This Is What Longboarding Looked Like 12 Years Ago

This Is What Longboarding Looked Like 12 Years Ago

In honor of our 12th birthday, let's take a look to see where it all started. A ride down memory lane, or #ThrowbackThursday as kids say these day, that includes: long hair, lots of stink bugs and longboard gear that doesn't even exist anymore.Longboard Give Away Landyachtz Dingy Sector 9 G Form and Fireball Tinder Wheels Dragon Bearings

Stoked Skateboards

We weren't known as Stoked Ride Shop (or Scoot Ride Shop for those who have seen our April Fools joke) 12 years ago. Back in the 'Stoked Skateboards' days our line up, physical location and hair all looked very different. Check out that sweet Loaded Vanguard design in the back!Stoked Skateboards and now Stoked Ride Shop Throwback


Stink Bug

You'd see this majestical creature way more often back in the day. Would you admit to stink bugging?

Side note: this was before people started kick flipping the Landyachtz Evo. Longboard Stink Bug Stoked Ride Shop Throwback Landyachtz Evo 

Adam Colton

That's right, we've been around for so long that we even got to skate with legendary Adam C. Not to be confused with the other legend Adam S. If you don't know who he is, search his name on YouTube and get your best (longboard) dancing shoes out. Can you find him in this photo?Adam Colton Stoked Ride Shop Longboard Dancing Legend at UCLA event

Weird Time For Downhill Skateboarding

We would sesh the fish on a Loaded Dervish. 'Nuff said.Loaded Dervish Downhill Skateboarding at Tuna Stoked Ride Shop

It was very hard to tell if people were racing or break dancing.Downhill Skateboarding Longboarding Crash Leather Suit Aero Lid

Fedora's were the ultimate aero lids! Wind tunnel tested and approved.Longboard Downhill Aero Lid Fedora

Good Times

It's good to stop and look back sometimes. We've made a lot of great memories over the years and are excited for the future!

To celebrate Stoked turning 12 we've teamed up with our friends at Fireball Supply, Landyachtz, Paris Truck Co, G-Form & Sector 9 to bring you the ultimate birthday prize pack, worth over $400! Click here to enter!Stoked Ride Shop Give Away Longboard Dancing and Freestyle Landyachtz Sector 9 Paris Trucks Fireball Wheels and Bearings

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