Fireball Artist Series Blank Cruiser Skateboard
Simple. Highly functional. Designed to shred. A natural maple version of our Artist Series shape for those who want to keep it simple or design their own graphic. The 29.5" x 8.5" deck gives plenty of foot room, with a fully...
from $99.95
Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a Wheel (2020)
Updated for 2020 with new graphics. Fireball Tinder 60mm Skateboard Wheels Overview: CHOICE WHEELS: For smaller longboards, mini-cruisers and double kick skateboards looking for a comfortable ride. Swipe right on 60mms of premium formula Beast Urethane, designed and manufactured right...
from $34.95
Fireball Tinder 70mm 81a Wheels
Fireball Tinder 70mm Skateboard Wheels Swipe right on these choice wheels for park, cruising, and freeriding. First Contact Fireball Slide PreppedSurface (stone ground) allows you to break into a slide and create smoking clean lines when you feel that urge....
from $44.95
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