10 Best Complete Skateboards - Tested 2023

10 Best Complete Skateboards - Tested 2023

If you are brand new to skateboarding or you don't want to assemble a board yourself, you're likely going to want a pre-built complete skateboard. These boards come fully assembled and are ready to ride out of the box. Of course, there are pros and cons to buying a complete skateboard and it's worth noting now that although you're looking for that one 'best skateboard', personal preference comes into play here.

It is also worth noting that all components can be upgraded, so it is not essential to pay a lot of money to get rolling. We recommend a $80 - $120 budget for a great starting complete skateboard.

Best Completes

$ - $$$$


Stoked Ride Shop Blank Complete ⭐ $ Shop >
Santa Cruz Classic Dot $$ Shop >
Element Section Complete $$ Shop >
Powell Peralta Anderson Complete 🤩  $$$$ Shop >
Arbor Whiskey Series $$ Shop >
CCS Skateboard Complete 🤑 $ Shop >
Powell Golden Dragon Complete $ Shop >
Arbor Mission $$ Shop >
Fireball Artist Mini Cruiser $$$ Shop >
Landyachtz ATV Series Cruiser $$$ Shop >


If you’re an advanced skater, maybe you will want something beyond one of these pre-built complete skateboards. But for beginners, newbies, and novices - enjoy our epic and comprehensive guide on the best complete skateboards.

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What Is A Complete Skateboard?

Before we get into it, let's just clarify what exactly people mean by a complete skateboard (or skateboard complete). A complete skateboard is a board that comes fully assembled, and ready to go. It comes with trucks, bearings, wheels, and sometimes you get a few extras like wax or a t-tool to get you started. Usually these packaged offerings are aimed at newcomers as once you have skated for a little while you will have more of an idea on what you like as far as wheels, trucks, bearings and decks go.

Complete Skateboards - Skateboarder doing a flip trick

Pre-Purchase Considerations When Buying A Skateboard Complete

When choosing a complete skateboard, the first thing to consider is the size of the deck. The deck is the board on which you stand when skating.

It's important to choose a deck that's not too big or too small for your height and weight. If you're unsure of what size to choose, most skate shops will be able to help you out. You can also check out our chart below for a quick reference.

Stoked Ride Shop Deck Sizing Chart Recommended by Shoe Size

Check out this handy chart for deck widths, recommended by shoe size. Note this is just a rough guide and not locked in stone. Use it as a starting point.

The next thing to consider is the trucks. Trucks are the metal axles that connect the wheels to the deck.

There are a few different truck sizes available, so you'll need to choose one that's right for your deck size. Again, most skate shops will be able to help you with this.

Once you have your deck and trucks, it's time to choose your wheels. Wheels come in a variety of sizes, durometers (hardness), and colors.

The size of wheel you need depends on the size of your deck and trucks. Durometer is how hard or soft the wheel is; harder wheels are better for street skating, while softer wheels are better for cruising and doing tricks. Wheel hardness is measured on the shore scale and generally ranges from 75a (soft) to 100a (hard).

The last thing you need to complete your skateboard is bearings. Bearings are what allow your wheels to spin freely on the trucks.

There are a few different bearing types available, but most skateboards will come with standard bearings that will work just fine. As you get more advanced, you’ll be able to choose better bearings that might fit your specific style.

For the scope of this guide, you really do not have to worry about this too much. While it is true there is skateboard hardware that is better than most, stainless steel as an example, it is not something a beginner rider is going to have to mess with.

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The Cost: How Much Does A Complete Skateboard Usually Cost?

A complete skateboard can range from $40 to $200. The price will vary depending on what brand you want, the deck make-up, the quality of the components in the build, and whether or not it’s a kids board or an adult board.

In our experience, in order to get a good quality skateboard, it will cost at least $80. There are very few, if any, really good quality skateboards for under $80.


10 Best Complete Skateboards

Now that we have an understanding of what we are looking for, let's get into some of the best boards on the market. With over 15 years in the industry, we have sold thousands of boards. These recommendations come first hand from our extensive experience. As for sizing help based on the type of skating you will be doing, please refer back to the above 'considerations' section.

Let's get into it:

Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Complete

⭐ Top Pick

Shop at Amazon

Shop on Stoked

✅ Quality Components

❌ No graphic options

✅ Wax + T-Tool included

❌ Entry-level trucks are good, but not the best

We may be a little biased, but this is honestly a great complete board. We wanted to provide the best setup at a super competitive price point to get you rolling quickly. If you shop on our website, you'll also get the option to upgrade the trucks too.

You can get the entry level set up for under $90, plus we’ve loaded it with features and components that are quality based on our 15+ years experience. The decks are made in a top factory in Mexico, and it comes with Fireball Supply Co. components and bearings.

You’ll also get wax, a skate tool, and stickers. It's rated 5 stars on both Amazon and our webiste, so you can buy with the utmost confidence.

Santa Cruz Classic Dot Complete Skateboard

Shop at Amazon

✅ Decent enough Components

❌ Watch out for birch decks

✅ We love the graphics

❌ $ could be less

Santa Cruz is one of those OG skateboard brands that seems to have been around for a million years (not literally, but you know) and this board shows exactly why.

