Best Roller Skates [An Epic + Comprehensive Guide]

Best Roller Skates [An Epic + Comprehensive Guide]

The best roller skates offer a great fun way to get around, and have come back in style, after a boom period in the 1970s. While they may not be skateboarding, if you live in a warm climate, you can roller skate around all year - or if you have winter, you can roller skate in the summer months - they make any trip more fun.

Of course, there are millions of options out there, so we took a deep dive into the research. Here are our top picks, for the best roller skates on the market today. 🛼

3 best roller skates

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    # 1

    Chicago Skates Men's Quads
  • Why it's rad: Very affordable, tons of great reviews, and extremely durable.
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    # 2

    Riedell Speed Skates
  • Why it's rad: These speed skates are super fun to ride around on, and they also have incredible reviews.
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    # 3

    Skate Gear Retro Quads
  • Why it's rad: These retro skates not only look cool, they ride like a dream.
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Roller Skates

What Are Roller Skates?

Roller skates are exactly what you’d think they’d be - they’re 4 wheels on a skate, which allows you to move around quickly. If it helps, think of a combination of a shoe and a skateboard. 🛼

Roller skates were hugely popular in the 1970s, but these days, they have made a bit of a comeback. No doubt COVID helped this happen, as people were stuck at home with less to do.

Many consumers got gift cards to Amazon, as well as to other online retailers. This meant they were trying new things, and were also a little more active.

Roller skates are usually a leisurely sport, with most serious athletes who like skating, opting for aggressive inline skating, BMX biking, or skateboarding. Rollerblading is another popular choice, and that sport really took off in the 1990s.

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    Stoked Ride Shop Complete
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What Are A Good Brand Of Roller Skates?

There are a ton of great brands for roller skating. In fact, any of the brands mentioned on our list here should work well for you, as they will be well reviewed, and reliable.

As you become more an expert, you may want to go with specialty brands. If you’re competitive, it will make a difference, to have very nice skates.

What Skates Are Best For Beginners?

Any skate that is affordable, as well as well crafted, will work perfectly for beginners. You don’t need an expensive model, or anything too fancy - just learn on a solid and reliable skate.

Are Roller Skates Worth Buying?

Yes, absolutely. They are very affordable, and will make every day more fun.

Roller skates will also provide you with a ton of exercise. If you live somewhere tropical, you can even ride them to the beach every day.

Roller Skates

What Is A Good Brand Of Beginner Roller Skates?

Any brand will work for beginners, as their needs are less. You can opt for any brand that is reliable, affordable, and available near you - just get out on the skates, and learn how to stay balanced and flow freely.

Does Roller Skating Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, roller skating can absolutely help you lose weight. You just need to include it as a regular form of exercise, along with a healthy eating plan.

What Is The Best Type Of Roller Skates?

We don’t think there is any one type of roller skates that is best. Rather, there are a ton of great brands that make roller skates.

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Roller Skates

What Size Shoe Should You Buy For Roller Skates?

Most roller skates will fit as the same size your sneakers would. This means you can just buy your normal size, you don’t have to go up or down a size, as some sports footwear requires.

How Do Roller Skates Work?

Roller skates work with a pretty simple system. The wheels turn and give you motion, and are attached to the skate itself.

This skate is on your foot like a shoe, so that part should instantly feel familiar. The trick after this, is just finding your balance, and making sure to stay upright, more than you fall.

Are Roller Skates Good For Kids?

Yes, roller skates are great for kids. In fact, they are a fun, low impact way to exercise - plus they can be worn with friends.

What Is The Best Brand Of Skate For Beginners?

Essentially, any brand of skate will work for beginners. However, our advice is to not spend too much right away, as beginners won’t need insanely advanced features.

Instead, opt for cheap (but reliable) skates. Once you get the hang of just wearing roller skates, then you can advance to more expert models of skates.

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Roller Skates

What Are Some Good Places To Skate?

There are many good places to skate, including skate parks, roller rinks, and even right down the sidewalk. If you live in a place like Miami Beach or southern California, you can even skate on the boardwalk.

Always make sure you skate safely, meaning wearing full pads, as well as a helmet. If you’re a more advanced skater, you can go to aggressive inline skating, or rollerblading - and you’ll get even more of an adrenaline rush.

What Are The Benefits Of Roller Skating?

There are a number of benefits to roller skating. For one, it’s exercise, so you will burn calories, feel good, and be out in the sunshine.

Secondly, you’ll strengthen your leg muscles, and also be active in exercise that is low impact - meaning it won’t hurt you over time, like running can do. It’s also good for your mental health, as well as your heart health.

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Roller Skates

What Are The Best Skates For Speed?

There are a number of great skates, that will allow you to go super fast. Most (if not all) of the skates on our list should be able to let you go very fast, unless they are skates for children.

Good bearings, good wheels, and a solid skate will allow you to hit top speeds, no matter what the brand or model. However, be sure to always wear proper safety gear - which means a proper helmet, along with full pads.

