessup. Grit ratings range from 12 grit to approximately 1000 grit, but grip tape ranges from...
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