PSD Underwear [Our Comprehensive Guide]

PSD Underwear [Our Comprehensive Guide]

PSD has emerged as one of the biggest players in the underwear game, selling tons of printed boxers and women’s underwear - and capturing huge market share in very little time.

So we took a deep dive into this new underwear market leader, and why their awesome boxer briefs have taken over the world. If you want Rick And Morty or SpongeBob boxers - PSD Underwear definitely has you covered.

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What Does PSD Boxers Stand For?

According to the founder himself, PSD originally stood for Palm Springs Design. Then, as people wore the underwear, customers started referring to it as Pants Sagging Design.

However, now the brand is usually just referred to by the abbreviated name of PSD. It’s important to limit Google searches with ‘PSD Underwear’ - as a PSD is a popular file format, which also gets lots of Google searches.

Who Is PSD Made By?

PSD Underwear was founded by Curt and Ryan Flaitz. They started out in 2007, with basically nothing, and have turned the brand into a huge behemoth.

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Is PSD Underwear A Designer Brand?

PSD Underwear could be classified as a designer brand - but you could also make the argument that they are not a designer brand. Their branding and logo is on nearly every waistband - but they’re not as known as something like Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

Who Is Sponsored By PSD?

There are a litany of people sponsored by PSD Underwear. Sommer Ray, Jimmy Butler, Bronny James, Trae Young, Marshawn Lynch, Tyler Herro, and many others all wear the PSD brand.

What Do PSD Boxers Cost?

Typically, PSD boxers are pretty low cost. They normally range from $25 to $50 - very rarely going outside of this price range.

How Do You Get PSD Boxers?

If you go right here - you can grab some. You can also find PSD boxers at stores like Zumiez, or on their website.

What Are The Benefits Of PSD?

PSD offers underwear that are breathable, athletic, and feel nice on your skin. Believe it or not, underwear can make a big difference for you - this is especially noticeable if you’re wearing a bad pair.

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What Is The Company's Slogan?

PSD Underwear has a slogan of ‘wear your life’ - which is to say be yourself, really. You can wear cheetah boxer briefs under a business suit, it all depends on what your personality is.

Why Is PSD Becoming Popular?

PSD as an underwear brand has now amassed a truly massive Instagram following. This is one part of why they’ve become so popular.

Other reasons include being marketed to (and by) your favorite athletes. If people see their favorite football player wearing a brand, they are 10x more likely to buy that brand themselves.

What Is The Price Range Of PSD?

Part of the reason why we like PSD - is that they are a very affordable brand. You won’t find much that’s crazy expensive at PSD, mostly the prices will range from $20 to $100 - no more.

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Why Is PSD A Good Buy?

Yes, in our opinion, PSD is a very good buy. They offer awesome underwear, for very little money - and they last forever.

If you don’t want licensed brands and characters, there are other brands out there - but even the more basic underwear from PSD feel incredible. We love the comfort and fit of this brand, so we highly recommend them to anyone.

When Did PSD Underwear Come Out?

PSD Underwear started back in 2007. Their founders actually quit their jobs, bought a used RV, and crossed the country, trying to promote the brand.

They didn’t get much traction at first, but after a few NFL players started wearing the brand, their popularity increased. PSD has since grown to have over 750,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Is PSD Good Underwear?

In our opinion, absolutely. PSD has quality, good fit, and stylish design.

They also keep their underwear fairly priced, with low costs and very affordable options. It also helps that some famous NBA and NFL players wear them, of course.

Is PSD Breathable?

Yes, when we were wearing PSD Underwear, one of our favorite aspects was how breathable it was. In fact, many men’s underwear brands are not breathable at all, so this was a very noticeable difference.

We have tried many(many!) different brands of underwear, and sometimes they can be too tight, too restrictive, or just plain uncomfortable. We were pleasantly surprised with PSD, as we had only seen their content on Instagram, and we’re not all that familiar with the brand ahead of time.

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What Men's Underwear Is Most Comfortable?

While we won’t go out on a limb and say that PSD is the only brand of men’s underwear that is comfortable - we definitely enjoyed wearing them. We also like Hanes underwear, Calvin Klein, and many others.

This one will always come down to personal preference. Some people may prefer boxers, others may prefer boxer briefs, or some may prefer just classic underwear.

Just as some women prefer thongs, panties, or g-strings - there are lots of choices out there, in the underwear market. The nice thing about PSD, is that they have a ton of different designs and styles to choose from - so you’ll never get bored.

Do PSD Underwear Have A Pouch?

Yes, almost every pair of PSD underwear has a pouch. This will allow for more comfort, and less restriction, as well as helping to increase breathability.

How Often Should A Man Wash His Underwear?

This is an easy one. Underwear should always be washed after every use.

This is because it comes into direct contact with your skin, as well as with bacteria, feces, urine, and sweat. None of these results in anything pleasant happening, if you don’t wash your underwear in a timely manner.