10 Best Roller Skates

1. Chicago Skates Men's Classic Roller Skates

These classic roller skates are a great choice for anyone. They not only look stylish, they move well, and are very affordable.

They’re also backed by tons of five star reviews, so you can buy with confidence. If you’re an advanced roller skater, you may want something slightly more expensive, but for most people, these are a great starter pair.

2. Riedell Skate Quad Roller Speed Skates

These awesome skates are a little more expensive, so if you’re a little more advanced, these are a perfect option. They’re very durable, and have a very comfortable skate boot.

These skates also have ABEC-5 ball bearings, which make for a very smooth ride, no matter where you go. These skates are also backed by a ton of stellar reviews, so you can make a purchase with confidence.

3. Skate Gear Retro Quad Design Roller Skates

These awesome skates are backed by a ton of stellar reviews, and come in a wide variety of colors. They have a classic boot, with a high top design, and offer tons of support.

These are a great pair of skates to learn on, though more advanced skaters may like them too. We like the pink color the best, but there are a ton of options here to choose from.

4. Pacer Rollr GRL Lilly Colorful Freestyle Roller Skates

With a super colorful design, these are another awesome pair of skates. They’re also backed by a ton of great reviews, and come in at a very affordable price.

Many reviewers have also noted that the shipping time for these skates is insanely fast. Overall, we can’t recommend them enough, and anyone will feel great buying these.

5. Trac Star Youth Boy's Adjustable Roller Skate

If you’re a little guy, these are another great pair of roller skates to try. They’re backed by a ton of fantastic reviews, and we love the bold red and black color.

The fantastic trucks and nice wheels make turning easy, and even experts will like these skates. If you’re just teaching your little guy to skate, these are a fine way to learn.

6. Chicago Women's And Girl's Classic Roller Skates

Women and girls will love these classic-looking skates, and they are also very affordable. They also have a ton of stellar reviews, which means you can buy with comfort.

Our girlfriends said they loved the color of these skates, so we got confirmation that they are indeed, stylish. If you’re a girl or woman, and want a great beginner pair of skates - make it these ones.

7. Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Adjustable Light up Roller Skates

These light up rainbow unicorn skates are a great way to turn some heads. They’re also backed by a ton of great reviews, and will make any little girl happy.

They’re a great pair to learn on, and are also very affordable. If you’ve got a little one who wants to learn to skate, try this pair - you won’t regret it.

8. Roller Derby Cruze XR Hightop Womens Roller Skates

These hightop skates are a great option, and their classic look is super stylish. We love that they’re also backed by a ton of five star reviews.

If you’re a beginner (or an expert), these are a perfect option. Enjoy the day with these super rad skates - and enjoy turning heads, in the process.

9. Moxi Skates Rainbow Rider

These awesome skates look super cool, and are very well reviewed. We like the black color option the best, but there are also yellow and pink options to choose from.

Reviewers are noted that the size is true to form, so you won’t have to order a size up or down. We loved the retro vibe of these skates, and we know you’ll love them too.

10. Comeon Classic Women Roller Skates

These black skates are a perfect option for anyone serious about skating. Of course, there are also other color options to choose from, so don’t limit yourself.

The price is also good, so you won’t have to put this one on your credit card. No matter what color you go with, these are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn to skate - or even an expert who already knows how.

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Roller Skates

Other Factors To Consider

When you want to cruise around town in style, there are many options out there. Inline skates, rollerblades, outdoor skates, quad roller skates - there are so many choices available.

During the pandemic, roller skates became much more popular, as people were looking for new ways to exercise. Skaters everywhere tried different options, like quad skates, light-up wheels, and even indoor skates with sure-grip wheels.

Amazon alone has tons of best sellers to consider, even new products which have ankle support and outdoor wheels. Children’s roller skate wheels will also often offer toe stops, so they’re safer, and provide more accessibility.

Moxi makes Beach Bunny roller skates, which are super fun, and will give you great bang for your buck - so beginners may want to start with those. Jam skates will let you do even more, as jam skating is a combination of gymnastics, dance, and roller skating.

Impala Quad skates are one popular choice, and some skateboarders will find that their skills transfer over to roller skates - though this isn’t always the case. No matter what pair of skates you go with, make sure you always wear the proper safety gear - meaning full pads and a helmet.

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Roller Skates

The Bottom Line On The Best Roller Skates

No matter what pair of roller skates you go with, whether it’s some with LED lights, suede, Moxi’s Lolly skates, or another pair - we’ve got you covered. 🛼 If you’re an established ice skater, roller skates and ice skates will have some similarities, but just because you’re good in the skating rink, doesn’t mean you’ll be good at the skate park.

Roller skaters - like any other pursuit - need to practice for a very long time, to get really good. We hope this answered all your questions about the best roller skates, and if you liked this guide, be sure to check out some of our other in-depth articles.

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