Skateboard Turning On Its Own? How To Fix It

Skateboard Turning On Its Own? How To Fix It

When you get a new skateboard, it's possible that it will start to turn on its own, whether to the right or the left. If you have had a board for a while, and it's starting to turn on its own, it could be for other reasons.

Today we will go over 10 different reasons why your skateboard may be turning on its own. Whether it's an issue with your bearings, an axle, or something else entirely - we've got you covered.

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10 Reasons Why Your Skateboard Turns On Its Own

10 Best Skateboards To Cruise Around On

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    # 1

    Skatebolt Tornado
  • Why it's rad: Awesome electric board, perfect for cruising.
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    # 2

    Magneto Cruiser
  • Why it's rad: This is a fantastic cruiser.
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    Stoked Complete
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1. Skatebolt Tornado Pro A Electric Skateboard

This awesome electric skateboard is easily our top pick to cruise around on. While not the least inexpensive item on our list, it is a very fun way to transport yourself.

With a battery that usually lasts between 15 and 18 miles, it's also not like you'll have to be recharging it all the time. If you want a fun, easy way to cruise around - this is easily our top choice.

2. Magneto Cruiser Longboard

This awesome cruiser longboard from Magneto is another fun way to get around. It's absolutely perfect for beach dwellers, as well as beginners.

You can easily scoot around with no hassle, and look cool doing it. While there are definitely other ways to go, we think for most people - this is a perfect choice.

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3. Stoked Ride Shop Complete Skateboard

We may be a little bit biased, but we love our own complete skateboard. You won't have any issues steering it, and the board comes completely assembled.

It's also backed by lots of great reviews, and we've been delivering boards to riders since 2007 - so we have plenty of satisfied customers. No matter what skill level you're at, this is a perfect choice.

4. JKING Electric Skateboard

This awesome electric skateboard may not be cheap, but it is awesome. You can enjoy cruising around on this bad boy at any time of day.

You'll also be able to hit almost 24 MPH - so be sure to always wear a helmet and pads. If money is no object, this is a perfect choice.

5. Loaded Boards Bamboo Longboard

This awesome bamboo longboard is not the cheapest item on our list - but it is very high quality. It also has lots of great reviews, and a super cool design.

We like the old school look, and many reviewers have also noted how great the wheels are. If you don't mind spending a little bit more, this is a great choice.

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6. Magneto Mini Cruiser

This awesome little board comes in at a great price. It also is backed by lots of five star reviews.

We like the Tiki design the best, but your mileage may vary. This classic old school design also made us feel right at home - so it's highly recommended.

7. Meepo Mini 2 ER Electric Skateboard

This awesome little board can get you going up to 28 MPH - so definitely wear a helmet. That being said, it's a super fun experience - so don't be shy about buying one.

While the price tag is definitely higher, it is money well spent. We recommend this for anyone who hates paying $7 for gas in their car.

8. Magneto Longboard

This awesome longboard from Magneto is super fun to cruise around on. We had no trouble turning, and in fact this board made it easy to go around corners.

We also love the old school design. The icing on the cake, is the tons of five star reviews - which made us feel comfortable buying this classic-looking board.

9. SereneLife Mini Cruiser Skateboard

This affordable mini cruiser is backed by a ton of great reviews, and it comes in at a very affordable price. We love the design, and we also found it very easy to ride.

You'll want to check all the screws and bolts when you unpack it, just to make sure that nothing is loose. If you don't want to spend a lot, but you want a cool little board to cruise around on - make it this one.

10. Summit Short Longboard

This little board will give you a truly awesome experience. We love the design, as well as the fact that it's backed by a ton of awesome reviews.

Even if you're 200 pounds, this board should have no issue supporting you. While it's not a traditional choice, it sure does make skateboarding a lot of fun - highly recommended.

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How Does A Skateboard Turn?

Understanding how a skateboard works is fairly straightforward. You stand on the deck, and wheels help you go in the right direction.

While there is obviously a little more to it than that, this is the basic motion and the way a skateboard works. Turning just involves the wheels moving in the right direction, similar to how a car works.

It should also be noted that even new skateboards won't go in a straight line. There will always be a slight adjustment of leaning left or right, depending on your own specific board.

1. Issue With Bushings

This is a very likely possibility, as bushings can easily be dried or cracked. These scenarios would definitely cause the board to not go in a straight line.

Bushings will bend as you are riding your board, and they also become compressed over time. Since they are vital for steering, issues with bushings can definitely make your board go wonky.

2. It Could Be A Cheap Deck

If you buy a very cheap deck, it's possible that this decision alone will make your board not go in a straight line. You could have a nut on the board that's too tight, or you could have a bad bearing.

