Can I Lose Weight Skateboarding? [A Complete Guide]

Can I Lose Weight Skateboarding? [A Complete Guide]

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While most of us think of bland food and endless hours on the treadmill, when it comes to losing weight, you can actually do way more fun activities - like skateboarding to lose weight.

Not only is skateboarding active, you'll be utilizing many different parts of your body, and increasing your balance, agility, and cardio. It's an activity that is hugely beneficial for you, but ultimately feels like fun, not exercise.

The more you get into skateboarding, the more you'll enjoy it - so it's actually a surprisingly effective way to lose the extra pounds. Between 400 and 800 calories (if you get really aggressive) can be burned in just one hour of skateboarding - which is quite shocking.

How Long Should I Skateboard A Day To Lose Weight?

Like almost all exercise, the more you do, the better the results. You'll feel much healthier if you can commit to skateboarding an hour or two a day - which will also burn a substantial amount of calories.

Of course, you should also follow the standard weight loss advice, and eat a well balanced nutritious diet, as well as move by doing other activities, not just boarding. Cut out soda, limit alcohol, and make sure you always get 8 solid hours of sleep each night, etc.

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Can I Lose Weight Skateboarding

How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes Of Skateboarding Burn?

While this number will vary depending on your age and weight (as well as just how aggressively you board), you are likely to burn between 200 and 400 calories every 30 minutes you are skateboarding.

Since we're not huge fans of the treadmill, this is a welcoming number, and in fact makes things far easier, when it comes long term weight loss. If you're ever feeling down, just hop on your board, and sweat it out.

If you live in a warm climate (like southern California) it's highly likely that you can skate year-round, not just in the spring and summer. We don't know about you, but this is definitely our favorite way to lose weight!

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Can You Get Abs From Skateboarding?

While it's certainly not the primary reason to board, if you get your body fat low enough (from a combination of diet and exercise) you will indeed see your abdominal muscles. Skateboarding can help you get abs, yes.

If this is your goal, you should (of course) also focus heavily on your diet. Lower your sugar intake, and cut out all junk foods. Ride your board as much as you can, even if it's just casually commuting to the grocery store or somewhere else.

Consistency will be rewarded, as small daily wins will turn into long term, big wins, over time. Since skateboarding works almost all of the muscles in your body, it's a great full body workout.

Can You Skateboard If You're Fat?

Yes, most skateboards are well suited to handle over 200 pounds. However, there are a few caveats.

First, heavier individuals are more likely to break boards, especially if performing tricks. Wider boards will be able to handle heavier weights, so it may be wise to invest in one of these, if you are bigger.

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Can I Lose Weight Skateboarding

Is Skateboarding Better Than Walking?

Skateboarding is definitely faster - that goes without saying. However, both walking and skateboarding have good physical benefits.

Walking won't engage the exact same muscles as skateboarding, so it's important to do both activities, if your goal is to lose weight. We find that 5 days of skating a week, mixed with 2 days of walking, is pretty ideal for most people.

Does Skateboarding Burn Belly Fat?

Yes, skateboarding will burn calories - meaning your belly fat will definitely be impacted, but so will the rest of your body. You'll likely find yourself skinnier and in better shape, after just 1 month of consistent boarding.

However, fat loss is never targeted, so you won't just see all your belly fat magically disappear. Fat will be lost throughout your body, from your arms, legs, etc.

What Is The Max Weight For A Skateboard?

Around 275 pounds is the max weight for a standard skateboard. Penny boards can hold around 200 pounds, and longboards can usually hold up to 300 pounds.

These are just rough estimates, your own board (and mileage) may vary. If you are worried abut weight limits, it's important to get a longboard, not a regular skateboard - these boards will hold significantly more weight, as well as be easier to balance on.

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Why Is Skateboarding A Good Workout?

There are a wide variety of reasons why skateboarding is a great workout. Not only is it a heck of a lot of fun (and definitely not boring), it has many important physical benefits.

Here are just a few reasons why skateboarding is an ideal workout:

-It's not monotonous. You'll never get bored, whereas we can't say the same about running on a treadmill, day after day.

-You will improve your balance, coordination, and agility. Unlike with walking or running, you'll also work all of these areas, when boarding.

-Skateboarding makes it easier to learn surfing and snowboarding. This is an overlooked benefit, as becoming active in one area, makes it much easier to begin to be active in other areas.

-It's a full body workout. Okay, your arms might not see as much action, but skateboarding hits every important muscle on your lower body, as well as your core.

Will Skateboarding Tone My Legs?

Skateboarding will absolutely help tone your legs. Boarding works many different muscles in your legs, including your calves, quads, and hamstrings.

While it may not be quite as good as squats or weight lifting, lots of skateboarding will get your muscles primed and ready. Skateboarding will even work the arches of your feet, believe it or not.

Your endurance will also be improved by regular skateboarding, so your cardiovascular fitness will increase. While most of us don't think of skateboarding as exercise, it's actually a great activity.

It doesn't feel like work, but you'll quickly shed the pounds if you regularly skateboard. You can do vert ramps, street skating, or just cruising - it will all get things moving in a positive direction.

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I’m Really Obese, What Are The Risks Of Skateboarding?

While most people can easily skateboard, there are some limits. If you are over 300 pounds, skateboarding may not be the easiest starting activity to lose weight.

Regardless of your weight, make sure you wear a helmet whenever you're skateboarding. If you are over 300 pounds and still want to give it a go, our advice is to simply start slowly.

Another risk of being overweight is breaking a board. Longboards are better for those with heavier weights, as they can support up to 300 pounds.

