5 Most Iconic Longboard Videos

5 Most Iconic Longboard Videos

YouTube has played a big role in the development of longboarding. Event recaps, trick tips and travel videos kept everyone in the community up to date with current developments.

But this content did something even more important- it brought new people into longboarding and grew the community. For a lot of us, these videos bring back some amazing memories and for that reason, they have become iconic. Keep reading as we countdown the 5 most iconic longboarding videos.

5. Longboard Girls Crew

A high quality production and a big group of friends having fun in the streets of Madrid - what else can you ask for?

This is the first of many videos Juan Rayos worked on with the Longboard Girls Crew.

If you can’t get enough of this combo, make sure to check out the Endless Roads movie: a road trip through Spain with now an even more experienced crew, beautiful visuals and lots of good vibes.

4. Go Longboard Pt.2

The ‘Go Longboard’ series have been a staple in the progression of longboarding and they all belong on this list.

But part 2 is the one that really left an imprint on our brain. The moment you hear the drums from the song ‘The Seasons’ by The Dodos and the first shot opens up to Scott Imbrie, one of the two founders of Original, carving down Williamsburg Bridge with its classic red colors, you can’t help but get nostalgic.

3. Longboarding: Let Go

If you are a downhill skateboarder today, chances are pretty big that this video got you into it.

There are multiple reasons why this video got so much attention, but we’ll cover the two main ones.

First of all, it is very accessible due to it’s high quality production by Adam Colton. In 2010, not everybody could afford an HD DSLR camera in general let alone skating down a big hill with one).

The second reason is the awesome skating by Kyle Chin on a legendary road in Santa Barbara- ‘nuff said.

2. Longboarding: Whirling Dervish

We’re situated on the other side of the spectrum right now. The legendary duo, Adam (Colton) and Adam (Stokowski), swervin’ and carvin’ on the generation 1 Dervishes.

Who would have thought that a single video could inspire that many people and invent a whole new discipline in the longboard world?

1. Pintail Longboards Built by Original Skateboards

When people ask you ‘what do you like most about longboarding?’ a thousand things come to mind, but it’s still very hard to explain. A combination of freedom, friends, fun, etc. You have to try it to understand it!

But just by watching this simple pintail video you can come close to experiencing ‘that feeling’. It is the most watched longboard video on Youtube and has inspired thousands to pick up a board and start riding. That’s why it deserves this number one spot in our countdown.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree? What video made you pick up a board? What’s your personal TOP 5? Let us know on instagram!


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