Skateboarding Popularity [Everything You Need To Know]

Skateboarding Popularity [Everything You Need To Know]

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Skateboarding's popularity has risen and fallen a few times over the years, but we are now in another golden age. While the COVID pandemic definitely had something to do with it, that's not the only reason why things have become white-hot again. 🔥

Today we'll examine why skateboarding has dropped off (and come back) over the years, and why we are currently in another mega-popular period. Without further ado, let's get into it. 🛹 🤙

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    What Is Skateboarding?

    Skateboarding is a pretty easy sport to describe. Take a small board, and attach 4 wheels, and you've got the basic idea.

    Much like surfing, it involves staying upright on the board, while doing various tricks. You can jump (referred to as an ollie), do spins, flips, grabs, grinds, and more.

    While learning to skate is easy, mastering skateboarding is very difficult. Almost anyone can get started, but becoming good requires thousands of hours of dedicated practice.

    History Of Skateboarding

    While it's almost impossible to trace the exact roots of skateboarding, it goes back to the 1950s, invented simply because surfers needed something to do in the off-season when waves were bad. Quickly however, surfing was sort of eclipsed by skateboarding - and then it was really eclipsed, over the long term.

    While surfing remains big, skateboarding has become gigantic. Because there is far more concrete in the world compared to waves, skateboarding can be done anywhere, by anyone.

    This alone made it more accessible, and thus - more popular. With the explosion of home video, then cable TV, then the internet - things only became more widespread.

    With the rise of the X Games, and then the invasion of the skateboarding industry into the fashion world - skateboarding became even more mainstream. Walk through any mall in America now, and it's easy to see just how popular skateboarding has become.

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    Skateboarding Popularity

    X Games

    The X Games started in 1995, and have been held every year since. Made to showcase more extreme sports, like BMX biking, snowboarding, and skateboarding - they have become a pinnacle event for the world of skateboarding.

    Fans also attend because of the sheer variety of sports showcased, as well as the fact that high quality competitors will always show up. Tony Hawk's first ever 900 was performed at the X Games, in one of its most memorable moments.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

    Speaking of Tony Hawk, one of the biggest turning points in the popularity of skateboarding, was the huge explosion of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Going from a risky niche venture, into a $1 billion behemoth - was a true stroke of genius (and maybe they also had a little luck).

    Playing the game was a revelation - it made skateboarding, fun, easy, accessible, and simple. You could just pick it up and play, it was so basic to just start.

    But you could also go deeper, which made the game have plenty of depth. Bigger than almost any other single event, this game transformed and accelerated the reach of skateboarding - almost overnight.

    Since the original release in 1999, the franchise has completely taken off. There have been countless sequels and ports, and no matter when or how the game is released - it makes obscene amounts of money.

    It's undoubtedly the best decision Tony Hawk has made, and it continues to make him a recognizable celebrity to this day. Not only do all skateboarders love these games - all video gamers love them too.

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    Skateboarding Popularity

    The COVID Pandemic's Impact On Skateboarding Popularity

    COVID kept everyone at home, which made skateboarding huge again. Skateboarding is a safe sport, which requires very little oversight or supervision.

    Just make sure you're in a safe area, and that you're wearing the proper protective gear - and you're good to go. You can skate at home, in a skatepark, or anywhere skateboarding is legal.

    COVID also saw a huge uptick in skateboarding sales and demand. Brands couldn't even keep up, and now we're on the verge of skateboarding dominating the mainstream.

    Why Is Skateboarding Making A Comeback?

    Skateboarding has made a comeback because it's a fun outdoor activity, it's seen as cool, it's all over social media and in fashion, and there's tons of video games centered around it. Most estimates put the value of the skateboarding industry as a whole at over $2 billion, within the next 3 years.

    The COVID pandemic definitely helped some boom of the industry, but there are also a number of other reasons. Lots of older skaters have gotten back into the fold, as have girls (who may have previously not been interested or exposed to skateboarding).

    Staying in shape in general has become more important in society, with social media driving the vanity factor. Skateboarding is seen as a fun way to stay in shape, for many - without it feeling like exercise.

    Thankfully, this boom has also lead to many more skaters being professionally sponsored and making a living. This is especially true in the case of female skaters, which was a very welcome change.

