The 7 Most Iconic Skateparks in the World - 2023

The 7 Most Iconic Skateparks in the World - 2023

Not all skateparks are created equally—these seven are a testament to that.

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While the skatepark you grew up shredding may have a special place in your heart, not all skateparks are created equally. Some offer stunning views, some a storied history, and others are massive, with countless features for testing your skills.

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There are so many parks out there just waiting to be explored. Here, we’ve rounded up seven of the most iconic skateparks in the world— whether you prefer bowls, snake runs, or ramps, there’s something for everyone.

7. Venice Beach Skatepark

(Best for Bowls)

California, USA

One of the most iconic skate parks in the world, the Venice Beach Skatepark attracts amateur and professional skaters from all corners of the globe. Often regarded as the birthplace of modern skating, Venice has been on the map as a skate destination for years but it wasn’t until 2009 that the skatepark officially opened.

Located just off the Venice Boardwalk, the beachfront skatepark is home to a fun snake run as well as a series of ramps, steps, and platforms. The park is free to use and is perfect for spectators, making it a popular destination. While in Venice, be sure to stroll the boardwalk and watch the street entertainers, visit the beautiful Venice Beach Canals, and grab a bite or shop at Abbot Kinney.

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6. The Black Pearl

(Good for All Levels)

Grand Harbour, Cayman Islands

Opened by Tony Hawk in 2005, the Black Pearl is the largest skatepark on the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world. Covering 52,000 square feet, the colorful park features a collection of quarter pipes, half pipes, rails, stairs, and bowls, with courses tailored to beginner, intermediate, and expert skaters alike.

There is a fee to use the park, with options for one-month, three-month, six-month, and yearly passes available. Other things to do while on the island include snorkeling/diving, visiting Seven Mile Beach, fishing, shopping, and touring Stingray City.

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5. Stoke Plaza

(Best for Street Skaters)

Hanley, United Kingdom

With a name like Stoke Plaza, how could this UK skatepark not be worthy of a visit? Built in 2010, Stoke Plaza is a street skater’s paradise. The park is set on multiple levels and offers flat banks, stair sets, rails, hubbas, manny pads, and ledges transitioning between the levels. Additionally, the park offers a bowl section composed of three bowls of varying depths that join together in the middle.

The park is free to visit and the surfaces are smooth and flat, making it well worth a visit. Popular attractions to visit in Henley include the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Genting Casino Stoke, Dudson Museum, Mitchell Arts Centre, and City Central Library.

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4. Guangzhou Skatepark

(Most Versatile)

Guangzhou, China

Built with the goal of turning heads and propagating skating as part of youth culture, Guangzhou Skatepark is the largest skatepark in the world. Ringing in at 182,000 square feet, the park offers bowl skating, vertical skating, pool skating, street skating, and course skating, so there truly is something for everyone. Obstacles include a combi-type bowl, pools, mini ramps, plazas, a snake run, a banked slalom, and a full pipe.

GMP is part of a complex that also includes a BMX track and a climbing wall and is often considered an extreme sports paradise. While in Guangzhou be sure and get a taste of the local culture and visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Canton Tower, Redtory, Baomo Garden, Guangdong Museum, Chen Clan Academy, and Shamian Island.

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3. Skatepark Los Reyes

(Best for Night Sessions)

Santiago, Chile

The largest skatepark in Chile, Los Reyes is a concrete park that offers a large snake run and a solid street section. The street section features a large bank, handrail, quarter pipe, mini-ramp, hubba, and a set of stairs.

The outdoor skatepark is free but the region gets a fair amount of rain during the wet season, so it’s most ideal to visit between October and April. Lights go on a night, so you can continuing skating past dark.

Make the most of your time in Chile’s capital city by climbing Cerro San Cristobol, biking on car-free Sunday, watching a street fair, or visiting the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, National Museum of Fine Arts, or any of the museums in Quinta Normal Park. 

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2. Marseille Skatepark

(Best for ‘Getting the Shot’)

Marseille, France

Once regarded as the best skatepark in the world, Marsille Skatepark is located on the beach of Plage De Prado. The picturesque skate park has been visited by a wide cast of skating legends over the years and has been featured in a number of skate films and edits. Founded in 1991, the park features hundreds of line possibilities, fast steel coping, hips, bowls, and the spine for which it is famous.

The public skatepark is covered in colorful graffiti and is lit throughout the night, making it extremely photo worthy. When you’re not skating, be sure and take a scenic boat ride to Les Calanques, explore Old Harbor, visit MuCEM, and sample Bouillabaisse (fish soup). 

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1. Kona Skatepark

(Best for Vert Skating)

Jacksonville, Florida

 Built in the 1970s, Kona is the oldest operating skatepark in the world and the longest surviving privately owned skatepark. The park features a number of concrete hills, a winding snake run, mini-ramps, and a vert ramp. The park is often regarded as the birthplace of the modern vert ramps and due to its legacy, is featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 game.

The park charges an admission fee, so be sure and bring cash or card. While in Jacksonville, stop by Big and Little Talbot Islands, Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, Kingsley Plantation, St. Judes Town Center, and the Museum of Science and History. 

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Which parks are on your bucket list?

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Steve Leto

The oldest skate park in America is a must.Ocean Bowl Ocean City, Maryland.Opened July 1 1976.I was there on opening day and even skated it before opening day because I was on the Sunshine House Skate Team.It is a pay to skate park.

The oldest skate park in America is a must.Ocean Bowl Ocean City, Maryland.Opened July 1 1976.I was there on opening day and even skated it before opening day because I was on the Sunshine House Skate Team.It is a pay to skate park.

BMX N8ive

For bikes one of the best,( in my personal opinion)and probably the most iconic for bikes is Jaycee Skatepark aka JC Skatepark in Greenville NC
For bikes one of the best,( in my personal opinion)and probably the most iconic for bikes is Jaycee Skatepark aka JC Skatepark in Greenville NC

Livi beast

Livi skatepark, get it on the list 👍
Livi skatepark, get it on the list 👍

Riley holt

The berries and skate park of tampa
The berries and skate park of tampa

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