It has the classic SC look that we love, is easy to ride, and is very affordable. The components are decent enough, with (54mm) OJ wheels and bullet trucks, but you will want to upgrade these down the line. It's worth noting that a lot of Santa Cruz completes now come with a cheaper Birch skateboard deck, however, this board in particular has a strong 7-ply maple construction (which is the industry standard - we recommend avoiding the birch boards).

While you can certainly spend more, for most people just getting started and looking for a graphic deck, this is a good option. It works great for basic tricks and park skating alike.

Element Skateboards Section Complete Skateboard

Shop at Amazon

✅ OG Graphic

❌ Will want to upgrade components after a while

✅ Lasts a long time

❌ Bushings a little soft for us

Element is one of the best brands in skateboarding, and it’s easy to see why. This board has a ton of great reviews, and it’s very affordable. It was actually my first ever board, and definitely lasted a long time.

It’s perfect for any beginners that wish to hit the skatepark or street skaters that wanna shred. We recommend a narrower board for flip tricks, and a wider board if you're looking to skate ramps (see size guide above).

In terms of the build, all the components are Element branded and of decent quality for a beginner, but we would certainly recommend trying out new wheels and trucks as you get more aquanted with what you like.

Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Flight Complete

🤩 Best Overall

Shop at Amazon

Shop on Stoked

✅ Best Build

❌ $$$

✅ Wax + T-Tool included

❌ It's $$$

Usually these are not fully built by shops and you'll have to buy the components yourself. HOWEVER, we got a whole bunch of requests for this, so here we are!

Pro decks like the Powell Flight Construction are certainly overkill for beginners, however, for those looking to have a board that outlasts everything else on the market, or skaters that are progressing to an intermediate or advanced skater, this is a great option for you.

Andy Anderson shaped this weird and wonderful board to truely give the best of all worlds. If you've ever seen him skate, you'll see why. It holds up whether skating street, transition, bowls or even cruising (although probably switch out the wheels for this).

What is a Powell Flight? Powell Flight Decks are a hybrid fibreglass and maple construction that is designed to increase durability, reduce weight and give superior pop over standard maple decks. Translation: they are hella strong, and pretty much unbreakable.

As we build this ourselves, we ensure only the best components make the cut - Independednt Trucks, 54mm Mini Logo Wheels, Fireball BUILT Bearings, Fireball Stainless Steel Hardware and MOB Grip, plus a Stoked T-Tool and Wax. If you have some extra cash to spend, we highly recommend this setup for everything from technical tricks to shredding the bowls. It really is the best thing on this list, but doesn't come cheap @ $170ish.

Arbor Whiskey Series

Shop at Amazon

Shop on Stoked

✅ Great build quality

❌ A little more pricey than some on this list

✅ Love the graphic options

❌ Wheels are better for complete beginners or cruising

We are actually a big fan of this complete. For the price you get a pretty good build including Ace trucks, Arbor wheels and bearings and a nice deck with medium concave. It's an all-round solid option for beginners. The wheels are a little soft for us (90a) but will be good for newcomers who are looking to get into skating. These are easily upgradable anyway. Ace make some of the best trucks on the market so you should be good for a while with the trucks.

We really like the graphic options you get with this build. Oh and as with all Arbor decks, the wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply and the wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products, contributing to their environmentally concious mission.

CCS Skateboard Complete

🤑 Best value

Shop at Amazon

✅ Cheapest Setup that is worth buying

❌ All parts are made in China

✅ Good choice in color / graphics / sizes

❌ Wheels + trucks will need upgrading

Yeah, yeah, we know we shouldn't really be promoting other shop's house builds, but this is actually a pretty decent entry-level setup. At the time of writing, this is under $70 too.

Although all components are made in China, they are good enough to get you out and about and learning to skate. The deck comes in over 20 colors/graphic options, with a medium concave for learning flip tricks with (relative) ease.

The trucks and wheels are just ok. We had no issue during the time we spend testing it, but if you grind too much your trucks will wear fairly quickly due the the softer metal they are made from. The wheels are hard hard (100a) and are smaller wheels (52mm), so better suited for skateparks vs street. Eventually, you will want to upgrade these.

Other things we liked - The complete also comes with a skate tool so you can fine tune the trucks to your liking. It also comes in sizes from 7" to 8.5" width, therefore catering to the younger crowd too vs the other boards on this list.

Powell Golden Dragon Complete

Shop at Amazon

✅ Designed specifically for 10yo & under

❌ All parts are made in China

✅ Backed by Steve Cab

❌ we are 50/50 on the birch deck material

This is a great little board if you are a small or young rider just wanting to get started. At sub-$70 you get a narrower deck of 7.625" with a pretty rad dragon graphic, Mini Logo trucks and Golden Dragon Wheels.

It's a solid first step into skateboarding for kids that are 10 and under and is backed by Pro, Steve Caballero. The downside is that it's built as an all rounder to get you into the sport - the wheels are softer @ 90a, and therefore more forgiving, but too soft to really skate ramps properly. The deck has a mellow concave but is made of birch vs Maple. That said, it's 100x better than any other kids boards (you know, the $40 Amazon specials) that we have tested.