If you wear a bra, you can get away with 3-4 wearings, before you need to wash it, sometimes. However, we’d still recommend washing it after every use, as this will maximize your hygiene.

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What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Underwear

Basically - nothing good. You can get acne, pubic lice, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, sores, rashes, warts, and more.

As such, we really don’t recommend it. It can also make your private parts smell different - which is super gross.

Believe it or not, it can even cause e. coli - which is super nasty. So don’t skimp on laundry day, when it comes to underwear.

You’ll want to wash your underwear after each use, and if your underwear gets wet - take them off immediately, and put on a dry pair. There is a world of nastiness out there, if you don’t wash them on a regular basis - especially if you are athletic, and sweat in your underwear.

What Are The Prices On PSD Boxers?

Typically, most pairs retail for $25 to $50. A few are a little pricier, and a few are slightly less - it all depends on what style you choose.

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10 Best Pairs Of PSD Underwear

1. PSD Underwear Men's Wide Band Boxer Brief

This awesome boxer brief comes in a wide variety of colors, and is very moderately priced. We personally like the red style best, but the tiger design is also pretty nice.

No matter what you like, there is something here for everyone. Easily our top pick, and we’d recommend these sleek boxer briefs to anyone.

2. PSD Underwear Men's Stretch Elastic Wide Band Boxer Brief

These extremely well reviewed boxer briefs are super comfy. Obviously we felt more confident, once we saw how many five star reviews these boxer briefs had.

No matter what style and color you like, there is something here for everyone. We also loved the fit of this pair, so we highly recommend them to anyone.

3. PSD Underwear Men's Playboy Boxer Brief

If you want to rep the Playboy brand, these boxer briefs are a perfect choice. There are multiple designs, and the price is very low.

They’re also backed by lots of five star reviews, which means you can buy with confidence. Overall, we couldn’t recommend this pair of boxer briefs more.

4. PSD Underwear Men's Flamingo Inn Boxer Briefs

If you like flamingos, these boxer briefs are a perfect choice. Not only are they stylish, they feel great.

You also won’t break the bank, as these boxers are very affordable. Another great pick.

5. PSD Men's x Spongebob Sea Style Black Boxer Brief

If you want to look stylish in SpongeBob underwear - these boxer briefs are perfect for you. Not only are they funny, they’re extremely comfortable.

They’re 88% polyester, and can easily be machine washed. We also really liked the comfy athletic feel, and the contoured sealed pouch.

6. PSD Underwear Women's Space Jam Boy Short

We love Space Jam - the old version, and the new version. This fantastic boy short will allow you to show your love for the movies - without breaking the bank.

They’re also very affordable, and feel like a much more expensive brand. Can’t recommend these enough - grab yourself a pair today.

7. PSD Underwear Women's Neon Boy Short

We love a great boy short, and this one comes in eye catching neon. If you want to turn some heads, this is a perfect way to do it.

The soft, wide elastic waistband means these shorts are super comfy, and will always feel good. We can’t recommend these more highly - enjoy them whenever, wherever.

8. PSD Underwear Women's DC Comics Sports Bra

If you love DC Comics, this is a perfect sports bra. You can pretend to be Wonder Woman, and lasso in the love of your life with this outfit.

You can even wear this outfit to the gym - which we also love. This versatile purchase will make any activity fun - we highly recommend it.

9. PSD Underwear Women's Underwear Care Bears Boy Short

Who doesn’t love the Care Bears? This fun boy short will help you look cool and stylish - while still showing that you know your classic cartoons.

Underwear is the base of every outfit, so it’s crucial that they feel comfy. These cute, cuddly Care Bears will bring back warm and nostalgic feelings.

10. PSD Women's Cheetah Boy Shorts

These awesome boy shorts have a classic animal print, and look great. They are also super comfortable, and very affordable.

We love PSD because they tend to last forever, which also helps us have confidence in our purchase. No matter what your body size, these are a perfect choice.

Other Factors To Consider

Professional basketball players like Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro have endorsed PSD Underwear - and for good reason. They give off good vibes, are always trending, and will always look cool.

It’s also important to note here that PSD Underwear is entirely different than Adobe Photoshop’s PSD files (which are Photoshop documents). If you are looking for ‘how to open PSD files’ - this is not the article for you.

File formats, apps, MacOS, PNGs, save as, gigabytes, image files, file extension functionality, pixels, the PSD format - that’s not what we are covering here. We are covered PSD men’s underwear (and ladies) - so make sure that you are not looking for the other topics here.

The Bottom Line On PSD Underwear

There you have it - everything you wanted to know about PSD Underwear. Whether you need women’s bras, men’s boxer briefs, licensed bottoms - or just stylish boxers - PSD has you covered.

While we generally don’t review much in the way of underwear, we were so impressed when we tried PSD Underwear - that we just had to cover them. And if you liked this article, be sure to check out some of our other comprehensive guides.

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