20 Best Skateparks In California [Rad Visitors Guide]

20 Best Skateparks In California [Rad Visitors Guide]

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California is legendary for its skateparks. In the 60s and 70s, skaters discovered they could skate in empty swimming pools which forever cemented California as one of the most iconic and important places in skateboarding history (shout out to the godfather of pool skating, Steve Alba).

Whether you’re looking for a mini ramp, quarter pipe, street ledges, kickers, or manual pads. You will be bound to find something shred worthy at one of these skateparks.

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20 Best Skateparks In California

20 Best Skateparks In California

1. Venice Beach Skatepark

This awesome skatepark in Southern California has great snake runs, very entertaining local skaters, and has been immortalized in various games. You can catch some rays, while boarding some insanely great ramps, ledges, hubbas, and stair sets.

Venice Beach is a little more dangerous these days, so be sure you're careful when you go. The least busy times are usually mornings, and by the afternoon this park will definitely be crowded with local skaters- so go early if you're headed this way to skate the clover bowl on the beach.

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20 Best Skateparks In California

2. Stoner Skate Plaza

This awesome skatepark is located in Los Angeles, and is easily one of the best parks there. You can get there at 9AM, and keep skating until dusk.

With over 25,000 square feet, it definitely provides plenty of space for you and your friends to easily skate freely. The Rob Dyrdek Foundation helped design this spot, so you know it has an awesome street course and it's definitely one of our favorites.

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20 Best Skateparks In California

3. Vans Skatepark (Orange County)

The Vans skate park is another must-skate if you are in California. You will love just how many different things you can do here, and many pros also skate in this palatial park, on a regular basis.

With over 16,000 square feet, it's another great off the wall skatepark for you and your friends to skate. We also love the color pops, as well as the cool checkered pattern on the floor - highly recommended.

20 Best Skateparks In California 6

4. Alondra Skatepark

This great park has a very old school feel to it. we particularly love the stair set with the handrail, but there are many cool spots for tricks here.

With just over 14,000 square feet, it also has plenty of space. The skatepark design of the bowls will be challenging, but they also get you ready for harder courses - so the challenge is welcomed.

20 Best Skateparks In California 6

5. Gilbert Lindsay Skatepark

This cool park in Los Angeles has lots of nice rails and an interesting color scheme. Opening in 2014, it is a popular spot for skaters of all ages.

This is a particularly great park if you want the skate plaza kind of feel with a bunch of different rail options for all skill levels. Maybe not the best spot for vert skaters since there’s only a small quarter pipe, but another amazing spot, nonetheless.

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20 Best Skateparks In California

6. Lincoln Park Skatepark

Want 9,000 square feet to skate? Check out this great park in Los Angeles, and enjoy some of the fun rails and bowls.

We like the old school vibe of this place, and we think you'll love it too. If you want to prepare for a contest, or just work on your beginner skating skills - this is an absolutely perfect spot.

20 Best Skateparks In California

7. Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

Want to skate a massive 68,000 square foot park? Then head to San Jose.

This park has a huge vert wall, a full half pipe, and a huge street section. It should also be noted that this park charges around $15 for admission and parking, and is also closed on Mondays and Tuesdays every week.

20 Best Skateparks In California

8. Belvedere Skatepark

This concrete jungle in Los Angeles is another winner. It definitely has an old school vibe, and will make a man out of you quickly.

There is not a lot of margin for error here, and if you fall you'll definitely feel it. This basic street plaza concrete is unforgiving, and your skills will quickly pick up, as a result. Don’t forget those knee pads and that helmet!

20 Best Skateparks In California

9. Balboa Park

Immortalized in the Tony Hawk games, this park is immortalized in the San Diego level. Balboa Park is located in Tony Hawk's hometown, and this park definitely lives up to the hype.

If you want to quickly learn street skating and meet some awesome local street skaters, this is a perfect way to do it. Get as creative as you want, and always stay one step ahead of the local police.

20 Best Skateparks In California

10. Under The Bridge Skatepark

This awesome skatepark in San Fran is another must-see attraction. The graffiti is awesome, as are the street skating possibilities.

You will even see BMX bikers hitting up this park, so people of all ages and abilities are welcome. If you want a truly authentic skate spot - this is definitely it.

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20 Best Skateparks In California

11. Vans Skatepark (Huntington Beach)

This sick park has nearly everything you'd ever want. Located in Huntington Beach, there is 40,000 square feet to skate here - meaning nearly anything is possible.

You'll often see pro skaters here, and for good reason. We love the outdoor atmosphere, and nearly anyone can have a good time skating here - no question about it.

20 Best Skateparks In California

12. Westchester Skatepark

This cool skatepark has all the feels and locale of a video game level. With lights at night, you're also not limited to skating during just the daytime hours.

This is a perfect spot for street skating, and you'll quickly be able to ramp up your skills within a week or two. You're also likely to make some friendships, so be sure to check out this spot, if you're in the area.

20 Best Skateparks In California

13. SoMa West Skatepark

Another awesome skatepark in San Fran, this one has a very authentic vibe to it. Tons of graffiti, great handrails, iconic hubbas and a closed-in feel all help push it over the top.

There is also a great stair set to skate here, as well as nice rails. If you're in San Francisco, you owe it to yourself to check out this spot.

