Is Skateboarding Dangerous? [The REAL Answer]

Is Skateboarding Dangerous? [The REAL Answer]

Skateboarding - it has to be dangerous, right? Well, the real answer may be surprising.

Scientific studies have been done in numerous ways, and the real results may surprise you. Skateboarding is not really any more dangerous than any other sport, according to science.

Of course, you should still follow all the proper safety precautions. This means wearing a helmet, proper pads, and wrist guards - these will help keep you safe.

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Is Skateboarding Dangerous

10 Products To Help You Stay Safe While Skateboarding

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    Triple Eight Helmet
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    S SPOFINE Helmet
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1. Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

This helmet by Triple Eight offers you the ultimate protection from all types of impact. It meets both CPSC and ASTM skate safety standards, while offering a comfortable and secure fit.  

It also is a stylish option and comes in 6 matte colors. The two layers of removal pads ensure you safety and comfort. 

2. S Spofine Kids Bike Helmet and Protective Gear Set

This set is a great value and will protect you from head to toe with one helmet, knees pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. The equipment is designed to absorb shock from all angles while still being comfortable to wear. 

You can feel confident that your kids will be safe with this purchase. Reviewers rave about the comfy and secure fit. 

3. JBM Adult/Child 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set for Skateboarding

JBM is a top brand and this set will have you covered with the essential protective gear - knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. With five colors to choose from, you will also be riding in style. 

This set is perfect for beginners and pros, and is easy to put on. Also the price can't be beat!

4. Triple Eight Saver Series Pad Set for Skateboarding

We love the quality of these knee pads and elbow pads that are made of high grade durable fabrics. The EVA foam padding and polycarbonate full-coverage caps for superior protection that won’t restrict movement.

These pads are designed to be easy to put on and adjust, so you will still be comfortable. It's also a very affordable option. 

5. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

This awesome helmet is backed by thousands of five star reviews and is affordably priced. It has an excellent ventilation system - twelve vents set it apart for other choices. 

The dial adjuster really fine tunes the fit and makes it super comfortable. We highly recommend this helmet because of the quality and durability.  

6. BOSONER Kids/Youth Protective Gear Set

BOSONER is one of the top sellers of protective gear on Amazon. We agree that it is a high quality product and great design. 

Kids will love the vibrant colors of this set of pads and guards. The thick design for padding and hard shells will make sure you are protected from the most gnarly falls. 

7. Flybar Skateboard Helmet

We found that this helmet by Flybar is one of the best impact resistant helmet. It's super strong out shell will protect you from all kinds of impact. 

The twelve oversize vents will ensure that your head stays cool. There are also a wide variety of colors available, and a ton of great reviews. 

8. CRZKO Protective Gear 6 in 1 Set 

This awesome set includes a mesh bag to make it easy to store and carry your gear. Wearing this protective gear will allow you to skate hard without any worries. 

There are ten vibrant colors to choose from (the neon green really stands out). If your child wants to take their first trip to the skate park, this is an excellent choice to keep them safe. 

9. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

Another stellar product from Triple Eight, these wrist guard gloves will also protect you from scraping your hands in addition to keeping your wrists secure. If you are trying to learn new tricks, you definitely should consider adding these gloves to your gear list.

They come in four sizes, so it's great for kids and adults. They are a high quality glove made of top grain leather and full padding to give you maximum protection. 

10. Triple Eight Bumsaver Men's Padded Shorts for Skateboarding

Triple Eight has your whole body covered with these padded shorts that help absorb the shock when you fall. The padding is lightweight and breathable, so it won't get in the way of learning new moves and tricks. 

These shorts cover from the waist to just above the knee providing protection for a full range of slams and falls. They come in sizes for kids and adults, and are a great product for beginners and pros. 

10 Safety Tips For Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not without its dangers, of course. Therefore, there are a number of important safety tips you should utilize.

1. Stay in shape - the more out of shape you are, the more likely you are to incur injury. This means regularly hitting the gym, as well as the weights.

You don't need to be at the gym 7 days a week, but staying in good shape will definitely make skating safer. It means that if you fall, you are much less likely to get seriously injured - something we can all agree, is a good idea.

2. Do not wear headphones, especially overhead phones or earbuds. They will seriously inhibit your ability to hear danger coming.

In this case, if you don't hear danger - you could end up dead. If you insist on wearing headphones, do so in the safety of your backyard, or in a safe skatepark.

3. Always be aware of other skaters. It will hurt greatly - for both of you - if you collide with another skateboarder.

This means always check for others before going for tricks, and don't forget to look where your skate path is going to be. If you're going for a very dangerous trick, ask ahead of time, for even more leeway.

4. Don't skateboard on uneven surfaces. This seems like a no-brainer, but it really isn't.

There are tons of places to skate, but many of them aren't smooth or accessible. Unfortunately, many people do not adhere to this, leading to massive (and painful) accidents.

5. Don't use homemade ramps. This should be another easy one, but you'd be surprised at how many people try to make their own ramps in their backyard.

This rarely (if ever) ends well, especially if you're an inexperienced skateboarder. Ramps made from scratch can collapse at any time, leading to massive injuries.

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6. Don't hold on to the bumper of a vehicle. This goes without saying, but riding along to the back of a car, is a horrible idea.

