Product Thrash: Cult Creator Longboard Wheel Review

Product Thrash: Cult Creator Longboard Wheel Review

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Welcome to Stoked School. Episode Cult Creator.

Hey there! We're gunna talk about these good 'ol Cult Creators. The first thing you are going to want to know if how tall they are. They're 72mm tall. Then you're gunna wanna know how wide they are. They're 43mm wide. And then the contact patch and that's 29.5mm.

We also have two awesome durometers. We have the 83a and 78a. Topping it all off is a super sweet stone ground finish.

Contact Patch Wear

Now you may have noticed that I said that these babies have a 29.5mm contact patch with a 43mm width. What does that mean? It means they have a very round contact patch, so when they start it's gunna be smaller and as you wear through it, it is gunna get wider. Don't worry, because that well supported lip is gunna give you a very slidey slide all the way down to the core.

Everything Freeride

Now let's get down to business. These wheels are probably my favorite wheel on the entire market right now. Why? These things do everything freeride. They are the slidiest wheels on the market and they have a durability that is outstanding. What else can you look for? What else can you ask for? What MORE could you ask for in a wheel?

I took the Cult Creators on a Californian fishing trip *wink wink* and these babies lasted me an entire day on one in the sickest runs in all California. Now if that isn't durability I don't know it is.

Let's talk about one of my favorite features about this wheel. It has a massive core. Look at it, it's huge. That massive core supports those outer lips, so you know that means, buttery consistent slides all day long through the entire duration of said wheel.

Even though this is a 72mm tall wheel is that is has a pretty shallow urethane depth, so that means even more control consistent slides all day long. But watch out! These wheels are insanely icy and they will bite you. They will ice out. You will hit the pavement.

Now, let's talk about kickout. What kickout? These wheels don't have one because they're that dang slidely. These wheels go sideways just by thinking about it. I think therefore I slide. That's it.

Low Angle Sliding

One my favorite things to do these with these wheels is super low angle slides. That means you just tweak out that board a little bit and hold it at that angle to glide through corners. It is the sweetest thing and these wheels are prime for it. Pretty much in every way, these are the raddest wheels on the market.

They're my favorite wheel, they should be your favorite wheel. You should go pick them up. If you haven't tried them, you need do because they're the best wheels on the market.

Oh yeah, and if you wanna check out more Stoked School, check out this other rad video

Oh and oh yea, don't forget: strap up that helmet and go out and skate with your buddies.

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