Don't Trip Slalocybins Precision Longboard Truck


The Slalocybins from Don't Trip offers the same top of the line Poppy Truck, but now with an adjustable plate from 45-70 degrees! This offers very quick on the fly tuning of truck baseplate degrees without all the wedging. Cybins baseplates just cost $20 extra, which will easily cover the cost of a wedging kit and hardware. It's well worth the upgrade!

To get an idea of what baseplate degree means relative to wedging degree, stock Bennett Trucks comes with about a 10 degree baseplate and is wedged about 20-25 degrees. This makes for a 30-35 degree total angle. The Poppy at 45 degrees is steeper than a Bennett Truck with wedging, but unlike the Bennett, the geometry and build of the truck allows for high degrees while still maintaining incredible performance.

Spherical Bearings in Hanger and Pivot Cup

To allow for ultimate smooth flow and unrestricted turning capabilities, these precision trucks have spherical bearings built into both the hangers and pivot cups. This effectively eliminates slop by allowing the hanger to rotate freely without shifting in place, thus maximizing bushing compression and allowing for better energy return in pumping, slalom, or any other extremely turny-based riding style.

Bushing Seat Details

These bad boys come with spherical bearings in the hangers to eliminate slop and give you turns smooth as silk. These machined hangers have plenty of space and will accommodate most bushing sizes but we highly recommend recessing your bushings to allow free movement of the spherical!


  • Width: 100mm adjustable to 106mm-112mm- 118mm
  • Bushing Type and Durometer: RipTide APS 75a Barrel bushings in the front, 90a in the rear
  • Ride Height: 61mm
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: Yes +7mm
  • Baseplate Degree(s): Front adjustable 45-70, Rear adjustable 10-40
  • Kingpin Style: Reverse Kingpin (RKP)
  • Special Features: Spherical bearings and pivot cups. Adjustable degree front base plate. Adjustable hangers. This precision truck is all about customization.
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Don't Trip Slalocybins Precision Longboard Truck
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