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DB Longboards Coreflex Compound, Complete
Flex on Em' When it comes to carving and freestyling, the setup with the most flex is always the most fun. To give you all of that flexible goodness in with varying options, the DB Longboards Coreflex Compound Complete is your...
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DB Paradigm 41 Longboard, Complete
The Model Dropped Board The DB Paradigm is absolutely what a double drop longboard should be. It's moderately stiff to provide stability without sacrificing comfort, has a ridiculously love platform to make it easier to push on and slide on....
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DB Urban Native 38 Longboard, Complete
Urban Cruiser for the Modern Man The DB Urban Native is a super beginner friendly cruiser board with light freeride and downhill capabilities. This thing was designed specifically with your comfort in mind. With mellow radial concave and a slight...
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DB Mini Cruiser Skateboard, Complete
More Than Just a Cruiser Bored of the Dinghy craze? The DB Mini Cruiser is in. With nice comfortable radial concave, a sweet deck stain, nice cushy wheels, stable, yet simple TKP trucks, and a giant kicktail, you'll be looking...
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