Loaded Dervish Flex 3 Complete with Durian 83a - Blemish
"Little dirt and scratch on the griptape and wheels. Rides like new" "Damage on the griptape and on the graphic. Small dent on the bottom of the tail. Does not affect ride quality. Rides like new" Dance, Carve and Whirl Your...
Loaded Poke Longboard Complete with Stimulus 80a w/ Black Trucks - Blemish
"Small scratches on the trucks. Wheels are a little dirty Does not affect ride quality" One of the completes has a ding on the side Aggressive Shape, Aggressive Style The Poke is a board that can allow you to rip...
from $270.00
Loaded Basalt Tesseract Completes - Blemishes
"Small scratches on the griptape and on the trucks. Does not affect ride quality"   The masterminds behind Loaded Boards continue to design longboards that can do it all. The insanity just doesn’t stop. The Tesseract is one of these insane...
from $315.00
Loaded Vanguard Flex 4 Complete with In Heat 80a - Lightly Used
"Marks on top of grip and small ding on the tail. Lightly ridden. Still rides like new" The Vanguard is the original longboard from Loaded Boards. Own a piece of history with the Loaded Vanguard, the board that launched Loaded...
Loaded Overland Complete with Kilmer 83a - Blemish
"Lightly Used. Rides Like new" The Overland is potentially the greatest middle of the road board you could choose. If you're 100% uncertain what board you want, you should 100% get the Overland. It's EXTREMELY lightweight, has a slight amount of flex...
Moonshine Rum Runner Carbon Complete w/ Fireball Scorch Wheels
Deck only will come with mounting marks as this board has been mounted, but never ridden.
from $398.00
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