The Best Skateboarding Podcasts of 2021

The Best Skateboarding Podcasts of 2021

It’s 2021 and podcasts are all the rage. They’re easy to access. They’re informative. And they’re entertaining.

Going for a skate? Listen to a podcast. Long plane trip? Time for a podcast. Sitting in morning traffic? Throw on a podcast. Cleaning the house? You guessed it… cue up your favorite podcast.

These days there’s a podcast for everything but we’re partial to skate podcasts. While there are countless to choose from, these five are our current favorites:

1. The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Based out of Los Angeles, California, The Nine Club is hosted by pro skater Chris Roberts and co-hosts Jeron Wilson and Kelly Hart. The bi-weekly podcast features in debt conversations with professional skateboarders, musicians, actors, and artists that all have a passion for skateboarding. Past guests have included Olympian Leticia Bufoni, actor Davis Torgerson, commentator Chris Pastras, pro skater Dave Mayhew, and many more.

Our Pick: Episode 190 with Andy Anderson (YouTube)

Andy Anderson chats about getting into freestyle skating, why he wears a helmet, George Powell putting him on Powell, getting hazed the first time going on tour, how and why he designed his pro board, starting Mind Control Helmets, going to the Olympics, and more.

Gear we're grabbing: Andy Anderson Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck (if we can get our hands on one!)

2. Skatosis

Produced in southeast Wisconsin, Skatosis is a podcast all about consumed and obsessed with all things skateboarding. The cure? Go skating. The weekly podcast is hosted by Drew Domkus and Aaron Monte—Domkus grew up skating in southern California in the 70’s and Monte grew up skating in Wisconsin in the early 2000’s. Their twenty year age gap offers interesting perspective on all things skating. They cover everything from skate parks, tricks, skate streaks, contests, and more.

Our Pick: Episode 198 Sky High on Curbs

Drew talks about his 32 days streak, his slappy crooks, and plans to spend the day at the Sky High block party in Milwaukee.

3. Hawk vs. Wolf

Tony Hawk has teamed up with radio personality Jason Ellis to debut a next level skateboarding podcast. The weekly podcast dives into skateboarding, music, and the life of a professional athlete. On each episode, Hawk and Ellis debate perspectives on cultural and societal themes that tie into entertainment.

Our Pick: The Future is Bright! Tony Hawk Drops into Woodward MEGA Ramp (YouTube)

In this episode, Jason talks about wipeout stories from Badlands, Tony’s skateboard wheelchair, and how Keegan Hawk dropped into Woodward’s Mega-ramp at just eleven years old.

Gear we're grabbing: Birdhouse Hawk Complete

4. Mostly Skateboarding

Coming to you from Clackamas, Oregon, Mostly Skateboarding is all about current events in skateboarding. The podcast touches on recent contests, pro skateboarders, skate photographers, and everything else you need to be in the know about recent happenings in the world of skating. Mostly Skateboarding is hosted by Templeton Elliott and comes out weekly.

Our Pick: CPH Pro and Tyler Surrey’s Vagando

In this episode, Jason from Frozen in Carbonite, Mike Munzenrider, and Patrick Kigongo discuss Tyler Surry’s Vagando part and Copenhagen Pro.

5. Skateboarder And…

Skateboarder And… is a unique podcast that comes out once a month and features a new guest each episodes. Each guest is a skateboarder who love for skating has inspired their creativity in some way, be it art, music, illustration, opening a skate shop, or anything else. Through the podcast, we get a little background on how they got to where they’re at and advice for pursing your passions.

Our Pick: Skateboarder And… Joseph Millson (Apple Podcasts)

This week's guest Joseph Millson has had photos in RAD magazine, been in a James Bond movie, and worked with Tony Todd. The episode discusses his new book ‘Work and Other Four Letter Words,’ skating vert Sean Goff, zombie movies, and so much more.

When we’re not skateboarding, we love learning about skating and recent happenings in the skate world, which is why we’re big fans of podcasts. They’re educational, entertaining, and an all around good time.

Know a rad podcast that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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