Best Kids Skateboards [A Comprehensive Guide]

Best Kids Skateboards [A Comprehensive Guide]

Kids love to skateboard - always have, always will. The best kids skateboards allow kids to have fun and learn the basics of the sport without breaking the bank. Parents and kids rejoice - here are the best kids skateboards on the market in 2023.

What makes a skateboard specifically targeted for kids? Kids skateboards will generally be smaller in size and may come with components that are of the lower end when compared with than adult skateboards. However, just because they're for kids, doesn't mean they're not well made. It just means that budgetary concerns are more closely considered. Kids can lose interest in an activity just as fast as they fall in love with it, so when considering kids skateboards, price and quality are closely intertwined.

Today we will dive into all of the specifics of kids skateboards and why they make for a particularly fun ride. So strap in, and prepare to learn everything there is to know about the best kids skateboards on the market today.

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    SkateXS Completes
  • SkateXS Skateboard Complete for Kids
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    Stoked Ride Shop Complete
  • Stoked Ride Shop Skateboard Complete in Black
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    Powell Golden Dragon
  • Why it's rad: Backed by one of the most recognizable brands, Powell-Peralta, the Powell Golden Dragon is a complete specifically geared to getting kids started with skateboarding.
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Best Skateboards by Age Group

Skateboarding is a great way for kids to get exercise, have fun, learn new skills, and gain self confidence. It can also be a great way for them to socialize and make friends. If you're thinking about getting your child a skateboard, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The number one thing you need to make sure of is that the skateboard is the right size for your child. A skateboard that is too big or too small can be more difficult for them to control.

Companies know this and have created smaller skateboards specifically for kids. Here are our recommendations for the best ones by age group.

Skateboards for Ages 0-4

When scoping the Instagrams and YouTubes, you can find kids that ride at this age, but we cannot say we recommend it quite yet.

Skateboards for Ages 4-7

Skateboards for Ages 7-12+

At this age, it's probably best to just get your kid a full size skateboard. They're going to be big enough now to ride in the skate park and have the coordination to do everything a "big" kid can do.

This is also the age when kids start to become pre-teens. For better or worse, peer acceptance starts to hit a fever pitch. Sadly we've even heard of some kids getting made fun of because they had a "little kids" board. For this reason, we generally just recommend getting a full size.

Full size does not mean full price though! There are some great more budget friendly options out there.

Also full size does not have to mean the largest board out there. We generally recommend widths of 7.75" for the younger riders or 7.75" to 8.0" for riders around 12.

Ages 12+ are basically adults in the skateboard buying world. At this point, personal preference for size and deck width (what adults use to pick a skateboard) is going to be more important than other size considerations.

Do Kids Like To Skateboard?

Yes, kids love to skateboard - perhaps even more so than adults. They love the thrill of it, the danger, the fun, and the 'cool' factor.

If you get a kid started on a board earlier, they'll be a much more adept skater by the time they hit their teenage years. In fact, almost all of the pro skaters started as little ones.

It is an excellent way to boost self confidence, motor skills, and create feelings of accomplishment within your little dude or dudette.

Benefits Of Skateboarding For Kids

There are a ton of benefits for children, when they skateboard. Firstly, since they're outside, they will get outside time and fresh air - as well as a vital dose of Vitamin D.

While many don't think of it as such, skateboarding is also excellent exercise. You use a variety of muscles and build strength in specific ways.

Your legs, arms, and brain will all get a good workout. Additionally, skateboarding helps with both muscle memory, as well as coordination.

You will also be getting them away from screens, which these days is tremendously valuable. Skateboarding is also a great (sneaky) was to make them exercise, as it doesn't really feel like exercise.

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Best Kids Skateboards

What Is The Problem With Some Kids Skateboards?

There a number of issues on kids boards, most of which stem from the poor quality of the construction. While good skateboards can be found on Amazon, Walmart, and other big box retailers, the worst offenders are also found at big box retailers.

Generally these skateboards are less than $50. We recommend staying away from skateboards less than $50 unless your only consideration is to get the cheapest board possible.

