Bones Reds Bearings w/ Stoked T-Tool
THE OG Skate Bearings, with Stoked T-Tool Oh good 'ol Bones Reds Bearings. These guys are a classic. You can't call yourself a true skateboarder until you've owned a set of the all time favorite Bones Reds. Made in China and...
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Powell-Peralta Snakes Longboard Wheels
Slippery Slippery Sneks Ok so, we have some explaining to do. We always say gear won't make you better at skating... but Snakes definitely do make it easier to learn and shred anything, anywhere at any time. They're just so...
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Paris V3 Longboard Trucks 180mm, Polished
Lively, Playful, Smooth, and Unbelievably Strong The V3 is on a level of its own. Inspired by the incredible progression longboarding has seen in recent years, Paris has pushed the limits of their manufacturing process to deliver the most advanced...
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