Not only could you end up dead, but you could get stuck under a car - or pushed into another car. It's extremely dangerous to ride on the back of a car, especially if you don't even know the driver.

7. Do not ride your board when it's wet or raining. This is extremely dangerous, and the likelihood of you falling is pretty much 100%.

Not only will rain stop you from skating smoothly, any wet pavement can easily make you slip. This one is really just common sense, as if it's inclement weather, no one belongs on a skateboard.

8. Don't skateboard in sandals. If you don't have the proper shoes, don't skateboard.

While some professionals will try to show off and skateboard barefoot or with sandals, this is never a good idea. Always have closed-toe shoes, or even better - always wear skate shoes, to properly skateboard in.

9. Don't skateboard on glass, sand, or other obstructions. This seems obvious, but you'd be surprised at how often this occurs.

Glass is the most dangerous here, as it can slice and dice you pretty badly, within seconds. But other obstructions can be almost as bad, especially if they are sharp and will cut you.

10. Do not skateboard in crowded areas. This will likely lead to an accident.

Not only for you, but for others who may be there. Crowds will knock into you easily, they may not see you, or you may knock into them.

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Is Skateboarding Dangerous

Make Sure You Wear The Right Clothing

Whenever you go skateboarding, you should always wear the proper attire. This doesn't mean a tank top and tiny shorts.

You should cover up all the skin that you can. Not so you look cool - but so you are safe and protected.

You may not think about it, but even constricting clothing like skinny jeans is not ideal for skateboarding. Bigger jeans are ideal, as long as you have elbow pads, knee pads, a helmet, and wrist guards on too.

Another overlooked aspect of clothing for skateboarding, are the proper socks. These socks will stop blisters, and will help to keep your feet dry.

If you can get even more support in the heels and toes, that's even better. Ultimately, don't go with cheap cotton socks - spend the few extra dollars, we promise it will be worth it.

What Are The Proper Shoes For Skateboarding?

One of the best things you can for yourself, in terms of safety, when it comes to skateboarding, is to wear the proper shoes. Colloquially known as skate shoes, footwear like this is specifically designed to protect you from the rigors of skateboarding.

This means double or triple stitching in the right places, and thicker fabrics to help protect against breakdown from the usual parts of skateboarding. Ollies, heelflips, kickflips - these all will quickly destroy normal shoes.

You also should not wear skate shoes that are too loose, as they could easily help to break or sprain your ankle. Make sure your shoes fit well - not too loose, and not too tight either.

You should also not go with shoes that have thin soles, as they will not provide the proper protection for you. Heel injuries are particularly devastating, so do not wear shoes without the proper protection.

Higher top shoes may be slightly better, since they will help to protect your ankles if you call off your board. However, you're not limited to just high top shoes - any proper skate shoes should work.

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Is Skateboarding Dangerous

Want To Avoid Danger? Use A Very Good Skateboard

If you want to avoid falling, or severely hurting yourself, make sure you have a very good skateboard. A low quality board will break, splinter, or do something else terrible - but a high quality one will not.

This means avoid plastic boards, as well as any cheap boards. Anything that looks like a toy, is generally not a good idea.

You should stick to boards that are well-crafted and sturdy, as they will hold your weight better, and be far less likely to splinter in two. High quality boards will also have good grip tape, meaning you won't fall off your board easily.

Kids Skateboarding Safety Tips

It's even more important for kids to be safe while skateboarding. You should always supervise them, as they are not big enough to fend for themselves.

You should also always make sure they are wearing the proper protective gear - as this will stop them from getting injured when they inevitably fall. While adults know (generally) how to avoid falling - kids will not have learned this skill yet.

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Is Skateboarding Dangerous

Other Factors To Consider

Skateboarding injuries do happen - but that doesn’t necessarily mean that skateboarding is dangerous. Head injuries can occur in any sport (along with other serious injuries), but the more common injuries are small scrapes and bruises.

The risk of injury with skateboarding is no greater than with any other sport. You are no more likely to go to the emergency room or the emergency department on a board - but you should still always wear protective gear.

Severe injuries from skateboarding are rare, and skateboard parks almost always make sure that you are wearing a helmet (at a minimum). You aren’t likely to have broken bones, a broken wrist, or a broken nose - but you may experience some minor scrapes and scratches.

You should avoid buying a cheap board from Amazon or Walmart though, as they will increase the incidence of injury. Longboarding is also a little bit safer than regular skateboarding, as you are far less likely to experience minor injuries, or fall off your board.

If you don’t have as much know how, or your skill level is a little lower, you should go slow, and always wear safety equipment. A quality skateboard will also help lower your risk, though there are very few fatalities in a sport like skateboarding - so you don’t have much to worry about.

Serious skateboarding accidents are rare, and if you are going to be doing stunts, make sure you have a solid center of gravity. Young children should avoid sharp edges, and they should always follow safety standards.

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The Bottom Line On Skateboarding Being Dangerous

There you have it - all the answers on whether or not skateboarding is dangerous. While you can fall while on a board, skateboarding as a whole is no more dangerous than playing basketball or football.

If you wear the proper safety gear, you will always be well-protected when skating. Make sure you wear a good helmet, in addition to elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.

You could also wear shin guards, if you're very scared of falling. Ultimately, the more gear you have on, the less likely you are to be seriously hurt.

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