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Alpha Micro Skate Tool
The Alpha Tool is made for those that want convenience and portability. This little tool can go anywhere! It slips easily into your pocket or attaches as a key chain. Tripod like wrench allows for tightening kingpin, axle, and hardware...
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Sk8ology Carabiner Skate Tool 2.0
The Sk8ology Carabiner Sk8 Tool 2.0 is the perfect multi-functional skate tool for quick skateboarding and longboarding assembly and maintenance.This tool is very lightweight at only 54 grams (1.9oz) while still fully functional. It is designed to clip onto your...
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Paris Skate Tool, Silver or Black
Stoked Ride Shop endorses this skate tool as the best we have ever used. It is very well designed, well made, compact, and does everything you need it to do.  Some skate tools are just plain skate tools, while others...
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Bones Bearings Skateboard Bearing Puller Tool
Bones Bearings Puller Tool is a great little helper for pushing and pulling bearings out of wheels.  Included in Package Come with a rad little puller tool, just like the picture show ya. 
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Modus Skateboard T-Tool, Black
Made from solid metal, the Modus T-Tool will last a lifetime and fix everything on your skateboard.  This tool has everything you need to fix up your board including a grip tape file. Axle nuts, kingpin nuts, and hardware nuts...
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