Do I Need Different Bushings For Weight Loss?

Different bushings will help with problems like wheel bite, and if you're heavier different bushings can definitely improve your experience on a skateboard.

You may also want to try tightening your trucks, or go with a wider deck. Both of these things typically help heavier riders.

Is Skateboarding Good Cardio?

Yes, skateboarding is great cardio. However, it's hard to keep your target heart rate pegged at a high rate (like sprinting does).

You will likely stay in a more moderate zone of heart rate, but still be elevated compared to just standing or sitting around. This moderate zone is good for overall health and fitness, as well as weight loss.

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Can I Lose Weight Skateboarding

10 Best Skateboards For Weight Loss

1. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

This awesome bamboo longboard is not only durable and great for weight loss - it's very affordable. Backed by tons of great reviews, it is well loved by the public at large.

The unique maple and bamboo construction not only rides great - it will turn a lot of heads. We love cruising around on this board around our office, as well as in local skateparks - definitely recommended.


2. Apollo Longboard Skateboard

This well-crafted longboard is made with fiberglass and bamboo - resulting in stellar construction. You can easily lose weight on this bad boy - or just look cool in front of girls.

It's not the least expensive choice on our list, but we think the extra cost is worth it. It's also backed by a huge amount of great reviews - so you can feel safe in spending the extra cash.

3. Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard

These sick boards are not only well-made - they're very affordable. Perfect for losing weight, as well as just cruising around for fun, they make an ideal gift for just about anyone.

We like the Fuji Summer design the best - but there are tons of choices available. Backed by lots of great reviews, these boards will make shedding the pounds ultra-simple.

4. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

This is one of our favorite longboards - and for good reason. It offers a drop deck, made from bamboo, which makes it both stylish and functional.

Backed by a ton of great reviews, it's also a safe purchase. The board comes fully assembled, so you can pop it out of the package and be riding in just minutes.

5. Pinesky 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

This 8 ply maple board is truly awesome. Affordable, coming in a wide variety of colors, and perfect for beginners or experts, it's definitely one of our go-to longboards.

Whether you need to get healthier, lose weight, or just cruise from spot to spot, this board will get it done. We definitely love this one, and anyone needing to shed the pounds will love it too.

6. Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard

This awesome skateboard is great for anyone. Hugely affordable, designed in a wide variety of colors - what's not to love?

You can easily cruise around on this board to lose weight, or just enjoy a leisurely ride for simple excitement. Backed by lots of stellar reviews, this is another winner, that we definitely recommend.

7. WhiteFang Complete Skateboard

This killer board from WhiteFang is a perfect budget pick. Backed by lots of five star reviews, it is definitely well-loved.

Constructed from maple, this board feels sturdy, while still coming in at a very low price point. Many reviewers have noted how stable this board feels, and we 100% agree.

8. Beleev 31 Inch Complete Skateboard

This beginner board is both affordable and trusted, as it is backed by a large amount of five star reviews. This board comes fully assembled, so you can start losing weight right away.

There are also a wide array of designs to choose from, making this board ideal for gift giving. Give one to your kid, cousin, neighbor, husband, wife - or even grandparent.

9. Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard

This awesome longboard from Sector 9 is another great pick. While it's not the most affordable choice on our list, we think the extra cash is worth it.

Very well-constructed, well-reviewed, and with a brand name that stands out amongst the pack, you can safely purchase this board without losing any sleep. Perfect for those heavier individuals, this board is a fantastic way to lose weight - the easy way.

10. Element Section Complete Skateboard

This awesome board from Element is very well constructed, and offers great performance. Backed by a ton of perfect reviews, it's another excellent choice for weight loss.

Beginners and experts will both have an easy time riding this board, and it makes weight loss truly effortless. If you're looking for a brand name board that will help you lose weight, this just might be the best choice for you.

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Other Factors To Consider

Skaters are very active, and thus, naturally lose weight. Believe it or not, skateboarding is a form of exercise, and the benefits of skateboarding extend beyond aerobic exercise and working your core muscles.

The amount of time you spend skateboarding will determine how much of a cardio workout you get, how much body weight you lose, and how many body muscles you will work. Good exercise will provide numerous health benefits, as will a healthy diet, and you can lose belly fat (and get out of obesity) by doing something you love.

While skateboarding may not feel like physical activity - it is. Your lower legs, glutes, quadriceps, and other muscle groups will all be worked - and you can gloat about the number of calories you’re burning, in the process.

If you use a calorie calculator, you can quickly track how much you need to eat to lose weight. Combine this with tracking your energy expenditure (an Apple Watch is a common way to do so), and you’ll quickly be burning a lot of calories.

Skateboarding is great exercise, and an hour skateboarding will burn a lot of calories too. It’s a fun way to lose weight, and a skateboarding session definitely won’t feel like running on the treadmill.

Even moderate effort while skateboarding will result in calories burned, and Harvard Medical School notes that burning more calories than you are consuming, is the fastest way to weight loss. Amazon alone has lots of great skateboards, just don’t go too low on the quality scale.

If you combine skateboarding with a bike - you’ll lose weight even faster. Any type of exercise where your MET value improves, will be good for you.

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The Bottom Line About Skateboarding And Weight Loss

Skateboarding is a fantastic way to lose weight. It's fun, easy, and never gets monotonous.

Even an hour a day, consistently, can lead to big weight loss over time. You should still follow the golden rules of weight loss, meaning you should eat a balanced diet, as well as stay active doing other activities.

While most people do not think of it as exercise, boarding is actually a great way to shed the pounds - and fairly quickly. Try to rope in some friends, and it becomes even more fun.

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