Need A Commuter Skateboard? [Here Are The Best Choices]

Need A Commuter Skateboard? [Here Are The Best Choices]

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If you like riding a skateboard, you may actually want to start riding a commuter skateboard to work. While this used to be uncommon, these days you'll see people commuting on skateboards much more frequently.

Not only is using a commuter skateboard faster than walking, you'll get some exercise in. Sure, it's not as fast as driving, but with gas prices being sky high - maybe that's a good thing.

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10 Best Commuter Skateboards

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    # 1

    Magneto Kicktail Cruiser
  • Why it's rad: Awesome cruiser that still lets you do tricks.
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    # 2

    ELOS Mini Longboard
  • Why it's rad: It may be tiny, but it's mighty.
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    # 3

    Tony Hawk Complete Cruiser
  • Why it's rad: The design is sick, and the price is right.
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1. Magneto 44 Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

With a ton of great reviews, this affordable cruiser is a great way to get around town. We loved riding it, and it will make any trip far easier.

While it's not an electric skateboard, it does a great job of getting you from A to B. While you can certainly spend more, for most people, this is a perfect choice.

2. ELOS Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard

This mini board is a great way to get around. While it may take a little to get used to riding on it, once you do, it's a super fun way to commute.

Whether you're a teenager or a working professional, this is a great choice. Backed by tons of stellar reviews, and coming in at an affordable price point - this is a great choice for any rider.

3. Tony Hawk 31" Complete Cruiser Skateboard

We absolutely love the design of this skateboard, and it's also super affordable. It's also 9 ply, which means it's absolutely solid - but we still found it easy to carve tight turns.

The slime design is absolutely great, and it will turn lots of heads. If you're on a tight budget, this is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to cruise.

4. Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

Meepo is one of the world's most popular manufacturers of electric skateboards. The Mini 2 is a great way to get around, and saves you the trouble of having to push yourself around.

While it's not the most affordable option on our list, it is well worth the extra cash. If you want a super high quality electric skateboard, this is one of the best options out there.

5. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

This is a great electric skateboard, and it comes in at a fraction of the price of some similar models. This board has great reviews, and we found it super fun to get around on.

If you ride on smooth roads, this is a flawless board. We didn't test it on tough terrain, but most electric boards usually do better on paved roads regardless.

6. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

This awesome mini cruiser board is backed by a metric ton of stellar reviews. We love the old school look, as well as the comfort we had when riding.

The price is also very low, even though the performance isn't. We definitely recommend this board, especially for beginners.

7. Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Skateboard

This complete skateboard is a great way to get around. Not only does it look super cool, it's extremely affordable.

While you can certainly spend more, for most people, this is more than enough. We recommend this cool cruiser board for anyone - whether you're a beginner or an expert.

8. WhiteFang Complete Skateboard

This extremely affordable board works great for anyone. While it won't have all the bells and whistles of more expensive, custom boards - this is a perfect choice for beginners.

This board is also backed by a ton of great reviews. If you're looking for an affordable beginner board - this is a perfect choice.

9. JKING Electric Skateboard

This awesome electric board may not be the most affordable item on our list, but it is well worth the extra cash. We got up to 25 MPH on this bad boy, so make sure you stay safe.

This board is also backed by a large number of five star reviews. If you don't mind spending a little extra cash, this is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a high quality electric skateboard.

10. Retrospec Zed Longboard

This awesome longboard will make it easy to cruise around town. We like the old school look, and this board is also backed by a ton of five star reviews.

No matter what you want to do, this board will be a great fit. If you have a long commute, you may want to choose an electric board - otherwise, this is a fantastic choice.

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    Think About How Far You Will Ride

    While it's definitely possible to commute short distances, you may not want to commute for 45+ minutes. You should also consider what the ride will be like - i.e. if it will be an empty sidewalk the whole time, or a crowded city center.

    Crowded places will not be as good for cruising boards (like longboards), since they will need tight turns and agility - in order to not knock someone over. It's also crucial to not skimp on the pads or helmet.

    At some point, you will crash. This is inevitable. So it's better to be prepared for when it happens, rather than faceplant with no helmet on - trust us.

    Another factor that matters, is the surface of the road. If you are riding rough terrain, you will likely need softer wheels, and usually bigger wheels, too.

    These wheels will provide more balance and stability. They will also provide you with more control.

    This means you'll need to ride a longboard / cruiser. A short board that is small and good for turning will not be ideal in these conditions.

    Another thing to consider, is what the weather conditions will be like. Do you want to get stuck in a heavy rain? Probably not.

    Still, in our opinion, if you can skateboard to work instead of walk - it's always preferable. We also have a lot more fun when we skate to work - so that factors in as well. 🛹 🤙

    Riding A Flat Surface For A Long Duration? Get A Longboard

    If you are lucky enough to have a flat ride all the way to work, then by all means get a longboard. They will be the ideal board for this type of ride.

    They are also easy to stay balanced on, and will make the journey a breeze. It's also easier to start out on a longboard, which we definitely prefer.

