Don't Trip

Don't Trip Mollys Longboard Truck

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The Bliss of MDMA in a Truck

**We do not condone the use of MDMA or any other drugs**

So you're in the market for some all around, joy-giving trucks are ya? Well, you came to the right place. Don't Trip Molly's are straight up some of the best precision trucks in the game. These things feature 3mm of rake and use tall bushings (Riptides work the best and also come stock in the trucks). Pretty standard right? Well everything else is not. Put on your thinking caps gentlemen.

The bushing seat was designed for both freeride AND downhill, meaning that you can go out and throw some pretty fat standups without them getting all twitchy but still tuck straight down the steepest hill you can find without wobbles. The bushing seat in this truck is restrictive but is shallow to allow you to still get a lot of lean. Let's not forget about the Riptide Kore Insert Bushings which come stock in this truck to reduce slop.

The Molly's also feature a low ride height to give you more stability and make sliding a breeze. These trucks come in at 61mm tall, as compare to Bear Kodiaks at 64.3mm tall.

The best thing about these trucks is that they are adjustable. This means that you can change out the width of your hangers, and baseplate angles on the fly. The angles on the baseplate range from 30° to 55°. The options for truck hangers are 125-131-137-143mm, 152-158-164-170mm, and 162-168-174-180mm.

Designed for: 
Downhill | Freeride | Getting Girl's Numbers | Fast Freeride | Going Uncomfortably Fast


    • Width: 125-131-137-143mm | 152-158-164-170mm | 162-168-174-180mm
    • Bushing Type and Durometer: Riptide APS 95a / 90a Tall Barrels and Riptide Kore Insert Bushings
    • Ride Height: 61mm
    • Axle Size: 8mm
    • Rake: Yes +3mm
    • Baseplate Degree(s): Adjustable - 30° to 55