Paris Skate Tool

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Some skate tools are just plain skate tools, while others take it to a whole new level! Paris’ skate tool is one of these! With a slim design and smooth finish, the Paris Skate Tool is step above your standard skate tool, but still keeps things simple and classy. All the pieces fit into one another, so when you are stashing it in your pocket or backpack, it barely takes up any space. When it’s time to operate on your longboard or skateboard, this tool assembles in a matter of seconds!

This tool comes with your standard axle (1/2”), kingpin (9/16”) and mounting hardware (3/8”) sockets. It also includes your standard #2 Phillips screwdriver head and 1/8” Allen wrench head.

The sockets are also a bit deeper than your average skate tool which is real nice to have since a lot of longboards have much longer hardware than traditional skateboards.

No More Losing Your Screwdriver!

One of the most annoying things about some standard skate tools is that a lot of them aren’t very good at holding your screwdriver. They are made of plastic and typically have slots that the screwdriver bit slips into. Pretty quickly, the plastic wears out and the screwdriver doesn’t stay in. Well fear no more with the Paris Skate Tool! The screwdriver has a little metal ball built in that snaps into place when you are storing the tool. With this feature, your screwdriver ain’t going anywhere!

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