Cloud Ride

Cloud Ride Mini Ozone / Ozone Longboard Wheels, 65mm | 70mm

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Like Floating Through the Ozone Layer

Cloud Ride Ozones and Mini Ozones are BUTTERY. They have a big, fat, supportive, tough, center-set core which makes them easy to hold out big slides on. This wheel is 100% symmetrical (hence the center-set core) so when they start coning all you have to do is flip them. Cloud Ride urethane tends to float over inconsistencies in the road in your slide, giving you a cloud-like ride. These wheels also last a real long time, which is ironic since the Ozone layer isn't lasting all that long these days.

For your comfort, these wheels come in 3 durometers, 80a, 83a, and 86a, so that you have the choice to opt for a softer wheel for bumpy, chundery roads, or a harder wheel for crazy technical skids.

Designed for: 
Freeride | Cruising | Moderate Downhill | Fast Freeride


    • Diameter: 75mm
    • Width: 56mm
    • Contact Patch: 35mm | 37mm
    • Durometer: 80a | 83a | 86a 
    • Lip Profile: Round
    • Core Placement: Center-Set
    • Contact Patch Surface: Stoneground Yo

    Comes in 3 Colors:

    80a - Aqua | 83a - Blue | 86 - Purple

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