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Flux Snowboard Bindings, Basic Series, TT (2020)
STEP IT UP.  TT takes the Basic Series a step higher with some features found only on the higher end bindings offered by Flux. Most notable on the TT is the Honeycomb Strap Version 2.0. This design lasts much longer...
  • White
Flux Snowboard Bindings, Transfer Series, XV (2020)
RIDE WITH ZERO COMPROMISES If you want the best of the best, you've found it. Flux is the industry leader in snowboard binding technology and the XV is their flagship product. Designed using the most advanced technology Flux has to offer,...
Flux Snowboard Bindings, Basic Series, PR (2020)
from $160.00
  • Black (2020)
  • Black (2019)
  • Red (2020)
Flux Snowboard Bindings, Basic Series, PR (2020)
GET STARTED HERE.  Flux makes incredible products and PR allows more riders to get in on those awesome products. Don't be fooled by the "Basic Series" name though. These are some first class snowboard bindings.  Construction Highback:  F-Tech Asym -...
from $160.00
  • Black (2020)
  • Black (2019)
  • Red (2020)
Fireball Limited Edition Lei Melendres Artist Series Cruiser Skateboard
Beauty. Form. Function. Only 100 hand numbered decks made. Each comes with exclusive vinyl sticker Designed by Manilla based artist Lei Melendres, this Fireball cruiser is designed to SHRED. Or if that's not your thing, just pop one up on...
from $54.95

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