Best skateboards for cruising:

If you aren't in the market for a standard skateboard, and are looking for something just to get from A to B, here's a few cruisers worth checking out.

Arbor Mission

Shop at Amazon

Shop on Stoked

✅ Larger than the other cruisers

❌ Bearings could be better

✅ Super carvy RKP trucks

❌ Kicktail is redundant

The Arbor Mission is a great choice for daily cruising and commuting. It is a little longer than your standard skateboard at 35", which is just short enough to be portable, but just long enough to be carvy, fluid, and stable. We were drawn to this due to the graphics, but found it to perform exceptionally well too, thanks to the Paris RKP trucks and softer Arbor wheels that give it a super smooth ride.

It does have a kicktail, but honestly do not buy it for this. It's a little awkward to really use. Plus, if you are trying to learn tricks, you are better off sticking with one of the standard skateboards listed above.

Fireball Artist Series Mini Cruiser

Shop at Amazon

Shop on Stoked

✅ Limited Edition 100 pc runs

❌ They don't re-print the same graphic once it's sold out

✅ Highest quality build

❌ Feet ache after longer distances

If you are looking for something that shreds, but also that not many people have, this is it. Each graphic is only produced in small batches of 100, so once they're sold out, they are gone for good. Not only do they look rad, but they are made at one of the best factories in the world, so you know the quality is up there with the best.

The 8.5" mini-cruiser shape is designed for all skill levels looking to cruise around while still having the ability to pop a few tricks. This board is made for cruising, looks sick, and has one of the highest quality builds we know of. Each complete comes with a full Fireball component set, Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a wheels, Paris Street Trucks and an authenticity card. This is a smooth AF ride out the box.

The only real downside we found was that its a little too narrow for skating longer distances. For this we would opt for something wider (9"+). That said, we would actually just ride a longboard. This is great for everyday use and is small enough to stash away when not in use, and light enough to carry round campus.

Landyachtz ATV Skateboard

Shop at Amazon

Shop on Stoked

✅ Great do-it-all board

❌ Bolts rusted fairly quickly

✅ Multiple shape options

❌ Deck maybe too thick

The wider deck and added nose/tail vs the Landyachtz Dinghy make this our favorite from the LY lineup. Although the shape can look like a standard skateboard deck (shape options available), it is really a cruiser in disguise. It works great if you are 80% focused on cruising but want to throw in the odd grind, kickflip or curb hop.

To us the deck feels a little too thick for us to consider this in the standard skateboards section above, but it is a solid all-round cruiser that you could take to the park for a short session.

In terms of the components, the boards are pressed in China, but are of good quality. The trucks are Bear and the wheels are Hawgs, both of which are sister companies of Landaychtz. They are good components. Our only issue was that the bolts rusted fairly quickly, but this will be the same for any that don't use stainless steel bolts.

Super cheap price Point Complete Skateboards?

Avoid these. Please. Save up a little more and get either the CCS or Powell Golden Dragon boards listed above. You'll thank us after the first session.

Further Reading

If this has got you in the mood for some further exploration or wanting to build your own baord, why not check out our guide to the best skateboard decks and our ultimate guides on just about everything skate related.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Complete Skateboards

Please refer to our size chart at the top of the article, or pop in-store for sizing help

This all comes down to construction. You want a 7 ply maple board, generally.

There are other materials that quality boards are made from, but maple is the the industry standard. This material means your board will be durable, and will stand up to any punishment you throw at it.

Birch is a common material used on cheaper skateboard decks and we generally advise skipping it if given the choice between birch or maple. However, it is found on some of our recommendations due to it's price point. Birch always isn't bad, but all else equal, we would go with Canadian maple.

Besides the deck, the trucks are the next area that are used to lower prices. We recommend never buying a complete skateboard with plastic trucks, only buy metal trucks. They will break and perform terribly.

Bearings are another area where companies cheap out. Make sure the bearings do not make any sound when they are new and also that they do not have that much play in them. Bearings should allow the wheels to rotate smoothly and without sound.

You should choose grip tape that is well made. Generally speaking, spending a little more will mean you’ll get high quality tape that your feet will easily latch on to. Learn more about skateboard grip tape here.

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Components for a Complete Skateboard

We don’t think there is just one board that is best for a beginner girl. Rather, there are a ton of great skateboards that girls can begin their skateboarding journey with. Once you narrow it down (thanks to this guide!), pick whichever skateboard graphic you like best.

Skateboarding is a great way to exercise, as well as a tremendous way to get around. You will also be out in nature, and skateboarding is even good for your mental health. It can give riders a sense of accomplishment when they finally land that trick they've been working on.

Frankly, there are a ton of upsides to skateboarding, and very few downsides. We highly recommend boarding to anyone, of any age, or any gender.

There are four main kinds of skateboard decks. There are longboard decks, cruiser decks, standard decks, and old school style decks.

Learn more about skateboard decks and longboard decks.

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