Best Skateboard Backpack [A Totally Rad Guide For Your Board]

Best Skateboard Backpack [A Totally Rad Guide For Your Board]

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If you want to travel around with your board, you’ll need the best skateboard backpack possible. Of course, there are millions of products out there, so we did a deep dive into the research. 🛹

There are many factors to consider, including the fit of the board in the backpack, the price of the backpack, and the extra features it may have. You’ll also likely want to look at waterproofing, as well as durability - so without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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Skateboard Backpack

10 Best Skateboard Backpacks

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    # 1

    Simbow Skateboard Backpack
  • Why it's rad: Sick design, great price - we love it. 🛹
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    # 2

    Board Blazers Backpack
  • Why it's rad: Stellar design, nice price, and durable as heck.
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    # 3

    GoRide Skateboard Backpack
  • Why it's rad: Always a solid choice, and an affordable price.
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1. Simbow Skateboard Backpack

The double straps on the outside of his backpack make it perfect for carrying a small board. We also love the convenient USB charging port, so you will be able to power up your cell phone or headphones on the go.

This backpack is full of great features including an anti-theft lock and water repent fabric to keep your belongings protected in the rain. It also is designed to be comfortable to wear and durable for frequent use.

2. Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack

This backpack can handle carrying any skateboard or longboard up to 50 pounds. You can fit everything you need in the spacious interior.

There is even a compartment to hold your helmet. This bag would be great for anyone and comes at an affordable price.

3. GoRide Electric Skateboard Backpack

This awesome backpack is designed with comfort in mind – the shoulder straps have great padding and you can adjust the straps to have the perfect fit. It’s able to carry a longboard and laptop easily with even more compartments for out essentials.

This back is also perfect for business professionals, photographers and students who need a durable and reliable bag to carry a laptop and camera gear. We also love the deep pockets and double bottle holders.

4. Vans Skateboard Backpack

Vans is a trusted skateboard brand that produces great quality apparel and skate shoes, so you can’t go wrong with this backpack. With a sleek and simple design, there is a spacious main compartment, double bottle holders and straps for your board.

It comes in green and black and is perfect to meet all your basic needs. It’s a great option youth or adults who love a classic skateboard brand.

5. RVCA Skate Backpack

We love the low price of this backpack making it great option. The cameo pattern is stylish, or you can choose basic black.

The padding on the shoulder straps make it super comfortable. With three zippered pockets, there is plenty of room for everything you need while keeping it organized.

6. Volcom Academy Backpack

This backpack by Volcom is smaller in size and very lightweight. You can’t beat the low price.

Perfect for teens and youth, there are three colors to choose from – black, green or khaki. This bag is ideal for carrying a laptop safely and storing your board.

7. GoRide Elite Electric Skateboard Backpack

This backpack by GoRider is a great choice for traveling. It can hold skateboards up to 30 pounds and all your gear. With the extra support strap, you won’t strain your back and all your gear will be protected.

The bag expands to fit all your safety equipment as well. The trendy design is great for the everyday user.

8. Eastsport Skateboard Backpack

This bag is backed by tons of great reviews and we love the low price. The material still looks high quality and durable.

There are lots of small compartments to store your smaller items while helping you stay organized. It also comes in a wide variety or colors and patterns, so there is something for everyone.

9. Element Mohave Skate Backpack

Element is known for high quality materials that are durable and built to last. We like the edgy design of this bag with large buckles across the front that can hold skateboards of any size.

The side pockets make it easy to access your small items, like wallet or air pods. The laptop sleeve has extra padding to for the ultimate protection.

10. Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

This backpack is not only great for skateboarders, but other athletes as well. There is plenty of space to contain a basketball or soccer ball and everything else you need.

This bag has so many great features, like waterproof material, padded breathable shoulder straps, and a portable USB charger. It’s a great option for students or working professionals.

Skateboard Backpack

What Is A Skateboard Backpack?

A skateboard backpack is exactly like a regular backpack, however, it usually has straps to secure your board. This makes it much, much easier to travel with your board - since normal traveling with a skateboard can be quite cumbersome.

Can I Put My Skateboard In My Backpack?

A normal backpack can be used to carry your skateboard, as long as you secure it with straps. If you buy a specific skateboard backpack, the job just becomes easier.

Bigger backpacks may even allow you to fit your entire skateboard inside - no straps needed. You could even probably fit your t-shirts and hoodies in the bag as well, if it’s big enough.

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    What Do Skaters Have In Their Backpack?

    Serious skaters will have lots of stuff in their backpack. This can range from headphones, to skate wax, to skate tools, and even extra skate shoes.

    How Do You Carry A Board On A Backpack?

    There are two ways that allow you to carry a skateboard on a backpack. You can use straps, or you can use clips.

    The more you travel, the more you’ll want to have a solid system of transporting your board with your backpack. Below is a great video, which will walk you through the basics.

