Tugboat vs ATV vs Dinghy: A Landyachtz Buyers Guide

Tugboat vs ATV vs Dinghy: A Landyachtz Buyers Guide

Dinghy vs Tugboat vs ATV. Three rad boards in the Landyachtz line up that frequently are pitted against each other for the next spot in your skateboard arsenal. Let’s take a look at all three and find which one best suits your needs.

Dinghy vs Tugboat vs ATV

Credit: Landyachtz

Source: Youtube, Landyachtz

There are three rad boards in the Landyachtz line up that frequently are pitted against each other for the next spot in your skateboard arsenal: The Dinghy, ATV and Tugboat.

Let’s take a look at all three and find which one best suits your needs. 

Landyachtz Dinghy

The Dinghy is Landyachtz’s OG mini cruiser. It was first released as a tiny little old school board and has since grown to be readily available in 10+ graphics. 

The board is small, measuring about 28” long with a 8” width. Beginners can certainly learn on it, but those looking for a super stable platform might look elsewhere. This smaller size makes it the most portable and easiest to carry of the bunch. 

Credit: Landyachtz

Source: Youtube, Landyachtz

Tricks are easily done on the Dinghy if you are a more experienced skateboarder. We’ve seen riders tre flip it! However, we can’t really recommend trying to learn tricks on this board for first timers. 

Parts Spec:

Landyachtz Dinghy Parts Spec
Note: Parts are subject to change per Landyachtz 

Ollie on a Dinghy | Credit: Ogden Sikel

Source: Youtube, Ogden Sikel

You should get the Dinghy if :

✅ Portability and compactness are important to you
✅ You are looking for a super maneuverable board
✅ You have small feet or are smaller in size

          Don’t get the Dinghy if:

          ❌  You are a “bigger” rider or have large feet
          ❌  Are looking to skate long distances
          ❌  Want to primarily learn tricks

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                Landyachtz Tugboat

                The Tugboat is essentially the bigger brother of the Dinghy. It has a bit more of an old school vibe with the wider width. Riders with larger feet need look no further. 

                The Tugboat comes in at 30” length and 9” width. Though it is wider, in terms of length it is still quite small - this means it will be portable and easy to carry around like any other mini cruiser.

                Source: Youtube, Shred Shack

                Flip tricks are going to be more difficult on this board due to the width. 

                Wider trucks come on the Tugboat to match the increased width. This makes the board feel more stable overall. 

                Parts Spec: 

                Landyachtz Tugboat Spec

                Note: Parts are subject to change per Landyachtz 

                Credit: LYLA Crew

                You should buy the Landyachtz Tugboat if :

                ✅ You’re a bigger rider looking for a comfortable mini cruiser,
                ✅ You’re a beginner skater
                ✅ You’re looking for extra stability in your cruiser

                  Don’t buy the Tugboat if:

                  ❌ If you’re looking for a board to skate 6+ miles with
                  ❌ You want the smallest mini cruiser available
                  ❌ You’re looking to mostly learn tricks. 

                    Landyachtz ATV

                    The Landyachtz ATV is the hybrid of the group. The ATV has a nose and tail, making it the best board here for doing tricks, cruising, and freeride. 

                    ATVs are the biggest of the three, making them the most stable but least portable. However, that extra length gives you a nice big nose for tricks. 

                    Credit: Todd Rocheford

                    Source: Youtube, Todd Rocheford

                    To make things extra confusing, there is also the ATV X. The ATV X Substitutes two layers of Canadian Maple for 2 layers of fiberglass for a longer lasting board without the added weight. 

                    Parts Spec:

                    Landyatchz ATV SpecNote: Parts are subject to change per Landyachtz. Length, Width, Wheelbase vary slightly by ATV Shape.

                    You should grab the ATV if:

                    ✅ You want a cruiser board you can learn tricks on
                    ✅ You are looking for a board that is comfortable
                    ✅ Want a hybrid cruise/freeride board

                      Avoid the ATV if:

                      ❌  You want a super portable board
                      ❌  You want a mini cruiser (this is a full size skateboard)


                        Comparing the Tugboat, Dinghy & ATV

                        Comparing the Landyachtz Dinghy v ATV v Tugboat Skateboards   


                        Here are some common questions that we get with regards to which board to get.

                        Which one is best for sliding? 

                        Generally the ATV is the best for sliding because it is bigger and gives you more control. However, all these boards come with wheels that come sandstone ground for easy slides right away. The difficult part will be learning on the smaller decks. 

                        Which one is best for downhill? 

                        We cannot recommend any of these for serious downhill. 

                        Which one is best for tricks? 

                        The ATV with the large nose is generally better for tricks. 

                        Can you go offroad with the boards? 

                        Yes, to some extent! The large and soft wheels of about 60-63mm gives these boards the ability to be taken rougher roads than a normal skateboard. 

                        Which board is the fastest? 

                        None of these boards are going to be “fastest” and it will largely come down to the road and the rider. 

                        How can I upgrade these boards? 

                        All Landyachtz completes come with great components out of the box. However, the first couple of personalizations we would recommend are bearings, wheels, and trucks in that order. Check out Dragon BUILT Bearings for a nice first upgrade. 

                        What alternatives / competitive boards are out there? 

                        Fireball Artist Series

                        Arbor Pilsner

                        Build your own - Reissues

                        Loaded Omakase

                        Loaded Coyote

                        Who are Landyachtz Longboards? 

                        Landyachtz is a longboarding company hailing from Kimberly BC. They’ve been in the game since the early 2000s, and have slowly grown themselves into one of the biggest longboard brands. 

                        Though you might know them for the famous Landyachtz Dinghy, Landyachtz have their roots planted in downhill skateboard racing. They’ve brought some of that racing competitiveness into the cruiser world, and have by far the most diverse and extensive options of cruisers of any other brand. Landyachtz do not play around.

                        In terms of quality, Landyachtz does not disappoint. Though they make a ton of their boards in China (with some made at the Berkley factory in Kimberly, BC), they’re all of high-quality. Outsourcing the manufacturing also allows them to price their boards competitively, and sell them at an affordable price point. 

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