9 Reasons Why You Need a Set of Blood Orange Jammerz

Blood Orange Jammerz Skateboard Wheels Banner

In a world full of boring skate wheels, uninspired graphics and debatable versatility seem to be everywhere. In a place like this, finding a wheel that breaks the mold both aesthetically and functionally calls for a celebration.

The new Blood Orange Jammerz are an absolute party on the pavement.

The best part? You’re on the guest list. 

Come on in and take a look at the top 9 reasons why you need to be rocking a set of Blood Orange Jammerz sooner rather than later.

1) They’re Certified Party Starters

From the moment you rip these wheels out of the plastic, they’re ready for a good time. These things aren’t like that guy at the party who stands on the side the whole time. They’re like the brochacho who’s the first on the dance floor and last to leave.

2) They Match Your Favorite Shorts

It’s not often that you find a set of wheels that not only ride great but look great with that pair of shorts that you always want to wear but never have anything to match them with. Luckily, the fashionistas over at Blood Orange saved our buns on this one. Thanks guys.

3) They’re Undeniably Aerodynamic

The Jammerz were designed for maximum slideability and minimal resistance. AKA: feelin the breeze between yo’ knees. If you’re one of those dudes who lives for that sweet rush of the wind on your thighs, these wheels are right up your alley. 

4) They Make Mall Grabs Look Cool

Not feeling comfortable grabbing your deck like those fancy longboarders? Infatuated with the sensation of smooth cast iron in your fingertips? Either way, the Jammerz are so jazzy that haters won’t even notice your hand on truck action. Finally, you can finally mall grab in peace.

5) They’re Perfect For Your Cruiser

With 60mm and 66mm options, these wheels give you plenty of room to play around with to perfect your street or cruiser setup. You never know where the party is going to end up but with solid options both ways, the Jammerz have you covered for the ride. 

6) You Can Also Get Sideways On Em

At the same time, the 69mm option provides more cushion for the pushin’ for those looking to party harder. Those looking to dazzle their freeride setups can find comfort in the new urethane formula, designed to build on Blood Orange’s popular Liam Morgan formula

7) They’re Ready For The Waves

Everyone knows that beach parties are the best parties, even though sometimes the route to the shore requires carving some concrete waves before getting to the real waves. Nevertheless, the Jammerz are designed to keep you rolling no matter what the terrain is.  

8) They’ll Save You Dough

Between new outfits, unruly cover charges and those pesky disorderly conduct tickets, it’s an unfortunate fact that the party lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. Thankfully, the Blood Orange crew have developed a wheel designed to last day in and day out so you can spend your coin on the finer things. Truly a deal to jump at.

9) They’re Not a Phase, Mom

As we’ve alluded to, being a longboarding party animal is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestlyle. Much the same, the Blood Orange Jammerz are more than just a wheel that you skate for a couple months then toss to the side. Give em a try and you’ll be hooked.

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