40 Best Gifts for Skateboarders - Ultimate Skateboarding Gift Guide

40 Best Gifts for Skateboarders - Ultimate Skateboarding Gift Guide

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Skateboarders are just like anyone else - difficult to buy for. Everyone is different and for those unfamiliar with skateboarding, shopping can be a daunting task. Thankfully, our 15+ years in the industry has prepared us to help YOU find that perfect gift in our gift guide.

Whether you want to get a board, a t-shirt, new trucks, or griptape - they'll be thankful you did you homework and got them something they'll love. Here are 40 of the best gifts to get a skater - from beginner to novice, to expert - skate on! 🛹

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40 Skateboarding Gift Ideas

40 Skateboarding Gift Ideas

We scoured the internet and crowdsourced the very best skateboard gifts on the market so you don't have to. To make this easier, we will break everything down into the following sections. Picking a great gift has never been so easy!

Don't forget to bookmark this page as we may update it periodically. Let's get into it:

Best Skateboard Gifts Boards

1. Loaded Tan Tien

The guys at Loaded really know how to make the raddest boards. The Tan Tien longboard is our favorite and is perfect for cruising and carving around on. This shape has been much imitated, but never to the same precision level quality as this OG.

A fiberglass and bamboo construction gives the board plently of flex for sharp carves.

Don't take our word for it! Check out their 5 star reviews. It's the perfect gift for any serious longboarder in your family.

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2. Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

Since Boosted went down, we've been searching for the best alternative to fill the e-board shaped hole. Thankfully, we came across the Meepo. Yeah, it's basically a complete rip off of the OG Boosted Mini, but they aren't out of business and it's hella fun.

This electric skateboard makes cruising around easy. With a ton of great reviews, and the ability to go almost 30 MPH - it's truly unbeatable. Drop a comment if you have found a better alternative we should take a look at.

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3. Stoked Blank Skateboard Deck

Every serious skater goes through new decks. These blank decks are affordable, well-made, and make it easy to get a new ride going quickly, no matter the skill levels. They are made in Mexico at the same facotry of a lot of top brands, come in a variety of colors and sizes, are backed by 200+ ratings, AND fit in the lower end of the price range on this list. It's a no brainer really.

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4. Powell Andy Anderson Heron Egg Flight Deck

This is one of our fastest selling boards EVER! Andy has refined his original design in favor of a fully symetrical deck with absolutely no straight edges. Why? We'll let Andy take it from here:

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5. Fireball Supply Co. Limited Edition Artist Series

If you are looking for somethign a little bit special, this is just what you need. Fireball Supply Co. have been working with some of the raddest artists around the globe on limited runs of just 100pcs. Not only are these some of the freshest graphics on the market, the boards are made at one of the most prestegious factories in the world so you know they shred too.

Available as deck only so you can display the boards on your walls, or fully built with Fireball and Paris components in their California Warehouse. If you are looking for a unique gift, this is it.

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6. Landyachtz ATV X Complete

The bigger brother of the best selling Landyachtz Dinghy. This comes in at 31" by 9.75" for extra stability and a great all-round hybrid approach to cruisers. It's snappy and nimble, yet you can pop flip tricks or even coast down the dirth bank thanks to te 60mm LY Hawgs Lil EZs. Plus, we have an exclusive blackout edition for our website for y'all who like that black on black on black vibe.

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Be sure to check out our Landyachtz Dinghy vs Tugboat vs ATV Buyers Guide to find out more about the boards.


  • Meepo

    Mini 2 E-Skateboard
  • Why it's rad: It's small but rapid
  • Buy at Amazon

7. Landyachtz Surf Life Surf Skate

If you're looking for a great all-round surfskate board to get pumping, look no further. The same high quality build you know from Landyachtz, but in surf skate form, complete with specialised trucks for maximum carve-ability.

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8. Lander Rio Skateboard

The team behind Paris Truck Co. have created fully recycled skateboards under the brand Lander. Each board is made from nylon fishing nets, with glass fiber reinforcement for an eco-friendly deck that works! This is not the reincarnation of Penny Boards. It's purpose-built from the ground up with proper skaters leading the design. Don't let the cheese hole pattern fool you, this is grippy AF, and one of the most fun boards we have ridden - a go-to in our store quiver. It's small, but mighty.

