10 Best Hoodies [Editor-Approved Picks, Perfect For Skateboarding]

10 Best Hoodies [Editor-Approved Picks, Perfect For Skateboarding]

The best hoodies have become a valuable part of the fashion world over the best decade. Whether you're a skateboarder, a rapper, or a coder - a hoodie has a unique way to tie your entire ensemble together.

So we reviewed millions of products, and were able to determine the 10 best hoodies on the market today. So without further ado, let's get into it - here's everything you need to know.

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Best Hoodie

10 Best Hoodies

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    # 1

    Gildan Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Why it's rad: Tons of great reviews, and super comfy.
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    # 2

    Champion Reverse Weave Pullover
  • Why it's rad: Champion always makes great stuff, and this hoodie is no exception.
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    # 3

    Hanes EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie
  • Why it's rad: Hanes always delivers quality products, and this is one of the comfiest hoodies we've ever worn.
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1. Gildan Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

This awesome hoodie is comfortable and stylish. A blend of cotton and polyester make it durable and soft. 

Reviewers say they they run small, so you might want to go with larger size than you typically would. They come in 25 colors from neon safety green to black to paprika. 

2. Champion Men's Reverse Weave Pullover

We love the color assortment on this hoodie by Champion. From Groovy Peach to Tidal Wave Blue, there is something for every one and every occasion. 

Champion has been designing clothing since 1919 and this hoodie is made out of a high percentage of cotton, making it super soft and durable. It runs big for a loose-fitting and comfy style. 

3. Hanes Mens's Pullover EcoSmart Hooded Sweatshirt

Hanes has been making the best cotton apparel for many years, so you can't go wrong selecting this hoodie. It's designed to withstand tons of washing and will not fade or get pilled.

The polyester in this blend is from recycled plastic bottles that were made into yarn, so you can feel good about making an environmentally friendly purchase. We personally like the Denim Blue color, but they have 19 others to choose from. 

4. PINKMSTYLE Women's Casual Color Block Hoodie

This fashionable hoodie comes in a color block design that will give you a cozy yet trendy look. Multiple color choices let you find your own style.

This is an excellent choice if you want a lightweight hoodie with style. You will love how it feels and looks. 

5. Vintage 70s 80s Style Santa Cruz CA Pullover Hoodie

For those who love a retro style, this Santa Cruz hoodie is a perfect choice. It comes in four colors and the distressed logo gives it that vintage look. 

This hoodie is a perfect blend of comfort and style for men and women. We also like that it is still an affordable price. 

6. Vans Classic Pullover Hoodie

This classic pullover hoodie by Vans is a high quality option. The large logo across the front make it a perfect gift for skateboarders. 

The sleeves and fit are long, making it a sleeker look. There are lots of colors to choose from. 

7. Fruit of the Loom Eversoft Fleece Hoodie

This hoodie comes with full zip and pullover options, so you can achieve a number of different looks. The fleece lining is super soft and warm, and you can't beat the price. 

The ribbed collar and cuffs help it hold it's shape even after lots of washing. This brand is tried and true, making this a perfect recommendation.

8. Under Armour Men's Armour Fleece Big Logo Hoodie

Under Armour has been making awesome gear for decades. This well-reviewed hoodie is another example of their spectacular products.

Available in lots of colors, and super soft (yet durable) - this is an easy recommendation to make. If you want an affordable, long-lasting hoodie - this is a perfect selection. 

9. Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight French Terry Hooded Sweatshirt

Amazon has made lots of products affordable, with their Essentials line. This soft and lightweight hoodie held up great during all of our testing.

Available in a wide variety of colors, it also is true to fit - meaning you won't have to go up or down a size. If you are mindful of your budget, this is an absolutely perfect hoodie to buy. 

10. LexiArt Mens Athletic Fit Fashion Hoodie

This hoodie by Lexiart is a fashionable choice. It's snug fitting and you can choose short or long sleeves depending on what style you want to achieve. 

It's super soft and comfortable, but still looks stylish. It's also backed by a ton of five star reviews - so you know it will last. 

Which Brand Is Best For Hoodies?

We don't think there is one brand that is best for hoodies. Rather, there are a number of brands that are great.

Any of the picks on our list will work great. We looked at durability, quality, and price - along with other factors.

    Should You Wear A Hoodie?

    Yes, absolutely. Hoodies are great and versatile - you can wear them in any climate, with pretty much any outfit.

    You can wear them to slightly formal events, or just wear them in very causal environments. There's a reason why coders and skateboarders both wear them - they're super comfy.

    If you buy thick, very warm hoodies, they'll work in cold, winter environments. Or if you want to go with lighter hoodies, you can wear them to the beach in the summer.

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    Best Hoodie

    Is A Hoodie Fashionable?

    Yes, hoodies are very fashionable. Whether you want to pair one with a surf outfit, a pair of khakis, or even a pair of jeans - it will still work for you.

    There are (of course) high fashion hoodies, and budget options. If you load up on inexpensive hoodies, you will be able to have a small army of options to choose from.

