10 More Insane Longboard Crashes

10 More Insane Longboard Crashes

As proven in 10 Insane Longboard Crashes, longboarding can be a crazy dangerous sport. Always wear a helmet and spotters. Stay safe out there guys.

CRASH #10 - A True Classic

What bail video compilation would be complete without the DOUBLE PENDYYY. If you’ve ever searched “longboard crash”, “longboard fail”, or even been on the internet just in general, you’ve seen this classic. This video is a beautiful snapshot of what “freeriding” looked like on an Landy Evo just 6 years ago.

CRASH #9 - Fast Crash at the Fastest IDF Event

Here Will Royce of Bustin takes on Teutonia, the Brazil course that boasts the fastest top speeds (over 70mph) in sanctioned downhill racing. You pay to play, even at the highest level, and although Royce is one of the most talented skaters around, no one is immune to speed wobbles. One of the coolest parts about this crash though is that you can see Royce’s POV here.

CRASH #8 - Dabsville Switch Bat

The Dabsville crew are some of the hardest shredders around but go mostly under the radar. Little do most know, Tennessee has got some sick skaters, and in turn some sick bails. Here, Ian Ashby goes 100-0 real quick (okay maybe not 100, but still pretty freakin fast) straight to the bat.

CRASH #7 - Gate Bait

One of the most bizarre but intense crashes I’ve seen went down in Newmarket Ontario Canada. Hitting a gate is not exactly how I’d expect to go down, but it has to be one of the most brutal. The skaters aren’t going that fast, and it looks to be a pretty mellow course, but things can always go wrong. The skater, Beau, walked away with a broken rib.

CRASH #6 - Boarder X Bail!

Boarder X is inherently one of the most dangerous forms of downhill skating, and as very few events get put on every year and it’s not an easy discipline to practice, mistakes are likely to happen. At the Boarder X event in Newcastle, Australia, 10-year-old Callum Gerrard took this nasty slam on his Omen Sugar. The description says he lost a tooth but is alright, but this video really speaks to how gnarly Boarder X is and will continue to be in the coming years.

CRASH #5 - Don’t Flinch

I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw this. Perropro uploaded this, it went viral in the skate community in nearly an hour, it was taken down, and when it was uploaded a few weeks later it managed to go viral again, but reached past the skating community. While this is the stuff of nightmares for every skater, it’s important to remember that videos like this often determine the public perception of downhill skaters, and Alberto (the talent behind Perropro) set a great example in explaining the dangers and precautions of skating in a number of aspects of the video.

CRASH #4 - Huge Guardrail Hit

Patrick Shepherd of Landyachtz took one of the fastest guardrail hits I’ve ever seen. Going from 65mph to pavement sucks, but going to a complete stop between metal supports is even worse. Patrick however says that after 3 months of recovery and a lot of medical expenses (thankfully paid for by his insurance), he’s back on his board!

CRASH #3 - More Hitting Cars

Miguel Azanza posted this bail of a skater going headfirst into a moving car, that luckily slowed down, about a month ago and more people need to see how gnarly this was. The video notes that they had spotters, a follow car, and stayed in their lane, but gets across the important message that accidents can always happen. At least one rider is on a Sector 9 Downhill Division.

CRASH #2 - Huge Team NoBull stack

Team NoBull is a gnarly group of skaters from down in Texas, and they got a bit too gnarly together on this morning DH run. Apart from sanctioned races, this is one of the largest pileups I’ve ever seen, and it’s a miracle all of the skaters were okay. Beyond that, this is just an example of good old racing with your friends. Looks like they're riding some Rayne Longboards and Orangatang Kegels.

CRASH #1 - Wackson Jells slides into a car

Just a few weeks back, Mobo team rider Jackson Wells posted up this gnarly video of him icing out and running into the side of a parked car. While crashes are always entertaining to watch, Jackson stresses that his helmet saved his life and that all should consider that the next time they go to skate. On top of that, skating wheels that won’t ice out and skating at a speed that doesn’t allow this situation to be possible is just as important.

BONUS CRASH - Jared Henry hits a deer

We did our last #1 crash hitting a deer, so we're giving this one as a bonus. I’m calling it right now, craziest crash of the year right here. Someone is going to have to hit a moose if they want to unseat Jared. Watch Fayettechill team rider Jared Henry get his legs taken out by crossing deer, and proceed to slide across the pavement going 40.

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