Arbor Pilsner Skateboard, Deck and Complete
Where Fun Meets Function The Pilsner is an all around rad little board designed for commuting and light tricks. The mellow concave makes it comfortable for going distances. The nose and tail allow for lots of pop and quick maneuverability....
from $169.95
Exile Mfg. Cyclone LDP Longboard, Deck and Complete
from $224.99
  • Palisander
  • Grey Oak
  • Carbon
Exile Mfg. Cyclone LDP Longboard, Deck and Complete
Deck Construction The Exile Cyclone LDP is hand built in Poland and CNC'd to perfection. Two wheelbase options in the front and rear allow for optimum tuning. The board has razor sharp rails and concave for insane foot lock in....
from $224.99
  • Palisander
  • Grey Oak
  • Carbon
Landyachtz ATV Series Skateboard, Jammer Third Eye Complete
Priscilla Moreno, Jammer Third Eye The Landyachtz ATV series is an absolute favorite over here at Stoked. Their shapes and sizes are absolutely perfect for the street skater with bigger feet (or just prefers bigger sizes), but also feel great...
Landyachtz Dinghy Series Skateboard, Blunt Wild Cats Complete
Priscilla Moreno, Blunt Wild Cats The Dinghy is a board that has become so well-known and is so well-liked, that it deserves an entire series of its own. The Landyachtz Dinghy is the definition of what you want in a...
Sector 9 Jewel Merchant Longboard Complete
Jewel Merchant The Sector 9 Jewel Merchant is the perfect pintail cruiser. Sleek and minimal both in shape and graphic, this 38" cruiser comes paired with 70mm Fireball Tinder Wheels and Paris 150mm Trucks for silky smoothness whether cruising the boardwalk or down to...
from $199.95
Sector 9 Shoreline Ledger Longboard Complete
Skate the Shoreline  Straight out of paradise to give a chill riding experience whether cruising, carving or commuting. This classic Sector 9 pintail shape, known as 'The Ledger', is built with 50 degree Paris 150's, Fireball Dragon Hardware & bearings and the...
from $189.95
Stoked Ride Shop Blank Complete, Cruiser Build, All Stains, Multiple Widths
Keeping it simple  The Stoked Ride Shop Blank Complete is an affordable board for pros and beginners alike. Each one of these decks is locally made from rock hard maple and pops like a champ. We've swapped out the hard...
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