50 Best Skateboard Videos Of All Time

50 Best Skateboard Videos Of All Time

For almost as long as there has been skateboarding, there have been skateboarding videos (I still have Plan B's Virtual Reality VHS tape, let that sink in). Just as skateboarding evolved from surfing, street skating and vert skating videos have evolved greatly since their invention in the 1980s.

It used to be a guerrilla operation, one guy with a camera, one guy with a board, and maybe a few lights. Now, the world of skateboarding is much more commercialized with pop up skateparks from pros doing gnarly promos to the best lines by skaters from both the east coast and west coast.

We have watched thousands of hours of skating videos, from New York to Japan, so we're pretty well-versed on the best (and worst) entries. Here are our top 50 picks for the best skate videos of all time - hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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1. Video Days by Blind

One of the most influential skate vids of all time. Directed by Spike Jonze (who went on to have a serious career as a Hollywood director), and starring Jason Lee (who went on to become a movie star), this is a true classic of the genre.

2. Photosynthesis by Alien Workshop

A golden classic from the golden era. In 2000, skateboarding wasn't really big business (not quite), and things definitely felt more authentic.

3. Mouse by Girl Skateboards

Spike Jonze also directed this classic skateboard video. It's also loosely based on a novel name Das Maus, by Art Spiegel.

4. Welcome To Hell by Toy Machine

A classic from the mid-90s, this video has lots of your favorites. Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, and more.

5. Misled Youth by Zero

Another classic from the 1990s. Jamie Thomas is in this one as well, but the overall energy is just off the charts.

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6. Modus Operandi by Transworld

A true classic from the year 2000. You can check out Brian Anderson, Mike Carroll, and many others.

7. CKY 2 by CKY

Most famous for the Jackass series and films, Bam Margera started out by doing CKY videos. This is the second one, and it was extremely popular at the time.

8. The Bones Brigade Video Show

Perhaps the very first skate video, this introduced millions to the world of skateboarding. Largely a California phenomenon, this video helped the sport spread around the world.

9. The End by Birdhouse

A true classic, starring Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek. Right before the Pro Skater games came out, this showed what Hawk was like in the late 90s.

10. Really Sorry by Flip

The second full-length from Flip, this is another classic video you'll love. Starring Ali Boulala, Arto Saari, Bastien Salabanzi, and Tom Penny - this is a fun watch that never gets old.

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11. Cherry by Supreme

Coming out in 2014, this is another classic video. A million skaters are (seemingly) featured in this one, and we also love the soundtrack.

12. Fulfill The Dream by Shorty's

If you grew up skating in the 90s, there's no doubt that you saw this video. Chad Muska, Steve Olson, and more all make this one a true must-watch.

13. Round 3 By Almost

This 2004 video features Rodney Mullen, Cooper Wilt, and more. It's also the first video of Almost, and is beloved by nearly everyone who watches it.

14. Wheels Of Fire by Santa Cruz

A 1987 skateboard video that was truly ahead of its time. Santa Cruz is one of the most legendary skateboarding companies in existence, and for good reason - watch this video to find out why.

15. Bag Of Suck by Enjoi

This 2006 classic is anything but sucky. It stars Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry, and more.

16. This Is Skateboarding by Emerica

Andrew Reynolds, Ed Templeton, and many other skate their way through this 2003 classic. One of the most inspiring videos, that will definitely make you want to hit the streets with your board. Also, probably one of the biggest kickflip fakies ive seen.

17. A Time To Shine by Transworld

Cooper Wilt, Paul Rodriguez and many others star in this 2006 classic from Transworld. Featuring just over half an hour of awesome tricks, this is a perfect way to get pumped.

18. Menikmati by éS

This great video from 2000 has gone down in history as a true classic. It not only has great skating - it also has a killer soundtrack.

19. Chomp On This by Transworld

This 2002 video features tons of great boarding. Lee Dupont, Ako Jefferson, Atiba Jefferson, all star in this one, and it will insipire even the laziest couch potato.

20. Battalion by Darkstar

This 2003 skate video made many of us want to be professional skateboarders. It stars Chet Thomas, and has music by Gang Starr and Murs - making it very recommended.

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21. Opinion by Globe

Rodney Mullen stars in this skate video from 2001. Just as the Tony Hawk video games started taking the world by storm, this video was dominating the home market.

22. Bootleg by Baker

This is one of the most notorious skateboard videos of all time. Baker would go on to make many videos, but the very first may still be the best.

23. Psycho Skate by Vision

This 80s classic features some great vert riding. Many people had never seen skateboarding before this awesome video, so it introduced the world to vert ramps and lots of cool tricks.

24. The Search For Animal Chin by Powell Peralta

This 1987 film features Tony Hawk in his youth - making it a must-see. Steve Caballero also stars, making this an important piece of skateboarding history.

25. Shackle Me Not by H-Street

This 1988 film influenced people around the globe. H-Street was one of the biggest skateboarding companies in the 80s, and this film also helped introduce the world to Danny Way.

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26. Cheese & Crackers by Almost

This is another classic from 2006. Daewon and Haslam star, and this video is truly revered by many.

