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Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels, 85mm
40oz of Delicious Tangy Caguama Wanna go fast? 85mm of Orangatang Caguama will do it. This is a wheel to strike steeze in the hearts of riders everywhere. The Happy Thane is poured into a rad 3d mold that rolls...
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Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels, 80mm
DUDE... DID YOU JUST PAST A CAR!? "I WANNA GO FAST!" - Ricky Bobby. Fun Fact, did you know that they used Orangatang Kegels as the wheels on his stock car in the movie? Maybe they didn't... but lemme tell ya,...
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Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels, 70mm
STIMULUS STIMULUS STIMULUS The name of these wheels says it all. They are absolutely an amazing middle of the road freeride wheel. They're not too grippy and not to slippy. These wheels are amazing for throwing standup slides super comfortably...
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Orangatang In Heat Longboard Wheels, 75mm
In Heats, Win Heats Trying to go stupidly fast and win race heats left and right? Orangatang In Heats are the wheel for you. They're time tested as some of the greatest race wheels around. They're poured in Happy Thane...
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Orangatang Love Handles Longboard Wheels, 65mm
Hips that grip The Orangatang Love Handles: quick and light meet plush and grippy. A traction-focused design in a compact package for agility, acceleration, and control. With a wheel this pumpable, you’ll never do crunches again.   They're poured in...
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Orangatang Fat Free Longboard Wheels, 65mm
Fat Slides and Free Rides Looking for a wheel with all the beef of your standard freeride wheel with none of the calories? Look no further than the Fat Frees from Orangatang Wheels. Those familiar with O-Tang's lovable Happy Thane...
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