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    Can Electric Skateboard Fit In A Backpack?

    Yes and no. Some electric skateboards will be small enough to fit in a backpack, while others will not be.

    Be sure to look at the dimensions of both your backpack, as well as the electric board, before making a purchasing decision. If you don’t care about transporting your board, you won’t have to worry too much about the sizing here.

    How Do I Put The Board In The Backpack?

    Using clips or straps is the easiest way here. Just as you’d attach anything else to your backpack, you should secure the board thoroughly.

    You can also hook it behind your back, under the straps, on a regular backpack. This can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s still probably better than carrying your skateboard around all on its own.

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    Skateboard Backpack

    What Are The Benefits Of A Skateboard Backpack?

    There are numerous benefits to a skateboard backpack. You won’t have to carry your skateboard, for starters.

    However, you can also use the backpack for daily regular use, traveling, and can even use a skateboard backpack to carry your college books. Some skateboard backpacks even have phone chargers, and/or headphone ports.

    How Much Does A Skateboard Backpack Cost?

    Generally, $20 to $100 is the price range you’ll find for the best skateboard backpacks. If you travel a lot and need an extremely durable pack, aim for one closer to the high end.

    [One of our favorite brands - Landyachtz.]

    Skateboard Backpack

    What Is A Good Backpack For A Skateboard?

    There are lots of options out there, just choose carefully. Any of the picks from our list here will do just fine.

    Always opt for something a little pricier, if you are a frequent traveler, and need a super durable pack. If you only travel with your board occasionally, or are on a tight budget - instead opt for a lower priced backpack.

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    Skateboard Backpack

    What Are Some Other Uses For A Backpack?

    There are practically a million uses for a backpack, other than transporting your skateboard. You can carry around beach towels, clothes, books, headphones, your laptop, food, beverages - practically anything.

    Where Can I Find A Skateboard Backpack?

    There are millions of options out there. Online stores, like Amazon, are a perfect choice, but there are also local skate shops.

    Chain stores like Zumiez are another option, as are Vans, Hot Topic, and more. We have found the best prices come from online stores - like Walmart, Amazon, or Target.

    Can You Skateboard With A Bag On?

    Yes, you technically can. However, if you have a ton of stuff in your bag (and it’s heavy) - it won’t be too easy.

    Can A Skateboard Fit Inside A Backpack?

    If you have a regular backpack, there’s not a high chance that your skateboard will fit inside. However, bigger backpacks will fit a skateboard - and you can also connect your skateboard to a normal sized backpack (using clips or straps).

    What Are The Benefits Of A Backpack For Skaters?

    There are numerous benefits of skateboarding backpacks. You can carry more things, travel with ease, and avoid the hassle of having to carry your board everywhere.

    You can also use the backpack for other purposes. You can carry your college books, headphones, clothes, groceries, laptop - or really anything else you can think of.

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    Skateboard Backpack

    Other Factors To Consider

    If you want a skateboard backpack, you will want as much functionality as possible. Some key features include skateboard straps, as well as water-resistant material.

    You may want a sport for your water bottle, as well as adjustable straps and maybe even a chest strap. You don’t necessarily need a fancy brand name (like Adidas, Nike SB RPM, or Dakine) - any high quality backpack from Amazon will work.

    While you can use a school backpack, or a school bag to transport your skateboard - these will often lack the appropriate size front pocket and side pockets, and may have a main compartment that it is too small for a skateboard.

    Laptop backpacks are probably the closest size to a standard skateboard backpack, though a ransack backpack may also be pretty similar in size to a skateboard backpack. A snowboard is even bigger than a skateboard, so you will likely need a specific bag just for that, if you want to travel with one.

    There are lots of FAQs when it comes to skateboard backpacks - but if you have gift cards, you can put a solid longboard backpack in your shopping cart, and confidently head to checkout. There won’t be all that much difference between certain skateboard bags, so you don’t need to obsess too much.

    You really just want quality craftsmanship - so in a pinch, even a rucksack will do. If we’re talking popsicle boards, they really come in essentially just one size, so a Nike RPM backpack, a skateboard carry bag, or a huge backpack with shoulder straps - all can work.

    You may want extra features, like a USB charging port, camo coloring, a foldable bag, or something else entirely. But at the end of the day, just choose a high quality bag, with good craftsmanship - and you’ll never be disappointed.

    Skateboard Backpack

    The Bottom Line On The Best Skateboard Backpacks

    There you have it - everything you ever wanted to know about the best skateboard backpacks. There are millions of products out there, so we hope our deep dive was enlightening.

    If you frequently travel with your board, you’ll already know how annoying it can be to carry a skateboard around. A skateboard backpack is a true essential, for any serious skater.

    We’re not sure what we would do when we travel, without a solid skateboard backpack - so be sure to pick one up at your earliest convenience. We hope you liked this article, and if you did - be sure to check out some of our other comprehensive guides.

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