We sell skateboards and whatever, but that's not really the point. The point is to get people stoked.

I started skateboarding around the age of 12 and focused in on the downhill longboard scene.

Fishing trip with Fireball Supply Co.
Business is going downhill

When I turned 16, I wanted to buy a car. Preferably a fast car. But I didn't have any cash. My parents told me to try selling something that I like. Well, I liked skateboards.

I didn't know anything about anything. I had sold a few things on eBay for my dad's business, so I tried getting skate shops and skate brands to sell to me for an eBay store.

After getting turned down by a bunch of brands/shops, Loaded Boards said they would be "stoked to have us" if we built out an online shop.

Stoked Ride Shop Original Trio
Original trio of me and two of my high school buddies

Boom, that's the brand name. Stoked Skateboards was born.

I got lucky. There was not a lot of shops out there making custom skateboards. It was hard to get shops to put this truck and this wheel on this deck.

Customers needed to choose what they wanted, so we had these clunky drop down menus that allowed customers to pick the wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. Each skateboard was custom built before shipping. It worked and customers loved it.

Original Stoked Ride Shop Website
Ha, look at this piece of work. Stoked site circa '07

As time went on, Stoked was published in The Daily Breeze and Inc. Magazine in 2012 Coolest College Startups. We also appeared on a few television programs aimed to inspire young entrepreneurs.

In 2017 we moved changed the name to Stoked Ride Shop. It better encompasses all kind of rides.

Group of friends together for the Stoked Biz Kids
$10 off if you can name the skateboards correctly left to right #nojoke

Our aim today is the same as back in 2007, ride skateboards and get stoked. We'll bust it to earn your business.

-David Rajewski
Owner at Stoked Ride Shop

If you have a question about a product or an order, please contact us via the contact page. We answer questions within 24 business hours.

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