Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets [And Why You Need One]

Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets [And Why You Need One]

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There's no two ways about it - never ride a skateboard without a helmet. Today we'll look at the best low profile skateboard helmets, and why exactly you need one.

Full helmets can look kind of dorky, but they are protective. Low profile helmets, however, will protect you properly, but they will look a lot cooler.

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Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

10 Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

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    # 1

    Triple Eight Helmet
  • Why it's rad: The best reviewed helmet on the market today.
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    # 2

    Thousand Helmet
  • Why it's rad: Great reviews, and we loved wearing it.
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    # 3

    JBM Helmet
  • Why it's rad: Super affordable, and super safe.
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1. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

This helmet has great style and comes in six matte colors. Two layers of removable pads give you the perfect fit and the best protection, while still being low profile. 

Importantly it meets all the safety requirements for skateboarding and biking. This helmet comes at a great price and is made to protect you from all types of impacts.

2. Thousand Bike Helmet - Heritage Collection

If you are not on a tight budget and want something stylist and trendy- we highly recommend the Heritage Collection. There are some unique color choices including Rose Gold,Terra Cotta, and Willowbrook Mint. 

Besides the great style, this helmet is lightweight and comfortable. We love that it comes with a secret poplock that makes it easy to secure your helmet when you are on the go.

3. JBM Skateboard Helmet for Adults

JMB is another top brand that offers great helmets at an affordable price. You can choose from eight classic colors and three sizes. 

If you are just getting into skating, this helmet is an excellent choice as it offers great protection and the straps make it easy to adjust. You won't be disappointed with comfort and protection this helmet offers. 

4. Pro Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro Tec has been designing the most stylish and technologically advanced helmets for over 40 years, so this is a great option for anyone. We love the sleek look of this classic skate helmet.

It's a longtime favorite of pros across the global and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. You will feel supported, comfortable and safe wearing this helmet. 

5. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

This helmet exceeds the most intensive safety standards and was designed to offer you superior protection. It comes with two inner liners, one thick and one thinner, so you will be protected against serious impact. 

We love how easy it is to adjust, making it suitable for a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. This is a perfect option for anyone looking for great quality at an affordable price. 

6. KORIMEFA Skateboard Helmet

This awesome helmet is perfect for young riders (8 - 14 years old). It comes in bright colors and offers the ultimate protection. 

The quick release buckle makes taking it on an off a snap for kids. Made from durable material, this helmet will keep kids riding safely and comfortably. 

7. Skull-C Skateboard Helmet

If you like to express yourself with fun and edgy designs, you will love the style options for the SkullCap Helmets (our favorite is the 8 Ball). This helmet is a great blend of style, comfort and safety. 

The structure is super stable and durable, and the low profile design will protect the upper and lower part of your head while still giving you flexible movement and visibility. Their unique Easfit adjustment system will ensure you have the best, most comfortable fit. 

8. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

This awesome helmet is backed by thousands of five star reviews and is affordably priced. It has an excellent ventilation system with twelve vents set it apart for other choices. 

The dial adjuster really fine tunes the fit and makes it super comfortable. We highly recommend this helmet because of the quality and durability. 

9. Retrospec Dakota Skateboard Helmet

If you want a trendy, professional look, we recommend the Dakota line from Retrospec. It comes in eight matte colors and is an ideal choice for commuter skateboarders out there. 

This helmet will keep you very safe with two layers of inner foam. Fully formed ABS surrounds high quality EPS foam to ensure safety, and make it a comfortable fit. 

10. Apusale Skateboard Helmet 

Apulale is another great brand that offers a classic, sleek design while making safety their number one priority. This awesome helmet is backed by a ton of great reviews, and it's also very affordable.

A nice addition is that it comes with a branded gift bag to store the helmet. Overall, another solid pick.

What Is A Skateboard Helmet?

A skateboard helmet is exactly like it sounds - a helmet to protect your dome, while you're skating. They are different than bike helmets or motorcycle helmets, and are specifically designed to withstand falls and bumps from skateboarding.

    What Is A Low Profile Skateboard Helmet?

    A low profile skateboarding helmet will be more aerodynamic, and more like a bucket shape. It won't be a huge helmet that cover all of the back of your head, and all of your ears (or, like a motorcycle helmet - all of your face).

    Low profile skateboarding helmets look cooler, and are also lighter. Many (if not all) pro riders in events like the X Games, utilize low profile helmets.

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    Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

    Types Of Skateboard Helmets


    Expanded polystyrene is a crushable foam and is the most common material used in skating helmets. EPS is often referred to as “Styrofoam,” which is just a brand name of EPS manufactured by Dow Chemical.

    EPS helmets are constructed with other types of foam and PVC to give skaters the most protection from an impact. Be advised that you should purchase a new EPS helmet if you do take a serious tumble.

    The material is only meant to withstand a single significant impact.


    A material commonly used in construction, polypropylene is another common material used for skating helmets. It’s extremely durable and will hold it’s form even in a a big impact.

    Polyproplene material is pre-expanded, so the force of an impact won’t cause a change in it’s shape, making it ideal for skating helmets.

    Benefits of Skating Helmets


    The primary purpose of wearing a helmet while skating it to protect your head from serious injury if you fall. It’s very important to select a well-fitting helmet while even casually riding your skateboard.


    If you select a well-made helmet, it should be able to withstand multiple small impacts and last for years. A wise investment.


    Interior padding and foam should make wearing a helmet more comfortable while also giving you the best protection. Vents found on the tops and sides provide sufficient ventilation to minimize sweating.

    Wearing a helmet can also protect you from the sun and wind.


    Besides thinking about your safety, use your helmet to express your sense of style. Skating helmets come in a variety of colors and you can purchase decals to add to the design.

