Product Thrash: Paris Trucks V2

Product Thrash: Paris Trucks V2

Intro on Paris Trucks

Paris is a longboarding company that has been in the industry for many years. They have been known for a reliable, affordable product that rarely disappoints. Paris originally released the V1 50 degree Paris RKP trucks, but within the last year, the company stop producing the V1 and came out with the V2 trucks, which features and improved hanger structure to reduce bending, a redesigned bushing seat to improve feel, and some minor cosmetic changes. One of the biggest flaws about Paris trucks was the only option of a 50* baseplate, but recently Paris released a 43* baseplate, which allows more lean for freeride and downhill applications. This made an already terrific truck near perfect.

Paris V2 Trucks


Available in 195mm, 180mm, and 150mm Hangers 356.2 virgin aluminum gravity molded baseplate and hanger Secondary heat treatment process for added strength and durability Faced Hangers Branded Grade 8 steel axles and kingpins 6-hole baseplate drilled both new school and old school drill patterns 43* and 50* baseplates.

Heelside on Paris Trucks

Cast trucks are notorious for bent hangers, which occurs when torque is put on the wheels attached to the trucks. Paris has this issue dialed and is known for their exceptional customer support. When you buy a set of Paris trucks, you automatically have a lifetime warranty. Paris replaces any broken baseplates, pivot cups, or hangers so you can put these trucks to the true test. All trucks come standard with 90a divine bushings, cupped washers, a kingpin nut, speed rings, and axle nuts.


The Paris truck RKP hanger can be described as “open”. There really isn’t any restriction in the hanger, so these trucks will be open to lean and not have very much restraint. One can compare this to a Caliber Truck hanger, where the turn and lean is limited due to a tight bushing seat. Paris makes three forms of hangers, 150mm, 180mm, and 195mm. 150mm would be suitable for a smaller board that can carve around and turn quickly. While this hanger size adds turning, the 150mm is not suggested for speed for a beginning rider as stability is compromised. The 180mm hanger is the perfect width for the balancing it all. They allow for a stable ride while still having grip and fitting on most longboards. The hanger also has rake, which means if you are to flip the hanger, you would technically be able to get a more stable ride. The 195mm is ideal for stability and longer boards with wider widths (think dancers and large cruisers).

Paris have a non-restrictive bushing seat.

50* Baseplate

This is the standard of all baseplates in the longboard truck market. The 50* plate allows for nice quick responsive turning. This degree of plate is best suited towards a beginner who enjoys carving and pumping around. The baseplate angle allows for nice turn and response at speeds less than 25mph. If you plan on consistently going above that speed and/or want more lean out of your board, we recommend considering the 43 degree truck.

43* Baseplate

For some, the 43* baseplates really allow the truck to come to life. The 43* aspect allows the trucks to not turn as much, which is better suited for speed. The low degree combined with the open seated hanger allows you to run these trucks loose. This results in a truck that truly is controlled by your every movement and will improve your style and flow as your riding progresses.

Paris 43 Degree Baseplate


These trucks have the average life of all other cast trucks, which depends on the rider. If you are constantly going to be early grabbing these trucks and weigh nearly 200 pounds, chances are they will bend. The only problem you face with these trucks should be bending of the hangers, but it’s what is to be expected out of all cast trucks and Paris covers all bent hangers in its lifetime guarantee.

Paris Trucks on a Rayne Vandal Skateboard

Concluding thoughts

The Paris trucks are one you can depended on for all levels of riding. The 50* plate offers a great trucks for cruisers/carvers and the 43* plate offers endless possibilities in the downhill world. The open hanger really allows you to develop a style or flow. To top it all off, the lifetime warranty and customer service makes Paris truck company one of the best out there.

Note to Readers

The preference between the 43* and 50* truck is largely a matter of style and personal choice. We recommend trying out friends' setups before making the final choice on which one you want. Additionally, learn more about turn vs. lean here.

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