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What the FAQ!?

Questions About Rollerbones Wheels

Yes, you can use Rollerbones wheels and bearings for skateboards, but they are designed primarily as roller skate wheels and roller skate bearings.

Rollerbones bearings come in packs of 16 bearings, or enough for 8 wheels. This means you can use them in your inline skates or quad skates.

Rollerbones wheels and bearings are most commonly used by skaters as rink wheels, derby wheels, skate park wheels, or just general use outdoor wheels.

Each roller skate wheel has 2 bearings, so if you have 8 wheels total, you will have 16 bearings total.

Rollerbones will work in almost every brand of skates, but here are the most commonly asked brands for your reference. Note that this is not a complete list, only a quick reference.

  • Moxi Skates - YES Rollerbones will work on Moxi Skates. Please check your stock size and pick a similar size.
  • Sure Grip - YES Rollerbones will work with Suregrip skates and wheels. Please check your stock size and pick a similar size.
  • Riedell - YES Rollerbones will work with Riedell skates and wheels. Please check your stock size and pick a similar size.
  • Rollerblade - MAYBE Rollerbones bearings will work with most Rollerblade wheels, but Rollerbones wheels will not work in inline skates.

Rollerbones are made from high quality urethane, making them ideal indoor wheels or outdoor roller skate wheels.

Yes, Stoked Ride Shop is an official skate shop for Roll One and Skate One products. We have been working together for about a decade now. Rest assured your purchase from Stoked Ride Shop is safe and supporting core skate brands.

We are expanding our roller skate / roller derby offering and will soon also offer toe stops, protective gear, and other Rollerbones related items.

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