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    Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

    Top Brands Of Skateboard Helmets

    Pro Tec

    A reliable brand, manufactured in the US, Pro Tec helmets are also worn by the Department of Defense and Federal & State Law Enforcement.

    Triple Eight

    Founded in 1996, Triple Eight is the leading global brand of helmets and protective gear. It is a favorite wore by the pros (like Tony Hawk) and kids who are just beginners.

    Skateboard Helmet Pricing

    Unfortunately, a cheap helmet won't really do much to protect you. So this is one area, where spending more, is definitely worth it.

    Skate Helmets That Cost Less Than $50

    These are basic helmets. They usually utilize EPS tech, and will be fine, but not great. We recommend spending a little more, most of the time.

    Skate Helmets That Cost More Than $50

    These are a little more advanced, and will likely come with extra features. These helmets will also protect you a little better, so if you're a more serious skater, these helmets are a better selection.

    Skate Helmets That Cost More Than $100

    If you want to spend this much, you are likely a very serious skater. These helmets could likely withstand an atomic bomb, and will certainly be enough for skateboarding.

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    Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

    Key Features Of Skating Helmets

    Here are some of the most important features for skateboarding helmets. We looked at millions of different models, before we were able to draw any big conclusions, and make the right classifications.

    The Shell Of A Skateboarding Helmet

    The shell is exactly what it sounds like - the outside of a skateboarding helmet. EPS material is common here, as it will protect you from huge impacts.

    The Straps On A Skateboarding Helmet

    Straps are actually an overlooked part of a skateboarding helmet. They will keep the helmet together, and they also need to be adjustable.

    The Interior Padding Of A Skateboarding Helmet

    The interior padding is actually just as important as the exterior shell and padding. It not only provides another layer of protection for you, it allows you to have a helmet fit snugly to your head.

    What You Should Look For When Buying A Skateboarding Helmet

    There are many different factors to consider, when buying a skateboarding helmet. Comfort is of course one factor, but there are many other things to consider as well.

    Removable liners will be better for this type of helmet, as you can take them out and wash them. Make sure the comfort of the helmet is good, meaning it will be tight, but not too tight.

    You will also want to look at the certification of the helmet. If a helmet is certified by a relevant body, it will be ensured to meet safety requirements - which is undoubtedly a good thing.

    There are ratings like US CPSC, ASTM, CE, EN 1078, and others. Most helmets are built to withstand up to 300Gs of impact - more than that is going to cause brain damage.

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    Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

    Bike vs. Skate Helmet - What’s The Difference?

    There are a few key differences here. Bike helmets will not sit as low as skate helmets, and they are also designed to protect against higher speed crashes - but not frequent crashes.

    Bike helmets don't really protect against the back of your heard or forehead as much, since bicyclists are actually unlikely to fall in these areas. Skate helmets will protect these areas.

    Additionally, bike helmets will have more ventilation, since they will be meant for long rides or races. Skateboarding helmets do not have as much ventilation, unfortunately.

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    Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

    Other Factors To Consider

    There are so many factors to consider, when it comes to choosing the best low profile skateboard helmet. Some many want it to be a dual certified helmet, while others may want something simple, like the Pro-Tec classic helmet.

    We like the certified sweatsaver technology, since it makes us feel less gross while skateboarding. The best skateboard helmets offer plenty of protection, while adhering to safety standards.

    Cycling helmets are different, but still offer some protection - and Amazon has millions of different options. You may want a hard shell, an ABS shell, or EPS foam liner - but really you just want to make sure you can withstand high impact crashes, and make sure you have great head protection.

    Multi-impact helmets are more meant for skateboarding, while single-impact helmets with hard outer shells are meant more for bicycling. Brands like Triple 8 make great helmets, and some longboard helmets even have the MIPS system.

    Some of the best safety gear will have air vents, so you don’t sweat as much - and there are of course sweatsaver helmets as well. If you’re really into the details, look at a buying guide (like this one).

    Some people are very into the minutia, worrying about the chin strap, whether or not they can ride BMX with the same helmet, what color options are available, and what the airflow is like. However, we would recommend going for fit pads, as well as a full-face helmet, if you want to ride BMX and still be safe.

    Commuting with a skateboard is a whole different animal, and you don’t want to ruin your good looks with a bad crash. Opt for a long-lasting helmet, one that offers a perfect fit, and one that is safe.

    If you’re into rollerblading, you will likely want to go with a multi-sport helmet, and one that works with your head shape. You want a snug fit, as well as some soft foam, and a helmet that meets all the relevant safety certifications.

    The Triple 8 Gotham helmet is a great choice, for example, but there are many other great helmets out there. Brands like OutdoorMaster offer great helmets, and we like helmets that have a sweat wicking system - because there’s nothing worse to be covered in sweat, while skating.

    Some helmets also offer visors, which help to keep the sun and sweat out of your eyes. If for some reason you’re into roller skating, there are even specific helmets for that sport, which will work even better.

    Ultimately, the sweatsaver liner is a great feature to have, and one that we feel is necessary. A dial system will allow for a great custom fit, but we don’t think it’s a true, must-have feature.

    Inline skaters will want their own type of helmet, and colors like matte green make choosing a helmet even more fun than it used to be. No matter what you go with - stay safe out there.

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    Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

    The Bottom Line On The Best Low Profile Skateboard Helmets

    There you have it - more than you ever wanted to know about the best low profile skateboard helmets. We covered why you need one, the different types of helmets, and what each is actually made out of.

    So the next time you hit the skatepark, be sure you protect your dome. While some pro skaters may be good enough to get away with not wearing a skateboarding helmet - it's really not recommended.

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