The Ultimate Guide to the Loaded Icarus


The Loaded Icarus isn’t just a board. It’s a reimagined carding experience. From a revolutionary  fusion of building materials on the inside to thoughtfully crafted edges along every curve the Icarus is as much a work of art as it is a gem of a longboard. To properly understand what makes the Icarus one of the standout pumping boards in the Loaded lineup and the longboard marketplace in general, each component of the masterpiece must be specially examined. For that, we bring you the Ultimate Guide to the Loaded Icarus.

The Background


To understand what makes the Icarus such a marvel, you have to go back to 2007. This is when Loaded Boards dropped the Dervish, one of the brand’s first escapades into the world of flexible drop mounted boards. Aimed at providing inexperienced riders with a manageable cruise and seasoned riders with a snowboard-like adventure the original Dervish had a solid run before being updated to the more current, Dervish Sama. 

Later, the 2012 release of the Loaded Tan Tien furthered the brand’s efforts in flexible drop through engineering. The 39” creation was originally designed for the marriage of smooth pumping and trick popping with its functional kicktails. From there, the Loaded went on to try their hand at creating boards across a variety of disciplines. Judging from the subsequent release of several beloved boards after the Tan Tien, it’s clear that their craftsmanship was superior across the board.

By 2016 however, it became time for Loaded to get back to their pump-oriented beginnings and combine the strengths of Dervish and Tan Tien with the knowledge gained from another years of board building. Without further ado, the Loaded Icarus was born. Celebrating its inception, following video provides a detailed visual into the the birth of the board… or something like that

The Wood

Diving straight into the center of things, the form of the Loaded Icarus is the understated beauty that drives its unparalleled functionality. As a result, the vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass layers that run the length of this board provide a lightweight, yet flexible base to build upon. In turn, the deck’s cambered profile opens up a more responsive feel from the rider’s first step on the board. At the same time however, a layer of cork sits strategically as the bottom layer of the deck to dampen the vibrations from bouncing back and forth.


While other boards makers only dream of having such a cleverly thought out construction on their hands, the Loaded crew failed to stop there. Instead, they tweaked the mechanics of this board to create a pair of different flex patterns for riders to enjoy. On one hand, the rigid security of Flex 1 provides a strong platform for heavier riders and those looking to pul off more elaborate tricks. On the other hand, the increased bounce in Flex 2 comes suited for those looking to keep their wheels on the ground and get to work pumping. 

The Shape


When it comes to outward appearance, the attention to detail granted to the shaping of the board is equally as thorough as that given to the wood construction. As mentioned, the cambered build of the board provides a quality response for vertical flex. However, the board has also been shaped with aggressive variable concave along its edges to really dig into with horizontal movement. 

To properly accommodate all of this flexing and twisting, the Icarus features a set of beautifully shaped wheel well cutouts. With these in place, riders are able to slap on everything from the 65mm Fat Frees to even the largest wheels in the Orangatang arsenal, the 85mm Caguamas. No matter which choice, the wheel wells provide the ability to power through sharpest of carves and the tightest of turns. 

The Ride

Trying to describe the the feeling of taking the Loaded Icarus for a spin is similar in difficulty to attempting to make sense of all the technical considerations that went into making it. However, unlike explaining flex patterns and concave, the ride needs to speak for itself. For those who haven’t made their way to their local longboarding shop for a rip on one of their demo Icarus’, we highly recommend you so so. Otherwise, it’s best to let a video like the following do the talking. 

The Build

Here at Stoked, we recommend siding with the stock trucks on the Icarus for comfort and convenience. By this, our complete of choice features a set of 180mm Paris V2 trucks. Proudly supported as a member of the Loaded distribution family, these these trucks are revered among the most flexible of available trucks on the market.


When it comes to the wheels, we feel that the Kegels and the Durians both provide solid options for maximum freedom. Clocking in at 80mm, the Kegels are made to roll over everything in their path, though their ventilated core keeps them riding light. When pairing the Kegels with Paris’ 180mm trucks, a bushing change is also suggested. As for the 75mm Durians, the name of the game is smooth mixed with the right amount of slide, thanks to Orangatang’s signature Happy Thane formula. Using the Durians, a 1/16” shock pad is recommended. 


For both setups, we also recommend a set of Dragon Bearings to complete the ride. Simply put, these speed enablers come in two distinct formulas: RACE and ENDURE. RACE bearings are lubricated with an oil based grease that allows for fast initial roll speed straight out of the package. Inversely, ENDURE bearings come equipped with a grease based formula that stands up to the elements for an increased lifespan. 

Broken down more simply, our options for the Loaded Icarus are as follows:

Complete w/ Kegels

  • Paris V2 Trucks - 50° | 180mm | Matte Black
  • Orangatang Kegel Wheels - 80mm | 80a | Orange
  • Orangatang Nipple Bushings - 85a | Orange
  • Dragon Bearings - 8mm

Complete w/ Durians

  • Paris V2 Trucks - 50° | 180mm | Matte Black
  • Orangatang Durian Wheels - 75mm | 83a | Purple
  • Dragon Bearings - 8mm

Comes in 2 Flex Patterns:

  • Flex 1: 170 - 250+ lbs | 75 - 115+ kg
  • Flex 2: 75 - 200+ lbs | 35 - 90+ kg

The End


As we have alluded to, talking about the Icarus is important, but not nearly as important or as enjoyable as taking out out for a rip and feeling the with every bend of the knees. To kill your curiosity and grab a Loaded Icarus for yourself, feel free to head over to our online shop here or his us up with any further comments, questions or concerns here.

All photos and videos authorized to use by Loaded Boards.


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