• Product Thrash: Don’t Trip Slalocybins

    Product Thrash: Don’t Trip Slalocybins
    Precision trucks are all the buzz right now, but one in brand in particular sticks out with its beautifully innovative and thorough lineup. Don’t Trip Trucks have only been in the precision truck game for a few years, but in that time, they have acquired a huge cult following and keep on improving. One of their trucks, the Slalocybins, have made slalom skaters and...
  • Product Thrash: Caliber Trucks

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    Product Thrash: Caliber Trucks
    By The Numbers Hanger Sizes: 165mm, 184mm Baseplate Angles: 44°, 50° Stock Bushings: 90a Blood Orange Barrel/Barrel (44°), 90a Blood Orange Barrel/Cone (50°) Stock Bushing Washers: Cup/Cup (44°), Cup/Cone Cup (50°) Kingpin: Grade 8 Steel Hanger Facing: Yes Available Colorways: Raw, Blackout Black, White Gold, Purple Funk, Blue Dream, Grenade Green, Midnight Green, Acid Melon, Red Rum, and many more   Introduction Caliber Trucks...
  • Paris Trucks vs. Caliber Trucks

    Paris Trucks vs. Caliber Trucks
    Coffee or tea? Coke or Pepsi? Roll under or roll over? Caliber or Paris? It's a question added to the long list of divisive and controversial questions, of which almost everyone has an opinion. This article will explain the key differences so you can make the decision for yourself. Truck History When I first started skating you pretty much had two choices in terms...
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