If you buy a very poor quality deck, the odds are that not everything is tightened and aligned correctly. You may have loose trucks (or trucks that are too tight).

A fast and easy way to check, is to spin the wheels on the board with your hand. They should spin for at least 5 seconds - if not, that particular board probably isn't worth buying.

    3. Check Your Trucks - Are They Too Tight, Or Too Loose?

    Your trucks play an important part in your steering. If they are too loose, or they are too tight, you're going to have big problems.

    If you find your board consistently going in one direction, it's likely that the truck on that side is either too loose or too tight. Your trucks should be evenly tightened - this will help them steer you in the right direction.

    Imagine being in the middle of a big run, and having your trucks cause problems. For example, imagine doing the run that Tony Hawk is doing in the below video, and have your board veer off course.

    4. Issues With Pivot Cups

    While most of us never think about them, pivot cups play an important part in skateboarding. If you remove the kingpin, you'll be able to tell whether or not the pivot cups are causing an issue.

    You will want to look for cracks here. If there are cracks in the pivot cups, then they will ultimately need to be replaced.

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    5. It Could Be Worn Down Wheels

    If you've been riding for a while, it's very possible that your wheels have had too much wear and tear on them. It's also very common for one side to wear down before the other side - meaning you'll start going in crazy directions.

    If you recognize that this is your problem, you will want to get new wheels. If this isn't possible, at least swap the sides for the wheels.

    You will likely feel a difference. However, it may take a little bit of time for the wheels to wear down evenly.

    No matter what you do, make sure your wheels are performing normally. Watch the below (sick) competition from Woodward West, to see why you don't want worn down wheels. 🛹

    6. It Could Be Broken Bearings

    If you want to avoid an accident, make sure you don't have broken bearings. Check this, and if your bearings are still together - at least give them a good cleaning.

    Rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip will make it easy to get all the gunk out of there. And if you need new bearings, you can grab some right here.

    7. Don't Push Mongo

    Are you pushing off on your front foot? If so, stop it. Seriously though, this can cause issues with your bearings, wheels, trucks, etc.

    The proper technique is to push off with your back foot. This allows your board to keep proper alignment, and not have your wheels wear down too quickly.

    Pushing mongo also makes it much harder to balance on the board. It can also make it very hard to steer - so please stop doing this.

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    8. Don't Always Turn One Way

    Your skateboard can also do some ghost turning of its own if you are always going front-side or back-side - learn to turn both ways. This will cause far less wear and tear on your board, and help it stay on course.

    10 Reasons Why Your Skateboard Turns On Its Own

    9. Could Be Bent Truck Axles

    This isn't all that common, but it can happen. A bent axle can also cause lots of other problems, and may even destroy your bearings.

    Try to find this out by removing your wheels - it should be easy to see if the truck axles are bent from here. If you need new truck axles, try looking right here.

    10. You May Have A Warped Deck

    If you have a high quality deck, it's not as likely to be warped. However, if you tried to save some nickels and dimes and got a cheap-o board - you may very well have a warped deck.

    Try to find out if this is the problem, by putting it on the ground, and seeing if all four wheels touch. If they don't you may very well have a warped deck.

    However, keep in mind, that it could also be your trucks. If you need, you should buy a new skateboard deck (we think that link has the best price and reviews for a new deck).

    10 Reasons Why Your Skateboard Turns On Its Own

    Other Factors To Consider

    Skaters will often worry about their board excessively, if it always veers to the left or right. However, this isn’t a huge issue - usually you have tight trucks, skateboard wheels that are somehow misaligned, front wheels that may be worn down, or something else that can be easily fixed at your local skate shop.

    Sometimes it’s more of a detail-oriented issue - like axle nuts that need to be fixed, or skateboard bearings that aren’t perfect. If you buy a cheap skateboard from Walmart or Amazon, you are also more likely to have issues with your skateboard not rolling straight.

    You can look at speed cream, spacers, lube, new baseplates, or try a skate tool - and you may be able to fix your board by yourself. However, sometimes it’s the washers that make you wiggle and wobble - or something even smaller.

    In these cases, it’s a good idea to find a local skate shop (skaters at your skate park will be able to tell you which one is best) - and have them look at your skateboard trucks, and maybe even try a durometer on your wheels.

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    10 Reasons Why Your Skateboard Turns On Its Own

    The Bottom Line - Reasons Why Your Skateboard Turns On Its Own

    There you have it - all the reasons why your skateboard may be turning on its own. Whether it's your wheels, your trucks, bearings, bushings - or something else entirely - now you know just how to troubleshoot.

    Be sure to check out some of our other great longboards and our accessories that may help you adjust the steering on your board. Also, be sure to not buy a cheap board, and you'll have much fewer issues with steering.

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