    Conversely, you can only buy a few very expensive hoodies on the same budget, if you opt for more luxurious options. We like the more inexpensive hoodies personally, since you can skate in them very easily, and won't have to worry if they get totally shredded.

    What Hoodie Means?

    A hoodie is a bit of a catch-all term, which refers to any piece of clothing with a hood. This can be a sweatshirt, a jacket, or something else entirely.

    It is a term most commonly used when paired with a sweatshirt, of course. You will usually see 'hoodie' thrown around as a casual term, though upscale designer brands (like Gucci and Versace) have also started using the term.

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    Best Hoodie

    What Color Would You Recommend For A Hoodie?

    This is a tricky one, but if you're looking for a hoodie that will go with just about any outfit, we recommend going with a gray color. This is neutral, and will pair well with just about anything.

    You can pair a gray hoodie with jeans, khakis, or anything you can really think of. Of course, the downside of gray is that it won't really stand out or 'pop' - but we think that's okay.

    More bold colors, like orange and red, will pop - but may not work with many outfits. If you want to wear these, make sure you spend at least a little bit of time, color coordinating your outfits.

    What Is The Best Thing About Hoodies?

    One of our favorite things about hoodies, is that they can be used for so many different things. You can wear them formally, or you can just hang out in one.

    You can take a hoodie to the beach, or wear it for picture day at school. There is really no limit to what you can do with a hoodie, and we love how there are also cheap options, as well as luxury ones.

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    Best Hoodie

    What Is The Difference Between A Hoodie And A Jacket?

    This is one of those weird things where there is actually a difference - though it doesn't seem like there would be. A hoodie typically does not have a zipper, whereas a jacket usually will have one.

    Additionally, as implied by the name, a hoodie will usually have a hood. Whereas a jacket does not have a hood (at least it's not required to).

    Of course, these differences are not always there. We have worn many hoodies with zippers, and in fact it is very common to see this design.

    What Is The History Of Hoodies?

    Believe it or not, there is actually an interesting story here. First produced in the early 1930s by Champion Products, the hoodie quickly became more popular as American dress became less formal in style.

    However, if we're just looking at straight hooded garments - then they timeline goes all the way back to medieval Europe. Hooded robes are the first thing most of us think of here, but there were other hooded garments as well.

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    Best Hoodie

    What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Hoodie?

    The hoodie is so popular precisely because it can do so many different things. Just like a pair of blue jeans, a good hoodie will go with almost anything.

    You can wear a hoodie for style, warmth, comfort, or you can wear one simply because it's versatile. You can also wear a hoodie in any season, and they are also great for many different types of exercise.

    We also love to wear hoodies when traveling. You can list just about any occasion, and the odds are - a hoodie will be a good fit.

    Who Should Wear A Hoodie?

    The beauty of the hoodie, is that essentially anyone can wear one. Soccer moms, grandpas, teachers, teenagers - the hoodie is extremely versatile.

    You don't have to be a particular ethnicity or gender to enjoy wearing a hoodie, which is part of what makes it so great. Skaters love hoodies, of course, but a hoodie is one of those rare items that truly makes for a great gift for anyone.

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    Best Hoodie

    What Is A Hoodie Made Of?

    This will vary. Hoodies can be made out of cotton, polyester, fleece, or French terry. Usually more expensive hoodies will have a higher blend of French terry, fleece, or cotton.

    These fabrics are more expensive than polyester, so they are usually of higher quality. Cheaper or more inexpensive hoodies will usually have a higher percentage of polyester, since it's very cheap to produce.

    What Do Street Skaters Wear?

    Street skaters these days are often fond of very tight jeans, actually. Vans, Etnies, or Adidas skate shoes usually complete the bottom half of the outfit, and the ever-popular t-shirt and/or hoodie is usually on top.

    Of course, if you live in a colder climate, it may not be ideal to wear just a t-shirt. Instead, you should opt for a hoodie - it will not only look cool, it will help keep you warmer.

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    Best Hoodie

    Can You Skate With A Hoodie?

    Hoodies are a skateboarding staple, in fact they are a classic look for skating. You can wear a hoodie with cargo shorts, camo shorts, jeans, or anything else you can think of.

    Pair a hoodie with some Vans, and you'll already look as good as 80% of skateboarders out there. Of course, surfers and other athletes love hoodies too.

    Skateboarders typically love to wear casual gear, as well as designer brands. You may see some pros wearing Gucci - along with a $45 pair of Vans.

    The fashion aesthetic of skateboarding has always been cool, but these days it's more of a melting pot than ever.

    Best Hoodie

    The Bottom Line On The Best Hoodies

    There you have it - all the facts on the best hoodies. We combed through an epic amount of research to bring you this guide - so we hope it was helpful.

    The hoodie is very versatile, and works for just about any scenario. You don't have to be a skateboarder or surfer to wear one.

    Coders, hipsters, moms, dads, kids - they all love a good hoodie. We hope this guide was useful, and be sure to check out some of our other articles, if you liked this one.

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