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    Skateboarding Popularity

    Why Is Skateboarding So Popular?

    There are many reasons why skateboarding is so popular. For one, anyone can do it.

    You don't have to be 7 feet tall, rich, or even live in a particular area. Indoor skateparks have allowed skateboarding to flourish practically everywhere - along with social media.

    Skateboarding is also fun, and is now even an Olympic sport. It also isn't limiting - anyone, of any age, can participate.

    You also don't have to be an advanced skater to have fun - you can be a beginner and still have a total blast. The fashion world has also taken massive influence from the skating world, as looks from Vans and other brands have become mainstream and worn by non-skaters.

    This also spreads the popularity of skateboarding, since stores like Vans have skateboards all over their walls and on their websites. Supreme is one brand that went from underground skating niche - to being sold for over $2 billion.

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    Skateboarding Popularity

    How Has Social Media Impacted Skateboarding?

    Social media has impacted skateboarding in a massive way. One of the biggest impacts, was giving exposure to skaters who lived outside of the major skating hubs (like SoCal, New York City, etc.)

    With social media, these skaters can now get major deals - with ease. As long as you have the skills, you will likely get signed somewhere.

    Another change, was the ability for skating culture to change extremely quickly. Whereas before you had to wait years between skating tapes - now you can see the latest tricks the day after they happen.

    That has allowed the art of skateboarding to progress at a very fast level. This virality has also allowed many newcomers to be exposed to skateboarding, who otherwise may not have been.

    For example, if you live in the middle of farmland in Ohio, you're not likely to be exposed to skateboarding. That was before the internet, however.

    Nowadays, you can live in Alaska, and become a pro skater - as long as you want it bad enough. This is all because of the rise of social media.

    You can also learn skating solely from online sources - mainly YouTube. Don't know how to do a kickflip - simply pop open YouTube, and find out.

    Skateboarding In Popular Culture

    Skateboarding has had a huge impact - almost from the day it was created - on popular culture. It influenced the fashion and trends of Southern California in the 1970s to the 1990s, and has come roaring back to be just as influential now.

    Movies, music, clothing, malls, suburbs, cities, video games - they've all been impacted hugely by skateboarding. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, for example, is a franchise that is worth over $1 billion.

    Jason Lee was a professional skateboarder, who went on to become a very famous actor (most notably in My Name Is Earl). Actors like Jonah Hill and musicians like Lil Wayne - all claim an allegiance to skateboarding.

    Movies like Lords Of Dogtown penetrated popular culture, and punk rock bands are practically synonymous with skateboarding as a whole. Stores like Hot Topic in malls, along with Vans, Pac Sun, and many others - are all heavily influenced by skateboarding.

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    Skateboarding Popularity

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    Skateboarding Popularity

    Other Factors To Consider

    The first skateboard may have been developed only 70 years ago - but there are new tricks being done all the time. First time skaters can now easily find a local skate park, as well as find skateboarding competitions - which are helping to make skating one of the most popular physical activities out there.

    Since skateboarding is now a part of the Olympic games, you’ll see skaters doing sidewalk surfing almost anywhere. There are now tons of skateboard companies, skate shops, and tons of skateboarding teams.

    The skateboarding market has exploded to the point of being broadcast on ESPN, and places as far away as Brazil all have tons of freestyle skaters (as well as people on scooters). Whether you want to ride a longboard or a popsicle board - there’s now truly something for everyone.

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    Skateboarding Popularity

    The Bottom Line - Skateboarding Popularity

    There you have it - all the facts about skateboarding's ups and downs in popularity. While it's really only been around for 60 or so years, skating has had a massive impact in the world.

    While it could be argued that some of these changes may have happened regardless - it seems highly unlikely. The loose jeans, the ripped jeans, the backwards hats, the Vans shoes, the long hair - all of these trends can be traced back to skateboarding in some form or fashion.

    As the world continues to move forward, skateboarding will likely keep enjoying a huge influence. It's now an Olympic sport, and the video games built on it only continue to grow in revenue and influence.

    Who knows - there may even be some new offshoot of skateboarding that comes along. Just like snowboarding evolved out of surfing and skateboarding, there may be some new thing that comes along again, and completely changes everything.

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