Khiro Angled Riser Kit
About Khiro Angled Riser Kit The biggest, the baddest, the most extensive riser kit around, brought to you by Khiro, one of the leading and most innovative skateboard accessory manufactures in the market. Each set of the Khiro Angled Wedge...
Khiro Longboard Bushings
About Khiro Longboard Bushings Khiro Bushings are definitely OG. They've been around since the early 90's and are trusted by almost all old-school skaters. They're time tested so you know they'll perform properly. Khiro's urethane formulas will fit all of...
Khiro Soft Shock Pads [PAIR]
About Khiro Soft Shock Pads [PAIR] Shock pads put constant outward pressure on your hardware and dampen vibrations, keeping them tight.  Great to help eliminate that annoying wheel bite and protecting your deck from truck damage (in case you want to...
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