Bronson Speed Co.

Bronson Speed Co.

Started in 2013 by NHS, Inc. and touted as "Next Generation Bearings", Bronson Speed Co. has quickly rose to be one of the top skateboard bearing manufacturers in the world.


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Bronson Speed Co. High Speed Nano Ceramic Oil
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Bronson Speed Co. Raw Skateboard Bearings
Bronson Speed Co. G3 Skateboard Bearings

What the FAQ!?

Questions About Bronson Speed Co.

Yes! Bronson Bearings are made by NHS - one of the most respectable skateboard brands in the industry. They have brands like Independent Trucks, Santa Cruz, and Ricta in their portfolio. Don't worry, you can count on Bronson Speed Co being excellent skateboard bearings. Bronson calls themselves "Next Generation Bearings" due to their fresh new designs.

Bronson Speed Co products can be cleaned like any other skateboard bearings. Learn how to clean skateboard bearings.

Just make sure you are using lubrication once you are done cleaning them. Lubricantion is critical for corrosion resistance and factory fresh quality.

Bronson Speed Co. tends to be more expensive than the industry leader Bones Reds and Bones Swiss. This is because they have unique designs and marketing, like "balls out technology".

Packaging for Bronson Speed Co. is more unique than the typical bearing box like you'll find from Bones Bearings.

Let's go through both of the Bronson Speed Co. models so you can compare them for yourself.

    Bronson G3

  • Includes Spacers + Speed Rings
  • Protected with straight edge frictionless shields for optimum oil circulating
  • Comes in Nitrogen filled shrink wrap

    Bronson Raw

  • The Sound Of Speed - Audible Speed Technology
  • No Seals
  • No Spacers + Speed Rings

Both models come pre-lubricated with high speed ceramic oil, has micro groove raceway surfaces, and max impact cage design.

Bronson Bearings can be installed in the same way as any other skate bearings.

Watch this video for how to install skateboard bearings:

Bronson Bearings are not ABEC rated. That is because ABEC ratings are not a good indication of skate bearing performance.

Learn more about why ABEC ratings don't matter.

The company NHS, Inc. started Bronson Speed Co. in 2013. Touted at "Next Generation Bearings", Bronson Speed Co. quickly rose in popularity due to their rad team of skaters and innovative bearing designs.

Bronson was the first to introduce the shieldless Bronson Raw Bearings.

Bronson Speed Co. bearings have a bunch of different models and accessories. We listed them here.

  • Bronson Ceramic Bearings - The top of the line. Comes lubricated with nano-ceramic compounds for the fastest bearings in the line up.
  • Bronson Raw Bearings - The original "shieldless" bearing. This model has no seals so you can see the balls and know when you have to clean the bearings.
  • Bronson G3 Bearings - The flagship bearing from Bronson Speed Co. G3 skateboard bearings are top quality and top technology for today's skateboarding.
  • Bronson G2 Bearings - Still a top tier bearing, G2s are designed to compete directly with the more affordable bearings on the market, such as Bones Reds.
  • Bronson Pro G3 Bearings - Bronson has many other special edition G3 Bearings in their line up, specifically for their pro riders. These models come and go, so checkout while you can!
  • Bronson Bearing Cleaning Unit - A bearing cleaner designed for today's skateboarding.
  • Bronson Nano-Ceramic Compound - A lubricant that offers exceptional wear protection for Bronson's balls and deep groove raceways.
  • Bronson Bearing Press - A tool to install and remove skateboard bearings and prevent side impact damage. Helps eliminate bearing breakage with simple press.

Yes! Bronson Speed Co. bearings will fit in all skateboard wheels.

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