27. Skate And Destroy by Thrasher

This is another classic of the genre. In 1996, skateboarding was becoming very mainstream, and this video definitely helped usher in that era.

28. Public Transport by Noisy Minority

This isn't skateboarding, technically - it's inline skating. But the action isn't any less impressive - in fact, it's downright incredible.

29. Fully Flared by Lakai

This 2007 video features Guy Mariano's return to skateboarding. It's co-directed by Spike Jonze, and it also won best video of the year at the 2007 Transworld Skaterboarding Awards.

30. Love Child by World Industries

This 1992 film was light years ahead of its time. It may only be 18 minutes long, but it features Chico Brenes, Randy Colvin, and many others.

31. Dying To Live by Zero

Featuring Adrian Lopez, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, and others, this is another great video. Released in 2002, it's fun to see how much things have changed in the skate world, since then.

32. Fight Fire With Fire by Prime

This 1994 video introduced many people to the world of skateboarding. Grunge was in full swing, and the world started to become ready for the more grungy world of skateboarding, as well.

33. AB&A by Etnies

This video from 2013 features Albert Nyberg, and has great much from The Shins. While it doesn't hold the same amount of nostalgia that other videos do for us, it still showcases some fantastic skateboarding.

34. All We Got Is Us

Featuring some of the best skaters from the 1990s in Chicago, this is a unique video to watch. While it may not have some of the big names of other videos on our list, the skating is easily just as good.

35. Nice To See You by Vans

This great film from Vans has some fantastic cinematography. It also has some great wipeouts, as well as fantastic music.

36. Summer 2000 by ON Video

This 2000 video was part of the golden age for us. Featuring tons of great skating, it also has a totally killer soundtrack.

37. Time Code by Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop hit another home run with this video. Released in 1997, it introduced millions into the world of skateboarding.

38. Hokus Pokus by H-Street

This video from the late 80s showed how things were about to drastically change in the 90s. It features over an hour of top shelf skateboarding.

39. Baker 3 by Baker

This is perhaps the most famous video from Baker. While the first video was well-hyped, this third one was the one that really broke through.

40. Sorry by Flip

The first video from Flip, this is one of the most famous skate videos in history. It would be followed by numerous sequels, but the first is still our favorite.

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41. Elementality Volume One by Element

Element has come out with lots of great skate videos, but we love this one in particular. Bam Margera stars in this 2005 classic.

42. Mixtape by Zoo York

In the 90s, skateboarding still had a pretty rough edge. This mixtape from Zoo York shows you exactly why.

43. In Bloom by Transworld

Another great video, Transworld really nailed this look at skateboarding. Released in 2002, and featuring over 45 minutes of fantastic boarding, it's another must-see entry on our list.

44. The DC Video by DC

DC Shoes used to be on top of the world, and this video shows you exactly why. While they are still around, this time period really was the glory days for this company - and here it is immortalized forever.

45. Go For Broke by Thrasher

Thrasher has always been one of the best skating companies, and this video shows exactly why. This 2001 release has some great crashes and burns, and also has some amazing skating sandwiched in between.

46. Guilty by Shorty's

A classic from Shorty's, this is one of our all-time favorite videos. It has some very creative skating, and also has a great soundtrack.

47. Ban This by Powell Peralta

Another winner from Powell Peralta, this video shows exactly what skateboarding was like in the 80s. Tony Hawk also has some great vert riding, making this truly must-see viewing.

48. Subtleties by Transworld

Transworld hits another home run with this video. This 2004 release showcases Danny Way, Pat Duffy, and many others.

49. Memory Screen by Alien Workshop

Another classic from Alien Workshop, this showcases tons of great skating. It's incredible to see just how much things had already changed by 1991, compared to the 1980s.

50. That's Life by Foundation

This 2004 video features tons of great skateboarding, and holds a special place in our hearts, in terms of nostalgia. Angel Ramirez, Matt Allen, and many others all star in this classic.

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Who Makes Skateboarding Videos?

This is an excellent question. Typically, skateboarding companies make compilation tapes, to promote both their brand, and the skaters featured in the videos.

However, this isn't always the case. Anyone can make a skate video, and if you get a fish eye lens, you will likely be able to replicate the look of a famous video like Video Days, in just minutes.

The Bottom Line On The Best Skateboard Videos Of All Time

There you have it - our top 50 picks for the best skateboard videos of all time. Whether you want 80s, 90s, or 2000s action - we've got you covered.

Some of our favorite video parts include Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, Danny Way, Mark Gonzales, Daewon Song, Josh Kalis, Eric Koston in Yeah Right!, Heath Kirchart in Stay Gold and others - but your own mileage may vary. It's also truly incredible to see how these videos have evolved in just 40 short years.

From gritty fisheye lenses, to super HD YouTube videos, the whole game has simply changed. Our favorite era of videos is definitely the 90s (eastern exposure 3 didn’t make this list but is definitely worthy), but to each their own.

We hope some of these videos motivate you to get off the couch and go out there and skate. And if you need any new gear, be sure to check out some of our decks and boards, right here on the site or at our skate shop.

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