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If you're wanting something a little bigger, check their Rodeo setup.

Best Gifts - Components

Skateboard Parts

9. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels

If you want to slide - these are the skateboard wheels for you. Made in the USA with a sandstone grind to break into , so opt for the 70mm size - which will definitely make things easier.

10. Fireball Dragon Bearings

These bearings are of great quality, and are also very affordable. Every skater needs new bearings eventually - so these make for a fantastic gift option. There are 5 styles available:

  1. Race - Designed for speed. Lubed with Race Oil.

  2. Endure - Designed for longevity. Lubed with Endure Grease.

  3. Built - Designed for easy installation. Lubed with Endure Grease.

  4. Ceramic - Designed for speed, with Silicone Nitride Ball Bearings for optimal performance.

  5. Built Ceramic - Designed for easy installation and optimal speed.

    [Check out why bearing spacers make a big difference for your board.]

11. Powell Dragon Formula Wheels

The newest addition to the Powell wheel lineup; the much hyped Powell Dragon Formula wheels. These are a softer 92a but behave like a traditional street wheel, giving you quick, responsive skateboard wheels that are great for park, street and pool. From Powell 'Dragons will not only roll over rough terrain, but also grip and slide like 99A and 101A wheels do, so that you can do all your normal tricks and more on the greater range of skate terrains made skateable by its softer 93A hardness.'

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12. Independent Stage 11 Trucks

The go-to trucks for 99% of skaters. Robust AF. You can't really go wrong with Indy's. They come in a range of sizes to match the width of your deck, so make sure you measure and use the size guide on this page.

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13. Ace AF1 Skateboard Trucks

The 'strongest trucks on the market'. What more do we need to say. Precision built in a range of colors. Oh and you get a rethreader too, should you need.

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14. Independent Trucks Spare Parts Kit

A box jammed full of all the parts you could possibly need for your setup. Bushings, nuts of all varieties, pivot cups, speed rings and much more. You can't really go wrong for a Indy track fan.

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15. Fireball Dragon Axle Nuts

These axle nuts are perfect for any skateboarder. They also have a ton of stellar reviews, so they make a perfect gift for any skater in your family.

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16. Andy Anderson Grip Tape

A colorful griptape design to fit your skateboard deck. It's made in the USA by SkateOne so you know it's top quality. Available in two sizes: 9 x 33" or 10.5 x 33" means you can stick this on pretty much any deck out.

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17. Bones Reds Bearings

No skateboard gift list would be complete without the most popular skateboard bearings out there. Cheap and decent enough for most of your skateboarding needs.

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  • Sector 9

  • Why it's rad: USA Made Slide Formula
  • Buy at Amazon

18. Fireball Terra Wheels

The latest from the Fireball lineup is aimed to open up rougher skate spots. These wheels are a good idea if you find standard wheels either too hard or you're having trouble cruising over rough ground, cracks or small rocks. They are soft @ 78a but have a solid urethane core to firm up the wheel and allow you to skate the streets with ease. Plus they look sick AF and are made here in the USA.

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19. Spitfire Formula Fours

The leading street skateboard wheel. A true classic, available in a range of colorways with different profiles.

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20. Orangatang Knuckles Bushings

21. MOB or Jessup Grip tape

Gifts - Skate Accessories

Skateboard Accessories

22. Ten Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

This awesome ramp set will allow you to hone your skills in your very own backyard. We would have killed to have something like this when we were kids - so we're glad kids these days can skate on something like this. Don’t forget your knee pads and elbow pads!

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23. FreshPark Professional Skatepark Grind Rail

If you want to grind at home, this is a perfect way to practice. You can do any tricks you can think of, and get better by the day - making this a true must-have for any skateboarder.

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24. 100 Pack Of Skateboard Stickers

Every serious skateboarder needs stickers - and this 100 pack is a great value. We love the variety here, and the price is also unbeatable.

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25. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

This awesome skate shoe has a metric ton of excellent reviews - plus they're super-comfy. We loved wearing them, and any skater will too. 5 stars over 5400 ratings cant be wrong.

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26. Fireball Super Slip Skate Wax

You'll need to constantly wax rails and curbs, if you want to be able to grind them easily. This wax from Fireball is a perfect choice - plus it's doesn’t hurt the wallet and comes in a larger block than we found elsewhere.

