5 Budget Friendly Longboard Cruisers

5 Budget Friendly Longboard Cruisers

Life is too short to be walking around. You need a longboard and 2020 is the year to finally get one. We figured we’d help you with your choice of shred-stick because, let’s be honest, there are way too many different boards out there and it’s hard to compare them all. We've put 5 of our favorite boards in order of functionality, price and most importantly how fun they are.

5. Landyachtz Drop Cat Seeker 33"

Small, nimble, comfortable and built from the ground up for carving and commuting. Our preference, the 33" version with a shorter wheelbase, rocker profile for more control, drop through mounting to keep you low to the ground, and responsive flex for endless fun on the run.

Oh and this thing also has a small kick to make doing basic tricks, getting weird and picking your board up at speed, nice and easy.

PROS: Small and compact, with large foot platform, excellent carving (and sliding) capabilities

CONS: Stock bearings could use an upgrade

Price: 189 USD

Landyachtz Seeker 33"

4. Arbor Pocket Rocket

The smallest board on the list at 27" in length. The Arbor Pocket Rocket is the perfect board for those that want to cruise town and commute without the worry of size.

Flow through the diverse landscapes of the urban jungle, mountain roads, sea-side boardwalks with ease. This tiny guy still manages to pack in mild radial concave, functional kick and nose and wheel wells for a short, ultra-versatile board, designed to shred!

PROS: cheap, small, light and compact. This could be your new favorite travel companion.

CONS: Too small for some, a little too stiff for our liking

Price: 109 USD

Arbor Pocket Rocket 27"

 3. Fireball Supply Co. Artist Series

An all time STOKED favorite with killer graphics. This board in combination with Paris Street Trucks and 'ride-it-all' Fireball Tinder wheels offers a comfortable, worry-free ride. Get ready to slash banks, power down any line and carve tight pocket turns. 

PROS: We love the extra width and wheel flares that this board offers over other similar lengths. For the price it's kinda unbeatable.

CONS: Like most minis, wheel selection is maxed out around 65mm. Being more of a park/pool shape, this board rides a bit hard on rough pavement commutes. 

Price: 109 USD

Fireball Artist Series Cruiser Skateboard

2. Arbor Skateboards Pilsner

This board truly does it all. From hitting the streets, to cruising around and tackling some hills during the weekend. We guarantee that the beautiful wood finish will turn heads when you’re cruising around.

We’ve paired this shred-it-all cruiser with Paris Street Trucks and the new Fireball Tinder wheels for amazing all around performance.

PROS: Price point, premium components, beautiful finish

CONS: Stock bearings & wheels weren't too hot, but we've switched them out for 60mm Fireball Tinder's & Dragon bearings anyway to keep you covered

Price: 119 USD

 Arbor Pilsner Skateboard Complete

1. Landyachtz Dinghy

You’ve seen all the cool kids ride it around campus, you’ve heard your siblings talk about it over dinner and now you’ve finally found the board of your dreams.

The Dinghy is a shred-it-all mini cruiser that comes in a ton of different graphics. Ideal for cruising the neighborhoods, beaches, and campuses around the world. It is easy to learn on, and easy to shred if you’ve been skating for years.

PROS: We loved this so much we wrote an entire article on why this board is boss. There are so many graphics to choose from and often times the design comes along with slight variations from the standard shape. 

CONS: Over time, some of the components leave us with something to be desired. Like the Fireball Artist Series, the stiff Dinghy deck and smaller wheels ride a bit hard over rougher pavement.

Price: from 139 USD

Landyachtz Dinghy Series - Best cruiser board

Honorable mention: Stoked Blanks 

Not your typical cruiser, but we've given this guy an honorable mention. With the multiple width's and colors available you can tailor the Stoked Blank Complete to your ride style. Plus a quick wheel swap to the 60mm Fireball Tinder's, and you'll be hard pressed to find something better for under $85!

Our Stoked blanks are solid American made, Canadian maple, so you know you're getting the best quality at an affordable price.

Price: 85 USD

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these boards. Still haven't found what you are looking for? Then check out our full collection of boards!

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