The most common issues we've seen are as follows:

  • Cheap Bearings - Bearings are the easiest part of the skateboard to cheap out on. Bearings of low quality will not spin freely and make noise, even when brand new. Really low quality bearings will have play within them, which can be felt by wiggling the wheels back and forth.
  • Cheap Wheels - Low quality urethane does not roll smoothly and can oval easily. A simple ollie can oval the cheapest of skateboard wheels.
  • Low Quality Decks - Generally low quality decks are made from birch instead of maple, though there are good skateboards made from birch. The most important thing to look for here is the concave, or curves, of the skateboard. Is it flat and basic or does it look professionally pressed?
  • Cheap Trucks - Cheaper trucks are at the bottom of this list as they are the least offensive and the best way to save money. Generally trucks that are "good enough" can get the job done for young kids. However, there are some really cheap trucks that will have poor casting with sharp metal seams, not made of metal at all, and other low quality components like bushings (little rubber grommets that allow the board to turn).

If you are not sure if a skateboard looks like a good purchase or not, you may want to have a professional skate shop take a look. Feel free to shoot us a text / email at 310-462-9991 or and we'll send you our honest evaluation!

Best Kids Skateboards

Skateboards For Girls - Pros And Cons

In actuality, there are only skateboards. Oftentimes, girls will like to customize their boards with unicorns, hearts, or other stereotypical "girly" things - which is what a 'skateboard for girls' is usually referring to.

You will want to stick to the same basics here. The board should be built with quality components making it longer lasting and easy to skate on.

There are actually a number of different types of boards to get for kids, but girls may be best served by starting on a longboard. Boys and girls can both quickly gain confidence on these types of boards as they make cruising easier.

Nora Vasconcellos (and other top female skaters) sometimes make custom graphics for girls, so if you're into that kind of thing, be sure not to miss those products. Once they've mastered the basics, you'll probably want to upgrade them to a custom skateboard - the kind we make right here at Stoked Ride Shop.

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Best Kids Skateboards

Best Ages For Getting Started Skateboarding

Generally, the younger the better. However, kids of any age (or adults) can easily pick up skateboarding.

However, the older the kid is (or the adult is) - the tougher it may become. Generally it's easier to learn things when very young, and your body also won't require as much recovery time, either.

No matter what age your kids are, they should always be supervised. You should also make sure no kids under the age of 5 are skating, as they can get seriously injured (including hitting their heads and suffering brain damage).

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Best Kids Skateboards

What Do Kids Need To Get Started With Skateboarding?

There are a variety of items that every beginner skateboarder should have. Besides a helmet and board, they will need some other items you may not think of.

The most important item, is a board, of course. We recommend a longboard or smaller cruiser board for kids that just want to ride around. These designs are easier to steer, as well as easier to stay on.

Keep in mind, these will not be the best boards to learn tricks on, as they are meant more for cruising. Cruiser boards are going to be heavier due to the truck designs and larger wheels. The shape of the board is also going to make it harder to do tricks.

A kids skateboard should be sturdy, well-constructed, and not cheap. We also recommend staying away from a Penny boards for a first board (or any board), as they are too cheap and plastic-y to safely learn on, generally speaking.

Maple boards are usually the go to here, but there are other options available too. Ultimately, look for something that fits your budget, but also looks like it won't break easily.

After you choose a complete skateboard, we recommend looking at pads. You will need a comprehensive, complete set of pads.

This includes knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and possibly more (looking at you butt pad). A more expensive set is always worth it here - there's nothing worse than bailing and actually getting hurt, instead of your gear taking the brunt of the impact.

Elbow pads provide a very important function - they stop you from breaking your arm, or scraping all the skin off your elbow. Wrist guards will stop sprained and broken wrists, and knee pads will stop your legs from looking like peeled pizza. 🍕

In addition to these essentials, another requirement would be skateboarding shoes. While you can get away with any closed-toe shoes technically, we highly recommend the best skating shoes for kids.

That's because these shoes will be specifically constructed for skateboarding, and will make it much easier to land tricks and hit the ramps with. Vans makes many great pairs, but they are certainly not the only brand we recommend.

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Best Kids Skateboards

10 Best Kids Skateboards


1. Meketec Complete 22 Inch Skateboard

This awesome board has tons of five star reviews, and is also very affordable. Since it's 22 inches, it's not that great for adults - but kids will love it.

This is a perfect board to learn on, especially for the really tiny ones. While you can certainly spend more, reviewers are unanimous that this is a great solution for any small beginners out there.

2. Jaoul Mini 22" Plastic Skate Board

This 22 inch board is perfect for little boys and girls alike. It has lots of great reviews, and is a great way to get them started.