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27. Vans Old Skool Classic Slip on Skate Shoes

.Any skater who is worth their salt will recognize these classic shoes - they've been big since the 80s. Opt for the 'pro' version on your new pair for a little more robustness and longevity.

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28. Board Blazers LED Skateboard Lights

This awesome LED light kit will light up your board at night. A great buy for any night riding enthusiasts.

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29. Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles

If you skate often, your feet will definitely begin to feel the burn. These massaging gel insoles will take some of the pain away - plus they're great for just day-to-day activity.

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30. Stoked Ride Shop Skate Tool

This skateboard T Tool is an essential tool to carry with you when you are on the go. This classic skate tool that easily fits in your pocket and hosts a pop out driver with allen head and phillips head, a 9/16" socket for kingpin nuts, 1/2" socket for axle nuts and a 3/8" socket for hardare nuts.

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31. Simbow Skateboard Backpack

This awesome backpack is super useful. Not only will you look cool while you transport your board, extra set of skateboard bearings, or a hoodie - you can also charge your phone while you do so - and it's also backed by a ton of great reviews.

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32. Parking Block Skateboard Storage

This skateboard organizer is potable and easy to use. Your board will be protected and stay in place. We also love the price and the fact it works for a cruiser skateboard too.

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  • Ten-Eighty

    Ramp Set
  • Why it's rad: Portable and quick to set up wherever you are
  • Buy at Amazon

  • Dr. Scholl's

    Sport Gel Insole
  • Why it's rad:Reduces foot fatigue for longer sessions
  • Buy at Amazon

33. 187 Killer Pads

This set of protective gear is comfortable and will keep you safe. 187 Killer Pads offer high quality, durable materials and are easily adjustable to fit kids and adults. Set includes wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads.

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34. Santa Cruz Windbreaker

We love the style of this windbreaker. It a great addition to your wardrobe for protecting you from the elements as you skate.

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35. Shoe Goo

If you get holes in your skate shoes, this will easily fix it. Shoe Goo bonds, protects and rebuilds for a long lasting repair. Your local skate shop most likely carries it.

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fun skateboard gifts

Fun Finds

36. Apple AirPods

Who doesn't love to have their own tunes playing when they skate? These AirPods make everything wireless, and they'll stay in - no matter what crazy maneuvers you try to pull off. We like the non 'pro' version as they allow a little bit of sound in from the outside world, so we can stay safe and skate.

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37. Disposable: A History Of Skateboard Art

This awesome book covers over 1,000 skateboarding graphics. Going all the way back to the 1980s, it goes over a ton of ground - and includes interviews with Ed Templeton, Tony Hawk, and many others. Awesome product for a stocking stuffer or any holiday gift!

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[Find the best skate board park, so you can shred comfortably.]


  • THPS

  • Why it's rad: The OG skate game, remastered
  • Buy at Amazon

  • Apple

    Airpods (3rd Gen)
  • Why it's rad: Music is essential for every session
  • Buy at Amazon

  • First Aid

    298 pc Emergency Kit
  • Why it's rad: An essential. Just incase
  • Buy at Amazon

38. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2

This game is legendary - it's that simple. You can get the newest version, complete with updated graphics, for any console you wish.

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39. Emergency First Aid Kit

Naturally every skateboarder gets some scrapes, so this first aid kit will be great to have on hand to treat any minor injuries. Comes with 312 pieces in a compact pack.

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40. Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony's giant bluetooth speaker will help bring the party to the skate park. It’s waterproof, lights up to the beat of the music and has 20 hours battery life. It's also pretty big for a bluetooth speaker so everyone at the park will hear your choons. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to our shop playlist on Spotify.

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The Bottom Line - 40 Skateboarding Gift Ideas

There you have it - 40 awesome gift ideas for the skater(s) in your life. Whether it's a complete skateboard, ramp, or even a t-shirt - we've got you covered. Where possible we listed both an Amazon link and a Stoked link so you can ensure stock levels. Don't forget you get free shipping on all US orders $25+ on stokedrideshop.com.

If you are still stuck after our top 40, why not pick up a Stoked gift card. Perfect for the fussy skater or Stoked Ride Shop fan who has it all.

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