Product Thrash: Don’t Trip Slalocybins LDP Longboard Trucks

Product Thrash: Don’t Trip Slalocybins LDP Longboard Trucks

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Precision trucks are all the buzz right now, but one in brand in particular sticks out with its beautifully innovative and thorough lineup. Don’t Trip Trucks have only been in the precision truck game for a few years, but in that time, they have acquired a huge cult following and keep on improving.

One of their trucks, the Slalocybins, have made slalom skaters and pumping enthusiasts happy. The Slalocybins, designed for slalom, are also great for downhill applications. Pro skaters such as Zak Maytum and Patrick Switzer have used slalom-sized trucks (115mm and less typically) for downhill and have completely owned the scene. If you want a twitchy truck for technical turns, the Slalocybins (or ‘Cybins for short) are definitely worth checking out.

Precision at The Highest Level

There is no doubt that there are a lot of great precision trucks out there, so what separates the Slalocybins from other precision trucks?

Baseplate of a Don't Trip Cybin

Baseplate of the 'Cybins

Let’s start with the most obvious differences – spherical bearings in the hanger and pivot. Sure, upgraded pivot cups are nice, but nothing feels sweeter than a spherical bearing in the pivot for tight turning. The spherical bearing ensures a perfect fit for the pivot and eliminates 99.9% of slop. What pivot cup/tube can you say that about?

Hanger of a Don't Trip Cybon

Hanger of the 'Cybins

‘Cybins also feature a spherical bearing in hanger that your kingpin goes through. This allows for precise turning and a super quick reaction time. Talking about reaction time, check out Fullbag Skateboards team rider, Hubert Roy, killing this slalom course in the video clip below:

Hubert Roy flowing through a #slalom course. #fullbag #longboard #skateboardracing #longboarding #skateboard #skateboarding #slalomskateboarding

Fullbag Skateboards Team Rider Hubert Roy on his Slalocybins

Other tech specs

Let’s geek out with the other technical specs of the Slalocybins:

  • Axle width of 100mm adjustable to 106mm-112mm-118mm or 125mm adjustable to 131mm-137mm-143mm.
  • Stock 75a Riptide barrels for the front truck. Stock 90a Riptide barrels for the back truck
  • Ride height: 61mm
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: Front truck: +7mm. Back Truck: +7mm with an inline axle
  • Baseplate Degree(s): Front: Adjustable 45-70°, rear: Adjustable 10-40°
  • Kingpin Style: Reverse Kingpin

Pieces of the Don't Trip Slalocybin

Everything you get with a new set of Slalocybins

Slalocybins also come with AN6-24a aircraft bolts for kingpins (which is stronger than the grade 8 kingpins found in most other precision trucks), spacers, washer for top bushing (washer isn’t necessary for bottom bushing) standard axle and kingpin nuts, and an allen wrench to adjust the baseplates.

Initial Impressions

I felt like a little kid on Christmas when I opened the box containing my first set of Slalocybins. All shiny and new, ready for me to put them to the test. I really appreciated how the bushings are already “dished out”, or recessed, to accommodate the spherical bearing – one less thing for me to do. I decided to swap out some bushings and go with what has been working for me for the last few years.

In order to take off the hanger to gain access to the bottom bushing, I needed to remove the kingpin. The kingpin was such a tight fit – which I consider a good thing – that I needed to give the kingpin a few light taps with a hammer until the kingpin was low enough so I could remove the hanger.

Going on my giant slalom rig, I put the back truck at about 12 degrees. For the kiddies out there who are not familiar with slalom, giant slalom typically involves speeds ranging from 30 – 40 mph+. I did the same thing with front, and only needed a thin Khiro Shock Pad. Adjusting the trucks was painless.

The angle degree, in increments of 5, is CNC’d on the side of the baseplate. All I had to do is slightly unscrew the two bolts, and slide the baseplate to the angle I wanted, which ended up being right at 55° for the front. Having the adjustability is super convenient, especially when you are dialing in your setup.

Russel Cantor Slalom Set Up

Setup: Axe III Deck by Sk8kings with Abec 11 Big Zigs in the front and Sk8kings Turbo wheels in the back.

The Ride

It took a little of tinkering with the front truck, but after one session I had my setup just how I wanted it. The rear truck performed much like similar, but way more expensive, slalom trucks such as GOG’s, Radikals, and 161s. I was really impressed with how hard I could pump and how well the inline axle of the rear truck really kept things together for me. I really had to make an effort to do a speed a check – which is a good thing in slalom!

The front truck had a bit more lean than I am used to. Not necessarily a bad thing – just different. I simply made the angle a bit higher and used slightly harder bushings than I do with my other trucks and it felt great! The turns were super smooth and precise.

With the front spaced out to 112mm and the rear at 106mm, I charged down a local 30 mph+ hill and couldn’t have felt more confident. I set up a challenging, yet doable course and the trucks truly performed how I had hoped. They griped like a vise, came out of turns super quickly, pumped easily and were very stable. To date, and with the narrow axle spacing, I have hit 40 mph without the slightest wobble so I can only imagine how stable the 125mm ‘Cybins would be when used in downhill applications.

Final Thoughts

I really do like everything about these trucks. Now, a few years after buying my first Slalocybins, I have purchased more and put them on several setups. And the results speak for themselves. I have podiumed in the top amateur class at high profile events such as the Texas Sizzler with my ‘Cybins’.

Russel Cantor Riding Slalocybins

Photo: Team Rider, Russel Cantor running clean through the hybrid course at the Texas Sizzler

Not to mention that there are pro riders all over the world making their way to the podium on their Don’t Trip Slalocybins. For precision trucks, Don’t Trip trucks come at a great price. Another great thing about Don’t Trip is their customer service – easy to get a hold of if you have any questions and super helpful! Don’t Trip truly listens to the needs and concerns of skaters.

So if you are in the market for precision trucks, I would seriously consider the Slalocybins or one of the other truck designs in the Don’t Trip lineup.

Stay safe out there and throw us a share if you enjoyed!

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