Be sure to always make sure your child is safe as well. Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards - the whole array is needed to keep little kids from getting hurt.

3. PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard

This awesome Spider-Man board is super sleek, and very affordable. Of course kids will love it, with the Spider-Man branding - but adults will love how safe it is.

Certainly not good for advanced riders, this board still remains perfect for small beginners. We love the huge amount of good reviews as well, which makes this another solid choice for any newbie.

4. PlayWheels Trolls 2-In-1 Skateboard & Scooter

This nifty 2-in-1 skateboard and scooter is a nice way to surprise your daughter. If they get tired of boarding, they can use the scooter function, and vice versa.

It's not exactly the best board in the world (as you might expect, given the price). However, for little kids, this is a perfect choice - as the myriad of great reviews suggests.

5. Ko-On Complete Skateboard

This board not only has an awesome design - it's very well-reviewed. Affordable and fun, it's an excellent way to get a child started on a skateboard.

Unlike other child's boards, it's not made out of plastic, it's made from wood. This gives it some extra durability, and makes it even more fun to ride.

6. Magneto Kids Skateboard

This awesome and affordable board is great for any young kids. We love the black and white design, and your Vans checkered shoes will go perfectly with it.

Made from maple, it's sturdier than plastic boards, and the price is hard to argue with. It's also very well-reviewed, making this another solid recommendation.

7. Sk8memo Mini Skateboard

This board is inexpensive and great for very little kids. While it's hard to do much beyond the basics on this board, for the tiny ones it's great.

There are also a wide variety of colors available, and a ton of great reviews. If your child is 1-5 years old - they will probably love this thing.

8. Skitch Complete Skateboard Gift Set

This awesome set has a backpack, skate tool, and board - and the price isn't even high. It also has tons of great reviews, and will make any little kid happy.

We personally like the blue galaxy color, but your mileage may vary. If your child wants to take their first trip to the skate park, this is an excellent choice.

9. WhiteFang 22 Inch Kids Skateboard

WhiteFang hits it out of the park again with this little kids board. Well-reviewed, and with a very low price point - it makes a perfect gift. While 10 year olds and up may not love this - the little ones likely will.

It comes in a variety of cool colors, and will allow you to perform basic tricks. If you just want to get your little one up and out on a board - make it this one.

10. Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard

This awesome board has great colors, and works well no matter what your goal is. It's also reasonably priced, and makes skateboarding a whole lot of fun for the little ones.

This will make a perfect gift for any child. It will also make it easy to learn - so we highly recommend it.

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Best Kids Skateboard

The Bottom Line - The Best Kids Skateboards

If you have a little one, we hope you found this article informative. Whether you want something for a 5 year old, a 10 year old, or just a baby board for a twee-sized lass - we've got you covered.

Kids have loved skateboarding for decades, and this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon. There is a little bit of athleticism, some danger, and some rebelliousness - all of which combine to make skateboarding very appealing.

Adults also love skating, of course, but kids have a particular love for the sport. If you get them started young enough, they can even become particularly adept at tricks and riding ramps.

In fact, some of the best skateboarders in the world started young. Tony Hawk, for one, but many pro skaters were tiny youngsters when they rode their first board.

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Other Factors to Consider

To find the best skateboards for kids, you may want to check out Amazon. For your child’s first skateboard, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a high-quality board, like a maple deck or Canadian maple wood skateboard. SkateXS makes a great board for beginners and kids as young as 6 years old.

Go for a board with an affordable price. Since it is their first time learning to ride, you don’t need a pro skateboard. Skateboard brands like Beleev have fun color options for younger kids in a variety of skateboard sizes.

Even older kids (8 years old +) will enjoy a mini cruiser skateboard. Because it is a smaller size than a standard skateboard, it is easier to carry, fun to ride, and is still a smooth ride.

A new skateboard will delight your child. Especially if you want to invest in a quality skateboard with alloy trucks with will be more long-lasting and offer a smoother ride.

Don’t forget to also buy safety gear, which is essential for your young learner. Wearing knee pads and elbow pads will protect them if they fall on a rough surface.

You can also find skateboard accessories on Amazon, like sandpaper grip tape, axles, stickers, light up wheels, urethane skateboard wheels, pu wheels, polyurethane wheels, retro t-shirts, and aluminum trucks. For the best selection of skateboard decks and cruiser boards, you should visit a professional skate shop.

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