Bear Polar Bear Skateboard Trucks

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About Polar Bear Trucks

NOTE: Bushings colors may be different than pictured.

The team at Landyachz knows that not everyone skates Reverse Kingpin (RKP) trucks all the time! There are times and situations where Tradional Kingpin (TKP) trucks get the job done so much better. Plus, there are many longboards out there, some of which made by Landyachtz, that ride best with TKP trucks. To meet this demand, Landyachtz introduced their best ever line of TKP trucks, the Polar Bears.

Polar Bear Trucks

Polar Bear trucks are great for just about anything – cruising, sliding, park and street skating, tech sliding and tech tricks. They ride smoothly and make ollies and tricks much easier in comparison to your average RKP truck. Another great feature is that they are very durable so they will keep you riding strong no matter what you do to them.

(Not so) Traditional Kingpin Trucks

Traditional Kingpin Trucks have been around for a long time - 50 years plus! So you would think it would be hard to be innovative upon this simple, yet effective design that has been around for so long. The masterminds at Landyachtz came up with some neat design ideas that make the Polar Bears a unique truck.

For starters, the Polar Bears feature an ultra smooth casting job. Not only will your truck look all smooth and shiny, but they will grind like butter. Polar Bears were also designed to have a short cone bushing on top which gives ample clearance when doing grinds. Another nice feature are the faced hangers, giving your bearings and speed rings a nice, flat, cozy surface to lay upon. On top of all this, gussets were added to hanger, giving the trucks extra strength.

Bushing Seat Deats

Like a lot of TKP trucks, the bushing seat on the Polar Bears is a bit less open than RKP trucks. At the end of the day, Polar bears were designed for “standard” longboard bushings (which are roughly 16mm and .65”) on the bottom and small cone bushing on the top (about 12.5mm or around .5”). A small barrel can fit on the top as well.


  • Width: 85mm, 105mm, 130mm, 155mm, 180mm
  • Bushing Type and Durometer: 90a barrel on the bottom and a 90a cone on the top
  • Ride Height: 2” / 5 cm
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: No
  • Baseplate Degree(s): 45°
  • Kingpin Style: Traditional Kingpin (TKP)
  • Special Features: Inner, top part of the hanger is carved out to reduce overall weight and to provide ample clearance for top bushing.
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