    A longboard is also a perfect way to get started for total newbies, so if you have a little kid or a beginner, make sure to grab them a longboard. You don't have to be commuting 30 minutes to ride one.

    Once you've mastered the longboard, of course, you can progress to other types of skateboards. Note that during the X Games, all the riders are pretty much riding shortboards, for example.

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    Best Commuter Skateboards

    Mini Cruisers - Ideal For Crowds And Short Distances

    In crowded spaces, you'll want a board that has more maneuverability than a longboard. Welcome, the mini cruiser!

    These smaller boards will allow you to make turns easier and faster, not to mention they'll help you perform tricks better. It's not an accident that pro vert ramp riders and pro street skaters all use shorter and smaller boards than the traditional longboard.

    However, these boards also make it more likely that you'll fall - meaning they're not ideal for long commutes. You can, however, carry a shortboard much easier than you can carry a longboard.

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    Best Commuter Skateboards

    Can I Use A Penny Board To Commute To Work?

    Please don't do this. If you ride a penny board, you'll likely have a very hard time staying on the board, which means it's not a good idea for commuting.

    These types of boards are really more toys than skateboards, which makes them far from ideal for almost any task. Weirdly, they last a long time, but they will make you bail constantly.

    Cruiser vs. Mini Cruiser - What's Better As A Commuter Skateboard?

    The comparison here is a little interesting. Cruisers will obviously be a little bigger, but mini cruisers are slightly easier to transport.

    We prefer a regular cruiser for commuting, as it makes things slightly easier. You'll also have a little bit more balance, which we think is important.

    Longboard vs. Cruiser Board - What Is Better For Commuting?

    This one really depends on how far you must commute. If you have to go less than 5 miles, you'll probably be okay with a cruiser.

    Anything longer, and we definitely recommend a longboard. However, if it's a long ride, and there are tons of crowded places and tight turns - it's not ideal to be riding a longboard either - this is when we'd recommend a car.

    Best Commuter Skateboards

    A Normal Skateboard - Ideal For Commuting?

    You can use a regular board to commute, but it may not be ideal. If you get softer wheels, you'll have an easier time here.

    A regular board will allow you to have some more control, as well. Normal boards are smaller, so they also cost less than a longboard - but longboards will make it easier to commute to work, and will provide much more stability.

    Commuting And Doing Tricks On A Skateboard

    If you want to do some commuting but still perform some tricks, the 1980s style skateboards are actually ideal. This is because they are wider, and make it easier for cruising - while still giving you the ability to ollie and kickflip.

    One key note here is that you don't want a board with wheels that are too soft. These will make it too hard to perform tricks, though they will be better for cruising.

    Learning How To Skateboard

    We don't recommend just hopping on a skateboard and riding it into the city. You should learn how to skateboard in a safe space, and be prepared to fall - a lot.

    You don't want to be around cars, you don't want to be around other people - you want to be able to fall, and be able to do so safely. Once you have been skating for a few months - safely and comfortably - then you are ready for new challenges (like commuting).

    Electric Skateboards For Commuting - Yes Or No?

    We think it's reasonable to commute on an electric skateboard. Obviously, it's easier, as well.

    Newer electric boards are pretty rad, and they make skateboarding a lot of fun. Of course, this isn't really skateboarding in the most classical sense, but that's okay.

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    Best Commuter Skateboards

    Other Factors To Consider

    If you want a high-quality, regular skateboard - and plan on using it to avoid public transport - there are a ton of options that will give you a comfortable ride. Amazon alone has lots of god choices - just be sure to avoid any cheap decks or boards.

    If you want a smooth ride, consider wheel size, if you’ll be riding long distances, whether you prefer big soft wheels, or even if you may want one of the best electric skateboards. High speeds will mean only a certain number of boards will be appropriate, and if your daily commute is insanely long - it may be better to just use a car.

    There are very few downsides to using a commuter skateboard, and though some curbs might get in your way - there is plenty to be excited about, when it comes to riding a cruiser skateboard to work every day. You should also always look at the following, when choosing a board and deck: risers, wheelbase, grip tape, kicktail options, skateboard wheels (hard wheels or soft wheels, for example), and more.

    A standard skateboard (or a standard skateboard deck), will easily allow you to commute to work. You may want to spend a little bit more, however, and get something really nice.

    [Need a ride for a little one? Check out the best kids skateboards.]

    Best Commuter Skateboards

    The Bottom Line On Commuter Skateboards

    There you have it - everything you need to know about commuter skateboards. Whether you have a long commute, a bumpy one, a crowded one, or a short ride - we've got you covered.

    You'll likely want a longboard, unless you have a very crowded ride, as they provide lots of stability, and make it easy to cruise. Bigger, softer wheels will also make things easier.

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    For most people, a longboard is ideal, but it may not always be the best solution. Cruisers and mini cruisers will let you go over bumpier terrain, and make sharp turns amongst crowds.

    Anything less than 3-4 miles should be okay with cruisers or mini cruisers, but longer distances are definitely better suited for longboards. We hope you learned something today, and the next time you head to work - don't be afraid to hop on a board. 🛹 🤙

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