20 Best Skateparks In California

14. Encinitas Skatepark

Encinitas has lots of great skating locations, and this is just one of many. We love the open air feel, as well as the palm trees. This park is also generally not too crowded except for some local skaters, and it has some great open spaces. It also has a huge bowl, so we highly recommend it to anyone serious about skating.

20 Best Skateparks In California

15. Rowley Park Skate Plaza

This awesome 7,500 square foot space is in Gardena, and it's a truly great spot to skate. This is a perfect place for beginners, though it does have some nice rails for more advanced skaters, too.

While it may not be the world's biggest skatepark, it does have great spots in it. It's also rarely crowded, making it perfect for just about any beginner skaters.

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20 Best Skateparks In California

16. Pedlow Field Skatepark

This awesome skatepark in Los Angeles has great ledges, bowls, and other perfect spots. It's never all that crowded, though it does offer a great skating experience.

It definitely has a great, old school vibe - but even new skaters will feel comfortable here. Highly recommended, and very laidback.

20 Best Skateparks In California 6

17. Alameda Skatepark

This park is built on a former naval base, and offers a tremendous skate experience. This park may have a simple street course and look a little beaten down, but it doesn't take away from the experience.

You'll love the colorful graffiti, as well as the overall vibe you'll get. You may even make some friends while you're here - so skate on.

20 Best Skateparks In California

18. Woodward West

Woodward East was the first, but Woodward West is equally awesome. The golden state skate camp has tremendous facilities, and we highly recommend it to any serious skaters.

There is everything under the sun here, including a great BMX course. It doesn't really get any better than this, so ride on, and have lots of fun.

20 Best Skateparks In California

19. The Cove Skatepark

If you want to skate in Santa Monica, this is another great spot. There's a pool, stairs, ramps, and more.

There is definitely a bare bones feel here, and it only adds to the old school atmosphere. We highly recommend this park, and we know you'll love it.

20 Best Skateparks In California

20. Jackie Tatum Skate Plaza

This well-loved park in Los Angeles is another excellent choice. The palm trees definitely add to the vibe, and the amount of tricks you can do here is truly limitless.

At 10,000 square feet, it's also quite large, which makes it another awesome choice. We highly recommend this park for any serious skaters.

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20 Best Skateparks In California

What Is A Skatepark?

A skatepark is a grouping of ledges, hand rails, ramps, mini ramps, half pipes (vert ramps), full pipes, manual pads, snake runs, and other obstacles, which is exclusively used for skateboarding. Crucially, it is also far safer than skating outdoors, on busy streets or sidewalks. You’ll find all types of skill levels pushing around a skatepark.

What Is The World's Largest Skatepark?

Guangzhou Skatepark in China is actually the world's largest skatepark. At 182,000 square feet, it is absolutely monstrous.

What Is The Largest Skatepark In California?

The largest skatepark in California is Lake Cunningham Action Sports Park. It has 68,000 square feet of skate-able space.

What State Has The Best Skateparks?

Our vote here has to be California. However, there are also many other choices, and Oregon actually has the most skateparks of any state in America, so that's something to consider.

What Is The Most Popular Skate Park?

While there is no for sure answer to this question, Louisville Extreme Park in Kentucky is one choice. In California, it's possible that Venice Beach Skatepark is the most popular choice - but again, there is no one single answer to this question.

Who Owns California Skateparks?

The founder and CEO of California skateparks is Joseph Ciaglia. There are plenty of skateparks owned by Ciaglia, not just those located in California itself.

How Many Skateparks Are In Los Angeles?

There are over 20 skateparks in LA. Additionally, you will frequently see them weaving in and out of traffic, as well as at convenience stores and other locations.

Where Do Skaters Hang Out In LA?

Since skateboarding has its roots in 1950s SoCal, it's not surprising to find out that skaters are very high in number in Los Angeles. While there is no central hub of skateboarding in LA, any of the skateparks located in LA on this list, should bring you into a community of skateboarders.

20 Best Skateparks In California

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Other Factors To Consider

There are lots of amazing skateparks in California. Surfers also have a lot of cool spots, but with places like Curt Pernice Skate Park, Tahoe, Oceanside, Sacramento, and Mammoth Lakes - there are a million great skateboard spots along the west coast.

While the largest full pipe may not be in California, San Jose has the tallest vert wall, and even random spots like skating in front of city hall have ample opportunities for grinds, stairwells, and more. You will probably run into scooters, but spots like Ripon, CA have amazing skate parks - and the combi pool at the Vans Skatepark is simply legendary.

20 Best Skateparks In California

The Bottom Line - Best Skateparks In California

There you have it - all the awesome skateparks in California. There are many reasons to visit California, and the great skate scene is just one of them.

You can go to Disneyland, see Hollywood, go to the vineyards, hit up In-N-Out Burger, catch a Lakers game - and so much more. Many of the world's best skaters grew up in California - including Tony Hawk.

You can hit all of the famous skate spots, which have been immortalized in numerous video games. Or you can find your own spots - including grinding rails in front of public buildings, or skating in someone's empty pool.

There is also Woodward West now - which is located in Tehachapi, California - a place where you can make great connections, and really up your skills. On top of all this, there are so many beaches, pools, and great places to go hiking.

If you want to go to a pier, it's hard to beat Santa Monica Pier. And if you want to go to the Bay Area, there are just as many awesome skate spots there.

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